Men’s Fall Fashion 2022: Fresh Finds to Harvest Your Style

The weather is cooling down, and long gone are the days of triple-digit temperatures. Fall is coming as fast as the leaves are changing colors. That means it’s time to refresh your closet for autumn. But what exactly does that mean? Tuck away the sun-washed colors from your summertime closet and anything that leaves your limbs bare. Leaf those to the trees and cover up while looking effortlessly cool in men’s fall 2022 fashion trends. Not sure where to start? Somewhere between work-leisure and varsity trends, there’s a style that jives with your aesthetic. Get ready to make these outfits your own. We’re about to take a deep dive into this season’s best sartorial trends.  

Men’s Fall Fashion 2022: Top 6 Trends to Fall for

The autumnal equinox coupled with new and delightful overarching trends is truly something to celebrate. We’re looking forward to the array of men’s fall fashion in 2022, and the crisp start to a new season. From relaxed office attire with work-lesiure to the prepster-meets-streetwear-inspired varsity style, nine-to-five has never been comfier. The stylish snack-loving nature enthusiasts wearing gorpcore and mountain dwellers in cabincore cover all things naturalist. Take a walk through the earliest tech-driven influences with Y2K style. Or, pile it all on and opt for a maximalist look with dandy dapper fabrications and shiny adornments. We’re confident these trend-driven aesthetics will inspire your style and score big with your closet. Whatever seasonal plans you have on your calendar, here’s to looking sharp while tackling your to-do list.

1. Workleisure: The Comfiest Workwear for Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 

Emerging in fall 2021, men’s workleisure shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The movement is all about syncing your comfiest pieces with the structure and professionalism of modern workwear. If your office allows business casual attire, consider this business comfort-focused trend. Start your men’s fall work-leisure closet with a knit blazer. Pair it with a soft, yet structured button-up and pants with added stretch, to allow ease of movement. How do you go from your above-the-keyboard sweats and button-ups back to full workday attire? Let us walk you through the agenda.

Our bottom line is all about joggers, cords and chinos. These softer fabrications allow you to display professionalism with the same security you’d feel donning your favorite sweats. Work-leisure gives traditional joggers an office-adjacent spin. Look for a slim-fit and tapered leg to sharpen your men’s fall outfits in 2022. Cords create a softer hand feel than classic khakis. No pants are complete without the right shirt to top it off. Give your look a structured spin by adding a crisp button-up shirt in a soft knit or flannel fabrication. For milder weather, wear a polo with a blazer. Lastly, you’ll want to complete the outfit with Chelsea boots and textured socks for added attention to detail. Let work-leisure put your workwear choices at ease. Now, you’ll be able to take on more important tasks with full focus.

2. Gorpcore: Hit the Trails in this Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 Trend

For those living the city life and exploring nature outside of your nine-to-five, the gorpcore trend might be right for you. The style is composed of your favorite camping staples with a casual men’s street style spin. Think of the great outdoors in a head-to-toe outfit. A revival of outdoor activities inspires new gear to get by. As you trek your every day, do it in men’s fall styles with the gorpcore aesthetic.

Start with your foundations. Performance features in shirts and pants will come in handy for your next outdoor excursion. Plus, they will provide an excellent base for layering. Personalize your look with a T-shirt that speaks for itself. Opt for graphics showing off a favorite landmark or national park, or stick with brand logos for a street feel. When choosing pants or outer layers, utilitarian details like stretch fabrications and either cargo pockets or flap pockets are coveted components. Fleece is another hot ticket item, warming you up via a jacket or vest. Tech and hiking pants trailblaze fashion and function in one. Translate gorpcore style into men’s fall outfits in 2022 with water-repellent, flexible and rip-stop fabrics for protection from the elements. Lastly, a perfect pair of hiking boots seal the deal, so you’ll be set for your next adventure. 

3. Hibernate Away in Cabincore

Head over the river and through the woods to embrace the homestyle men’s fall fashion trend, cabincore. Inspired by mountain life, it’s all about cozy, feel-good styles as a peaceful nod to simpler times. Celebrate your inner lumber-enthusiast with a plaid flannel button-up and tan lace-up lug sole boots. Give your closet an intro to evergreen colors with a new shacket or fleece layer. Choose warm tones and natural hues like forest green, tanbark and oatmeal to keep the mountains in mind. Layering is a cornerstone of the cabincore aesthetic, so choose a warm foundation with either a henley or thermal T-shirt. Pile on the style with luxurious textured knit or Fair Isle lumpy sweaters. These comfy contenders are synonymous with cabincore. At last, you’ll want a soothing pair of joggers or cords to envelope the final touch of the “into the woods” aesthetic. 

