Men’s Spring Wedding Attire: An Easy, Breezy Guide for Wedding Guests

Spring is in the air, and so is love. Bears are awakening from their slumber, days are getting longer and, alas, wedding season begins. Have you received an invitation in the mail and you’re not sure what men’s spring wedding attire entails? We’re here to put your mind at ease. First things first, spring is arguably the best time to be a wedding guest. The weather calls for mild temperatures—not too cold or too hot (goodbye frigid winds and unsightly sweat stains). It’s a superior time for guys to break away from traditional colors and add in those pops of pastel and microfloral.

Let’s cut to the tricky part. Figuring out what outfit to wear based on time of day or level of formality may be a bit confusing. This is especially true if you’re not super familiar with the difference between a semi-formal and black-tie dress code. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the legwork, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re attending an evening affair or über-casual ceremony, we’ve got all the deets you’ll need below. 

Decipher the Dress Codes

Wondering which of your clothes correspond to men’s spring wedding attire? Take a cue from the dress code listed on the invitation. This can range from casual to dressy, or anywhere in between. Depending on the level of formality, you might have just what you need in your closet. On the flip side, you may need to splurge on a tuxedo whether you rent or buy it. Let’s dive deeper into each level of dress code, so you’re prepared for anything. 

Casual Spring Wedding Guest Attire for Men

Times have changed and so have weddings. In recent years, engaged couples have had to accommodate the safety of their guests while honoring their big day. This might mean an intimate backyard wedding or small courthouse ceremony with a low-key reception to follow. With all this being said, guys, it’s not surprising if you’re asked to wear your casual spring wedding attire. Unless the invite clearly states that jeans are okay, stick to business casual pants like chinos. Pair your bottoms with an untucked yet well-fitting button-up shirt for your build. Polished, yet comfortable shoes strike an appropriate balance. Think loafers, chukka boots or sport-bottom leather sneakers. Talk about stepping out with your best foot forward.

Style Tip: No dress code listed on the invitation? There’s no shame in asking the newlyweds-to-be as long as it’s in advance—aka no texts the morning of the wedding. 

Semi-formal Spring Wedding Guest Attire for Men

For weddings from March through June, you’ll most commonly see dress codes requiring your men’s semi-formal spring wedding attire. This level of dress offers the most variability in outfit options and layering. To keep things simple, start with unwavering foundation pieces: a sleek pair of trousers, button-down shirt and dress shoes. From here, you can layer with a sweater or sports coat which can be a different color than your pants. There’s no need to be matchy-matchy in this instance. For example, navy slacks look smart with a tan or light grey blazer. Embrace your stylish side by incorporating spring-like flair with a pale purple color or a small-scale floral pattern. Wrap up your look with a dapper detail, a simple knot tie is a classic choice and easy to do. 

Black-Tie Optional or Formal Spring Wedding Attire for Men

Not sure what’s the difference between “formal” and “black-tie optional”? Well, give yourself a break because they essentially mean the same thing. A three-piece suit is a winning ticket when abiding by formal or black-tie optional men’s attire for spring weddings. This includes a pair of trousers with a matching vest and blazer. Typically, formal weddings call for darker colors like black, navy or charcoal grey, especially if they’re in the evening. If the event is earlier in the morning or afternoon, there may be some leeway with color. The couple-to-be may indicate the shades they’d like their guests to wear based on their wedding colors. When in doubt, stick to what’s customary, and you can’t go wrong.

Black-Tie Spring Wedding Attire for Men

If you’ve ever wanted to dress like James Bond, this is your moment. Black-tie spring wedding attire for men means you’ll need a snazzy tuxedo in black or midnight blue. The differences between a matching suit and tuxedo are satin details like lapels, buttons and a stripe down the pants. This look also requires a waistcoat, white dress shirt and a bowtie. Tuxedos are similar to uniforms since they follow a set of rules. On the bright side, they’re straightforward, which means less chance for a sartorial blunder. No additional spy gear needed.

