Casual Wedding Attire for Men: How to Dress for Style and Comfort

Attending a wedding as a guest is a special occasion that calls for a thoughtful wardrobe choice—even when the dress code is casual. Dress codes can be tricky once they veer outside the standard suit and tie. What is a casual wedding guest dress code for men? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our Stylists are here to help you strike the perfect balance between comfortable, casual and celebratory. 


Whether the event is set in a backyard, by the beach or in a rustic farmhouse, dressing appropriately is key to feeling confident and respecting the celebration. This guide from our expert Stylists will explore options to help you easily navigate casual dress codes, from dressy casual for men to summer wedding men’s outfits, ensuring you’re both stylish and suitably dressed for any wedding setting.


Spring casual wedding attire for men

Spring Casual wedding attire for men outfit

There are few better parties than a spring wedding, and our Stylists make finding your men’s wedding guest outfit a breeze. The goal is to look polished and festive while staying comfortable and weather-appropriate.


New-to-you style and fun accents

Get out of your comfort zone with a crisp polo or long-sleeve button-down in a pastel. Yes, you can pull off pastel colors! Try a light blue, or if you’re feeling brave, go for lavender or pink. Don’t forget to call in a professional (*cough cough* your Stitch Fix Stylist) to help pick the right pastel for you. Pair your pastel button-down with a lightweight navy blazer and neutral trousers (just no white!). 


Add some playfulness with a contrasting color pocket square or a fun watch. Don’t forget to ask your Stylist for a Fix to embrace the season’s light and fresh vibes and enjoy the festivities!


Summer casual wedding attire for men

summer casual wedding attire for men


You still want to look celebratory in your summer wedding men’s outfits and match the occasion. Don’t let the casual wedding dress code fool you—keep the flip-flops at home! Dressing for hot weather and maintaining that wedding guest vibe can be tricky, so we’ve gathered our best tips for men’s wedding guest casual style. 

Keep things light + neutral

For a hot summer wedding, men should prioritize lightweight and breathable attire that combines comfort with style. Stylist Gillian McHattie suggests a button-down shirt in lightweight, airy fabrics such as linen or cotton. Opt for subtle patterns in soft, neutral hues to exude sophistication and elegance. Complete the look with well-fitted chinos or linen trousers in shades like beige, khaki or light gray.


Shoes and accessories for casual weddings


Select stylish yet comfortable shoes like loafers, boat shoes or clean white sneakers. Avoid socks or choose no-show socks to keep your feet cool. You can stay cool and look great in the heat by choosing light colors and breathable fabrics.

shoes and accessories for casual wedding outfit

Fall and Winter Casual Wedding Attire for Men

For a casual autumn or winter wedding, Stylist Gillian recommends embracing seasonally appropriate fabrics and colors that capture the cool atmosphere. By layering thoughtfully and opting for rich, earthy tones and textures, you will embody comfort and style at a casual autumn wedding.

casual fall and winter wedding outfit ideas
Add warmth and texture

We recommend pairing a long-sleeve button-up shirt in a solid color or a subtle pattern in a fabric like cotton, flannel or wool with a v-neck sweater or a knit vest on top. A knit blazer or a tweed jacket is another option that adds a touch of sophistication while providing warmth. Earth tones like brown, olive or navy are perfect for the season. Bring it with chinos or darker-colored trousers like forest green, burgundy or charcoal. 


Go for layers


Stylist Gillian recommends cozy leather layers and textures to round out your look. To add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, consider wearing Chukka boots or other leather shoes. For outdoor portions of the event, a stylish overcoat or peacoat might be necessary—opt for a coat in a neutral color, such as black, navy or gray that complements your overall outfit. Stylist Gillian says, “This approach adds an extra layer of warmth and elevates your style, making you look polished and put-together regardless of the venue.” 

Popular casual wedding venue outfit ideas

What to Wear to 3 Popular Casual Wedding Venues

coastal casual wedding outfit for men

1. Men’s Casual Beach Wedding Attire (Coastal Casual)

Go elevated yet comfortable and breezy with a men’s casual beach wedding look to stay cool and toast the happy couple. Opt for light, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton. A patterned button-down linen shirt paired with khaki or light-colored chinos or shorts works well. Footwear should be practical yet stylish: boat shoes and canvas sneakers are perfect. Accessories like a straw hat or sunglasses can add flair while protecting you from the sun. Overall, aim for a polished yet appropriate look for the celebratory setting.

dressy casual wedding outfits for men

2. Rustic Wedding Attire for Men (Dressy Casual)

For a rustic wedding, the “dressy casual” dress code blends comfort with rugged elegance. Opt for tailored trousers or chinos in earthy tones, or try dark-wash denim. Pair these with a crisp button-down shirt in a subtle pattern, and adding a lightweight blazer or vest on top can bring a touch of sophistication without being overly formal. Classic leather loafers or oxfords are great for partying in a rustic atmosphere like a barn or winery, and top it all off with accessories like a textured tie, colored pocket square or a leather belt. Aim for a polished appearance that respects the casual, charming vibe of a rustic wedding setting.

smart casual wedding outfit for men

3. Backyard Casual Wedding Attire for Men (Smart Casual)

For a backyard wedding with a “smart casual” dress code, Stylist Gillians says to aim for an outfit that’s cool, comfortable and polished. Start with chinos in a neutral color like olive or navy, paired with a classic woven knit polo, sometimes called a “swolo”—a snug-fit, short-sleeved sweater polo designed to show off some muscle. You can pull it off! For evening events, throw a blazer over to add a bit of weight and style. When it comes to shoes, comfort is key, but leave your favorite sports sneakers at home. Instead, opt for a nice pair of boat shoes, leather lace-ups, or loafers to complete the look.”


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