4. Get Nostalgic in Men’s Y2K/aughts Fashion

A blend of pop culture and tech influences, Y2K/aughts fashion is a throwback aesthetic brought on by the styles and silhouettes of the late 90s to early 2000s. Preppy, punk and athletic attire hit the ground running. The cyber-era inspired bold and futuristic street styles with newfound hip-hop influences. With a retro revival comes new options to explore. Give your men’s fall style a bold Y2K and early aughts spin. 

Start with loose cargo pants and reach for a bold polo or two. Bonus style points if you layer them with popped collars. Complete the coastal California vibe with a bucket hat and high-top sneakers. Channel your inner Carlton Banks via Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with a statement cardigan featuring added texture and vibrant colors. This intricate staple could be your go-to item to try men’s 90s fashion outfits. Tie it over your shoulders with a crisp, solid button-up shirt and chinos. Punk meets emo with skinny jeans and band T-shirts. Level up your men’s fall outfit with a plaid shacket and combat boots. Or, switch to iconic rubber-sole boots when you wear a tracksuit. This leisurewear twist will bring you back to the days of top 10 TRL.  

5. Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 Trend: Maximal Fashion

Opposite of all we know about minimalism, maximal fashion enters the scene with a mic drop. This bold and brash men’s fall fashion trend of 2022 features lavish adornments dripping in texture and extravagant fabrications. These extras, along with luxe layers, compete together to create the notion that “more is more.” This trend draws on British subculture and the idea of general exuberance in all things.  

Fanciful textures are a must for maximalist fashion and men’s fall outfits, so reach for a velvet blazer to start. Add a polished button-up shirt paired with slim trousers and loafers. Sport a silk pocket square with added print to fine-tune your outfit with furnishings. Patterned socks peeking from the gap between your pant hem and footwear can also add visual interest. Regal patterns and geometric prints in contrasting colors emblazon shirts. Wear one in jewel tone colors with coordinating trousers in a solid stand-out hue for a brazen take on menswear.

6. Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 Trend: Get Schooled with Varsity Fashion

Say hello to men’s preppy style with varsity-inspired jackets and cardigans. Varsity jackets were a favorite layer of showgoers and catwalkers at 2022 Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. A varsity layer allows you to showcase your personality through patchwork, colorful contrasts and streetwear influences. The marriage of Ivy League prepster-inspiration with a bit of urbanity has us cheering you on from the sidelines. Kickstart your own collegiate Americana with a varsity jacket paired with loose-fitting or relaxed cargo pants and a crisp polo shirt. Add side-striped kicks to complete the look. If you prefer to keep it minimal, add your jacket to a solid tee, tech joggers and classic sneakers.

Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 Colors and Prints

Now that we’ve tackled individual menswear trends, let’s look at a cornucopia of colors and prints. These halcyon hues and playful patterns will enrich men’s fall fashion this 2022 season. Opt for muted colors that are subtle and inspired by nature this autumn. Think of brown tones deeply rooted in the earth. When adding color to your fall wardrobe, look no further than your own backyard (or your local park). Seek out the rusty orange and red hues of changing leaves. The deep, dark navy and black neutrals from a hazy sky will have you looking dapper. Guys, do you prefer to keep a bright and bold dash of color in your everyday fall style? If so, lighten up with dusty blue, teal green and subdued yellow. No matter which of these colors brighten up your day, you’re sure to stay on trend this season. 

Maximalist fashion reigns supreme for men’s style in 2022, so don’t shy away from prints and patterns. Indulge in refreshing and classic prints that never go out of style. Heritage-inspired stripes and plaids are always on-trend, and this fall is no exception. Novelty prints like leaves or florals take a dark turn in tonal hues. Think various shades of dark blue or an abundance of greys. Last, keep your favorite graphic T-shirts at arm’s reach. They are the perfect layering piece under checked flannels or marled sweaters to mimic throwback vibes. 

Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 Trends: Mastering How to Wear Must-Have Essentials  

You’re now a men’s fall fashion 2022 color and print master, so let’s take a look at some of the trending staples to add to your looks. These essentials will truly drive your wardrobe in the colder months. From joggers and jeans to smart outer layers, not only will you be covered for inclement weather, but also cloaked in style to boot. Here’s a short list of warm fall picks to consider adding to your closet this season. You can’t go wrong with these practical seasonal essentials to crunch through fall.

How to Wear Men’s Cardigans: The Crucial Fall 2022 Fashion Layer

One breakout style star of men’s fall fashion in 2022 is the cardigan. This detailed layering piece is no longer just for the office or reserved for Mr. Rogers. Add a touch of texture to seasonal menswear trends with a button-front lumpy sweater. Guys, if you are wondering how to wear cardigans this season, don’t sweat it. Pick an oversized cardigan to pop over a v-neck shirt. Add a pair of slim-fit jeans and classic canvas slip-on sneakers. 