Style Tip: White-tie attire is the most formal you’ll come across and doesn’t mean you’re wearing all white. In fact, there’s a slew of rules to abide by, like required tailcoats. Yes, the penguin-looking ones from the Victorian era. Have fun basking in the traditional royalness of it all. 

What to Wear: Day vs. Night

Evening versus daytime weddings can vary your men’s spring wedding attire based on a few key factors. It’s true that nighttime events typically equate to more formal functions, but that’s not all to consider. For the most part, daytime calls for lighter hues and the opposite for nighttime. In addition, take note of different fabrics suited for the time of day as well as appropriate layers. Morning, noon or night, we’ve got you covered with these need-to-know fashion tips for wedding guests. 

Men’s Spring Daytime Wedding Attire 

Depending on the location, the sun might be high and bright during a daytime wedding. When laying out your men’s spring wedding attire, be sure to pick out a nice pair of sunglasses, too. To keep the sun out of your face or to protect your skin, consider a fancy fedora or extra SPF.

During spring, the humidity can start to creep in, so choosing the right fabric is crucial. Look for materials that breathe like cotton, bamboo and seersucker. They offer airflow and will dry out quickly if any dampness does occur. When it comes to color, the daytime is an ideal time to play around with new hues. If you opt for a bold-colored shirt, be sure to keep the rest of the outfit toned-down and neutral. The last thing you want to do is outshine the bride or groom. Don’t forget to tuck away a fun patterned pocket scarf to dab away any perspiration or happy tears.     

Men’s Spring Evening Wedding Guest Attire

These shoulder seasons can get a little tricky since the weather can fluctuate throughout the day. Curious what you should add to your checklist of men’s spring wedding attire for an evening ceremony? Don’t overlook a handy layering piece like a merino wool sweater. Anything that you can easily take off or put on will be your best friend. Or shall we say, your best man? While the temperatures are still transitioning away from winter, evening weddings can remain chilly. Accessories like leather gloves or a longline coat will keep you warm and comfortable. For evening wear, incorporate spring hues in more subtle ways like statement-making dress socks.

Style Tip: Check the weather the morning of the big day. While many consider rain to be good luck for the betrothed, you’ll want an umbrella to stay dry.  

Outdoor Spring Wedding Guest Attire for Men

The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, so it’s no surprise that many people want their weddings to take place alfresco. When deciding outdoor spring wedding guest attire for men, all of the tips and tricks we’ve shared should suffice. Think wineries, gardens and open-air barn venues. The one wedding location we want to call out are nuptials on the beach. Whether it’s in the Caribbean or Cape Cod, get ready to hear I do with an ocean view. The fun part about these coastal festivities is that so many of the rules go out the window. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Beach Wedding Attire

Queue the Beach Boys soundtrack. It’s time for a seaside celebration. Unlike the motion of the ocean, beach spring wedding attire for men is pretty predictable. First things first, get ready to loosen up and leave open a couple of buttons. From an upscale hotel in Hawaii to the sands of Cabo, more than likely, you can go tie-free. If the ceremony or reception is literally on the sand, fellow wedding guests may roll up their pant legs and go barefoot. 

Cropped pants are trend-forward these days, so why not embrace them? You can choose a pair made from linen even if it wrinkles a little throughout the day. Trust us, no one will bat an eye at your relaxed beach vibes. Partner your pants with a lightweight collared shirt and a breathable blazer if it’s on the formal side. Hawaiian shirts may be acceptable for those ultra laid-back occasions. To be respectful of the married couple, reserve the shaka signs for the dance floor. You’ll be giving off those Good Vibrations in no time.

Here comes your wedding-ready springtime ensemble to crown you as the best-dressed guest. Take your style quiz and enlist the help of a stylist to send you a curated box of wedding-appropriate attire. You’ll receive a box of five hand-selected pieces straight to your doorstep while you get to sit back and relax. While you’re waiting, head on over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly buy the styles that catch your eye. No matter how you shop with us, shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. It’s as easy as that.

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