What to Wear for Christmas: Our Merry Men’s Manual

‘Tis the season to be jolly. You’ve spotted twinkle lights lining shop windows and perhaps you’ve even added a twist of peppermint to your morning coffee. So why not spread a little seasonal cheer to your closet? If you’re wondering what to wear for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for men’s Christmas outfit ideas sure to keep you on the nice list this year.

What to Wear to a Christmas Party: Top Tips for Men

When December hits, it’s not long before the holiday party invites start filling up your inbox. From formal office shindigs to a casual yuletide gathering with friends, you’ll have no shortage of occasions to make merry. Now is the time to plan what to wear to a holiday party. Come along on our sleigh ride of celebratory style suggestions.

The Tacky Sweater Party: How to Wear a Men’s Christmas Sweater

If you’re not sure how to wear a Christmas sweater, start with the place it’ll be the most at home: a Christmas ugly sweater party. Unlike some festivities that leave the dress code vague, this one is literally in the name. All you have to do is grab a sweater as bold and bright as Rudolph’s the Red Nose Reindeer’s snout. Let your sweater do the talking and opt for black chinos or classic blue jeans to pair with it. Want to go all out? Add corduroy pants in joyous emerald or ruby shades. You’ll look like you just flew in from the North Pole.

Hey Guys, Here’s What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party: 

Do you hear what we hear? It’s a calendar notification for the annual office holiday party. The culture and dress code of your workplace play big parts in knowing what to wear to an office Christmas party. For example, if your usual 9-to-5 look is business formal, your office might hold a swanky soiree off-site. There, a tux and black tie is the perfect men’s Christmas outfit. However, if business casual is your norm, all you have to do is add festive touches to a business smart look. Trade in your go-to trousers for plaid pants or your typical blazer for a velvet version. For extra style points, add a silky pocket square. It’s a small detail but, like a bow on top of a present, it ties everything together.

What to Wear to a Casual Christmas Party: A Guy’s Guide

Fellas now know what to wear for Christmas parties at both ends of the style spectrum. But what about those occasions right in the middle? When deciding what to wear to a casual Christmas party, keep it simple. Lean into winter fashion staples like dark-wash jeans, cable-knit sweaters and suede chukkas. Before you get your tinsel in a tangle, don’t worry, we didn’t forget the holiday part. Layer a sweater over a collared shirt with a snowman or nutcracker print. Pick out pullovers in shades of eggnog white, pine green or candy cane red. Well, aren’t you beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Men’s Fashion Tips for Holly Jolly Outdoor Activities

Parties aren’t the only events decking out your advent calendar. Christmas time is filled with outdoor activities as well. Are you headed to a Christmas fair? Or bundling up for a bonfire? Perhaps you need something to wear while picking out a Christmas tree. No matter the occasion, we’ve got men’s Christmas outfit ideas to transform any activity in the great outdoors into a winter wonderland extravaganza.

What to Wear to a Christmas Fair

When pondering what to wear to a Christmas fair, start with men’s outerwear. Traditionally, Christmas fairs or markets are outdoors, so you’ll want to have a good outer layer to keep your teeth from chattering while sampling artisan ciders. Keep out blustery wind with a flannel buffalo check shacket. If frost and flakes are in your forecast, zip up in a weather-resistant puffer jacket. Make sure your footwear is winter-ready, too so you can savor walking up to every ornament booth and craft table. Chukkas are great for milder temperatures, but if snow is in full swing, wear boots with confidence. Hiking boots in particular are one of our favorite 2021 men’s winter fashion trends. All you need is a sweater or two under your jacket and a neutral pair of pants. You’ll be set for a magical night at the fair.

What to Wear for Christmas Tree Shopping

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree. Oh, what to wear for Christmas tree shopping? Okay, we know those aren’t the lyrics. But we do have answers to the question of which  menswear pieces make the most sense for Christmas tree shopping. First, we recommend keeping your pants casual. Hiking pants or athletic joggers are ideal for bending down to the tree’s trunk to start sawing. Similarly, sneakers or boots will stand up to hay and fir branches. Then, lean into the relaxed athleisure vibe with a hoodie. If you’re planning on snapping photos, spiff up your outfit with a Fair Isle quarter zip instead. Again, don’t go too fancy with your choice in case you get sap on your sleeve. Now you’re ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

Cozying Up for a Yuletide Bonfire

One of the best ways to stay toasty this Christmas is with a bonfire. Gather your friends and family in the yard for a night of sipping hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows and singing Christmas carols. Get into the spirit with a rugged plaid button-up and a denim or leather jacket over top. If the fire really starts to roar, you can always shed your layers down to a basic tee. On the other hand, if you need extra warmth a beanie will complete your woodsy men’s Christmas outfit. You can always heat your hands by the flames, but keep a pair of gloves nearby just in case. In terms of colors, we recommend sticking to darker hues since they won’t show ash as easily. All that’s missing are chestnuts to roast over the open fire.

What to Wear on Christmas Eve

The wait is almost over, Christmas Eve is here. For some, Christmas Eve is actually the big day, while for others it’s that last window of prep time. In general however, Christmas Eve is a mix of fun and function. When deciding what to wear on Christmas Eve, keep your look just as versatile. Opt for quick, clean-cut layers like a men’s collared shirt under a crew neck sweater and solid-colored pants. You can transition from setting your away message at work to knocking out last-minute shopping to helping cook the big feast. For those attending a religious service, upgrade this men’s Christmas outfit with well-shined shoes and a structured winter coat.

What to Wear on Christmas Day

December 25th is here at last. Put your favorite Christmas playlist on full blast as you get ready to soak in every minute of cheer. Our advice? Don’t worry so much about what to wear on Christmas Day. Instead, enjoy your plans (or lack thereof) and choose outfits that make your day easier. We’ll leave most of the day up to you guys. But when it comes to what to wear for Christmas morning and at Christmas dinner, we have a few suggestions.

Christmas Morning: Presents and Pajamas

Let’s face it, one of the best things about Christmas day is all the time spent in pajamas. Enjoy your free pass to luxuriate in your comfiest clothes. If you don’t have a pair of pajamas, sub in loungewear to stay in relaxation mode around the tree. Sweatshirts and sweatpants work like charms and no one will bat an eye if you pull out your fuzziest slippers. Want to crank up the Christmas spirit? Get your family in on the fun with matching PJ sets you can all wear while opening gifts.

What to Wear to a Christmas Dinner

After an easygoing morning of Christmas calls, movie marathons and gifts, it’s time for one last round of dressing up. When it comes to how to dress at Christmas Dinner, don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops. After all, holiday-colored blazers and dress shirts aren’t just for office parties. Depending on how dressy your dinner party is, you can even pop on a seasonal tie for that extra touch of merriment. Our one don’t? White shirts. Save your white dress shirts for a day with less stain-prone foods like cranberry sauce and figgy pudding. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

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