Elevate a cardigan by topping it over a button-down shirt and a pair of crisp chino pants. Add chukka boots and pick a colored cardigan to wrap up and complement your polished outfit. The key to layering is keeping fitted clothes positioned closest to your body. This might mean you’ll have to size up your outer layers for extra mobility and a better fit for broad shoulders. We promise your outfit will look smart and intentional. Lastly, seek fabrics that feature wool blends. Wool naturally wicks away moisture while keeping in heat. This keeps your temperature under control, no matter the outdoor elements. Talk about looking cool while keeping warm.

Men’s Fall Shoes for 2022

This men’s fall fashion 2022 season is all about footwear options that keep your toes warm and dry, while putting your best foot forward. If athletic wear is your style aesthetic, look for classic court shoes or sneakers in non-canvas fabrics. We love canvas for the spring and summer, but you’ll want to avoid wet feet for stormy fall weather. 

Boots are a quintessential men’s fall shoe choice. If you are not sure how to wear them, let us teach you a few of our favorite ways. First, consider your aesthetic for the day. Are you going casual or have big plans where a refined feel is vital? How about the weather? Is it sunny and cool, or is the forecast wet? Answering these questions factors into how to wear boots and pick the best pair for you. 

For relaxed fall days, opt for a pair of casual chukka or work-style boots. For an extra laid-back feel, choose boots that feature a sport sole. You’ll love the extra traction they provide. Slim fit and skinny pants are ideal for boots so that you can cuff them right at the top of the shaft of your shoes. Additionally, a slimmer fit ensures that your jeans won’t spill too far over the bottoms of your boots. No need to get wet or dirty on blustery days.

For date nights or days spent at the office, choose an elevated pair of Chelsea boots or leather chukka boots. Wear them with plaid trousers, a crisp poplin button-down shirt and a wool-blend blazer. As you now know, the leg length of your pants, aka inseam, is key when pairing boots with pants. For this men’s fall outfit combo, make sure the hem of your pants stops right at the sole of your shoes. 

Men’s Fall Outfits Need Denim: Jeans and Jackets

There’s one pair of pants you can always count on. Yep, we’re talking about those trusty blue jeans. We know you have a favorite pair—we all do. Expand your denim repertoire by adding a pair of colored jeans to your rotation. If you aren’t sure where to start, go with an earthy or neutral color that are as equally versatile as blue jeans. Brown, grey and black denim are all excellent colors for men’s fall fashion outfits in 2022. Or, experiment with a different fit. Do you typically gravitate toward slim-fit jeans? Give skinny or hybrid slim-straight styles a try. For those that like a bit more room in the leg, swap out your relaxed options for a coveted straight fit instead. Lastly, add variety by opting for distressed jeans. Wash variations and ripped details add a bit of streetwear to your look.

If there’s one thing we can count on during autumn, it’s unpredictable weather. Luckily, layering is both fashionable and functional. It’s a win-win. For fresh men’s fall style to complement your jeans, look to utility or bomber-style jackets, sweaters and even a cardigan to switch things up. In colder climates, heavy coats and parkas are essential for keeping off the chill. The Y2K and varsity trends we’ll dive into means a revision of, dare we say, vintage favorites. Style your outfit with a classic denim jacket. Or, add a varsity jacket or a brightly cyber-color-blocked windbreaker to the mix. The wind won’t stand a chance against your layers (or your style.) 

Time to Fall into Joggers and Sets

It’s become clear over the last few seasons that comfort is key to dressing. There is no exception when it comes to men’s fall fashion 2022. Joggers and sets are here to stay and are in it for the long run. Add a pair of performance joggers to your wardrobe for hanging around the house or running errands. An elevated pair in a stretchy cotton fabric with a chino cut is a must-have for date night or when you are on the go. This style will take you from work to the weekend so easily. Wondering if joggers are still in style? The answer is a resounding yes.

Up top, it’s all about soft and smart fabrics. The reality is that the beginning of fall can be hot, while weeks later, the temperatures often take a free fall. T-shirts topped with button-down flannels pair easily with chino-style jogger pants. Going for that athletic vibe? Matching staple sweatshirts and sweatpants are vital to your relaxed wardrobe. 

Looking forward to refreshing your closet with men’s fall fashion 2022 finds? Our style experts are ready to lend you a hand. Get started today, order a Fix and don’t forget to ask for fresh fall trending menswear. Relax and receive five items to try on comfortably at home. Shipping and returns are always free, giving you even more peace of mind.


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