How To Be a Yes Man

It's time to break out. Time to tear down the confines of your comfort zone. Make this the year your boundaries get challenged. Now is the moment to awaken the inner Yes Man to expose yourself to a world of experience. Here are 10 game-changing ways you can begin your process, including some insight from inspirational everyday people who started saying “Yes!” more.

Keep reading for 10 ways to incorporate the Yes Man method into your lives.

1. Accept Any Scenario

The first rule of virtually any improv comedy class is to say, “Yes, and…” Essentially, it means you accept the scenario you’re presented with and you build upon it. In life, if you want to open yourself up, embracing “Yes, and…” is a great place to start. To start breaking into this new, positive habit, try taking a class at your local improv theater!

2. Face Your Fears

Though most of us know this already, many tend to push this great idea down the to-do list our whole lives. If you’re one of those guys, it’s time to stop. By not facing your fears, you’re missing out on some incredible life-defining experiences. More so, not facing your fears limits your own potential. So jump out of a plane. Make that public speech. Move across the country. You’ve got this.

3. Volunteer

Doing good for others is a win-win. Not only are you helping those in need, you’re also enriching yourself. You’ll get to meet people and other volunteers with perspectives you might not find within your own circle. Also, studies show a strong relationship between volunteering and positive health.

4. Get Involved In Causes

Learn more about politics and causes you care about—and consider both sides of the aisle. Take a page from Rachael’s book: This 29-year-old New Yorker got involved in the Pennsylvania Presidential campaign last year. She enjoyed being part of political process, and also met “so many people outside my normal bubble and made me think way beyond myself and my personal horizon.” Sounds like a great way to break out and do good for the country, right?

5. Do Yoga & Meditation

Stressed? Feeling anxious? Then it’s time to get mindful, guys! Both yoga and meditation are beneficial to our minds and bodies. Try a class and you might run into someone like Morgan from New Jersey. She started yoga as a way to manage stress, and became such an enthusiast she expanded into teaching!

“Yoga has opened my mind to what it actually means to live in the present moment,” she explains. “After years of feeling terrible from constant anxiety and panic attacks, yoga made my body feel strong and healthy. It gave me confidence in my abilities. And it taught me that I actually have a lot more control over my thoughts than I realized.”

6. Sign Up for a Language Class

Learning a language offers you immense benefits, and there are tons of great (and free!) websites to help you get started. But instead, go the traditional route and enroll in a physical class. While websites are excellent, you don’t get the communal experience you’d have with real classmates.

Take Silva for example. When her husband’s postdoctoral research position moved them to Europe, Silva took action. She enrolled in language classes not just to learn German, but to meet her community as well: “I am always so interested in the stories of my fellow German students I met over the last two years. They come from all over the world and are studying the language for so many different reasons.” Today, the happy couple roam Switzerland and Europe embracing the “Yes” approach as much as possible.

7. Travel By Yourself

Traveling is something we all should do whenever possible. If you ever get the chance, take a trip on your own. Especially if that trip’s to a foreign country. A solo trip gives you an extra bit of motivation to interact with locals. This way, you see your destination in ways you might not have otherwise.

8. Stand Up for Yourself

Nothing says ‘living in the moment’ like standing up for yourself. From the office to your love lifeif you don’t stand up for yourself, life will walk all over you. Don’t let it happen to you. If this isn’t your usual thing, start slow. Today, you correct the barista when they call you the wrong name. High-five for incremental gains!

9. Take Risks

“To risk is to create,” explains filmmaker and host Jason Silva. “To risk is to burst forth—to probe the perimeters of the adjacent possible.” Essentially, taking risks broadens your horizons. Be it standing up for yourself, starting a business or saying you love someone, these are all risks that we as humans must take from time to time. Start taking some today and see where they take you. You never know what you’ll find when deviating from your usual.

10. Reinvent Your Style

While you’re expanding your horizonshow about revamping your look? Pushing reset on your style and being open to new trends can also be a mentality makeover, reinforcing a positive mindset.

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