Beach Wedding Attire for Men: Sleek Style Suggestions To Soak up the Sun

After two years of hanging out more at home, weddings are making a comeback in a big way. Anticipate a mailbox (or inbox) stuffed to the brim with invites this year. Beach-bound destination weddings? We are on board—literally! Before you pack your bag for ocean side nuptials, you’ll have to consider what to wear. Stumped? Don’t be. Here are a few men’s beach wedding attire suggestions that you’ll gladly sport while you shell-ebrate the happy couple. See what we did there?

Breaking Down Beach Wedding Dress Codes

While it isn’t so cut and dry, beach wedding attire for men runs the gamut. While most seaside weddings are casual affairs, some are elevated and dressed up. Really, what you decide to wear depends on the dress code on the invite. No dress code listed? Take into consideration the venue and the overall vibe of the couple. Don’t forget, you can always reach out to the nearly-weds and ask. They will appreciate it, promise. Now that you know the ropes, let’s dive into the deep end of what men should wear to a beach wedding. Here’s a breakdown of casual, semi-formal and formal coastal wedding attire. 

Men’s Casual Beach Wedding Attire

A beach wedding means you might encounter a spray from water hitting the shore or the sun beating down. Sand is also inevitable. So it’s no wonder why most beach weddings are casual. If your invite mentions men’s casual beach wedding attire, you have the green light to reach for shorts. Pair them with a bright and bold bohemian floral print short-sleeve, button-down and don boat shoes. Weddings by the water are the ideal opportunity to choose brighter or lighter colors and quirky prints. Give a Hawaiian or nature-inspired print shirt a try. You’ll fit right in with your laid-back surfer vibe. 

Can Men’s Beach Wedding Attire Include Shorts?

It’s a resounding yes, but proceed with caution. Shorts get the go-ahead when deciding what beach wedding attire for men you should wear. However, we still want you to be conscious of the coastal wedding dress code. We’ve mentioned this before but only wear shorts to casual and laid-back events. Additionally, shorts are your best bet for summer or spring men’s wedding attire. Choose from cotton or linen fabrications and leave the denim at home. You’ll still want to look refined and polished, so pick a crisp, clean pair with little wear and no distressing. 

When brainstorming beach wedding outfits for men, balance out the relaxed aesthetic of your shorts with a polo or button-down. Try a short-sleeve shirt for tropical weddings or reach for a lightweight long sleeve top and roll up the sleeves. Select shoes with dapper details: leather laces on sneakers, boat shoes or even an oxford with a sport sole. Tuck away a pair of sunglasses and lather up with sunscreen to complete this made-in-the-shade look. 

Men’s Semi-Formal Beach Wedding Attire

Typically weddings have a formal flair, so it’s not surprising if the dress code calls for men’s semi-formal beach wedding attire. There’s definitely a way to wear semi-formal garb and still feel comfortable and confident. Keep those beachy hues in rotation and opt for a pair of colored pants. Cropped length and cuffed pants are on-trend, so don’t shy away from showing off your ankle. On top, go with a long-sleeve button-down shirt and add a pop of print with a tie. You can also go sans-neckwear and leave the first button or two undone on your shirt. Add dress shoes and you are ready to step onto the sand in style. 

Men’s Formal Beach Wedding Attire

Jet-setting off to a swanky island resort or a private water-front rental wedding? Bet on packing men’s formal beach wedding attire. Typically, formal wedding wear calls for dark neutral-colored suits in structured fabrics. However, beach destinations are the exception to this rule. Beach formal includes suits, button-downs, ties and dress shoes—just like any formal gathering. But you’ll want to keep your colors and fabrics light and airy to help keep cool from the sweltering sun. Not to mention, pale hues can help hide any unsightly sweat stains—it’s a win-win. Opt for a breezy blazer with a subtle stripe print in baby blue, grey or khaki. Layer it over a crisp button-down and choose a pair of dress pants in the same color story. Add camel-toned shoes and raise your glass to the newlyweds and your idyllic surroundings.

Style Suggestions for the Beach Bound Groom

If you’re the one waiting at the altar and unsure what to wear, no worries. We have you covered. You and your significant other should steal the spotlight and undoubtedly your beach wedding attire should be the most formal. If you’ve decided upon casual nuptials, wear a pair of beige linen pants paired with a seersucker short-sleeve button-down. Feel free to go with a pair of flip-flops or go barefoot to sink your toes in the warm sand. No cold feet here. For a formal beach wedding, wear grey or dusty blue suit separates with a white shirt and pocket square. Again, lean into those light hues to complement your beachy background. Keep in mind, you should match your mate. If they are going casual (or formal) follow suit. Congrats on your big day! Your tans will fade, but the memories last a lifetime. 

Expert Style Tip: Check out local customs for that extra special detail to add to your beach wedding attire for men. In Hawaii, grooms typically wear a maile lei that represents a variety of things, including love and good luck. Getting married in Mexico? Swap out your button-down for a traditional guayabera. These small details definitely take your look to the next level. 

Stay Fresh in Linen Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Now that we’ve covered beach wedding attire for men, let’s talk about fabrication. Yes, fabric is super important when deciding what to pack. Take a peek at the weather for the week. If you are heading somewhere sunny and hot, you’ll need fabrics that keep you cool. Linen beach wedding attire for men is an ideal option because the fabric is strong, absorbent and dries quickly. Linen also comes in a variety of clothing styles from suits to shirts, shorts and pants. You can find clothes made of this woven fabric at various price points, so it’s very accessible. Try a pair of linen pants with a short-sleeve button-down. Cuff your pants and go with sandals to finish your casual beach look. Don’t worry about linen’s easy-to-wrinkle reputation. It adds to your laid-back, coastal vibe and we promise you’ll be in good company with other linen-wearers. 

Expert Style Tip: You’ve unpacked and noticed that your linen-wear has wrinkled in flight. It’s an easy fix. To remove wrinkles from your linen clothes, hang them up in the bathroom. Then, turn the shower on hot and let the steam go to work. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, get your linen clothes damp in the sink. Then dry with a blow dryer. Voilá, wrinkles are gone.  

Create A Cool Coastal Color Story

There’s no better time to experiment with color than by the beach. Spring 2022 men’s fashion trends showcase a splash of color. Keep your eye on Nantucket red and Palm Beach pink as you decide on beach wedding attire for men. If you prefer cooler tones, check out blues that lean green like teal or cerulean. Deep forest greens are also on-trend and look dashing against a sea of blue. If this is your first foray into color, choose your eye-catching piece first, like a bold printed shirt. Then, wear it with a muted tone like a solid pair of pants. On the neutral front, earthy brown tones from the fall carry over into the spring. Choose walnut-hued browns, steely greys and cream. Pairing neutrals with colors will ensure your ensemble is always a shore bet. Get it?

Kick up Your Feet in the Best Beach Wedding Attire Shoes for Men

You’ve picked your picture-perfect men’s beach wedding attire and now you need to decide on your shoes. The formality of the ceremony will determine what shoes to reach for. Naturally, formal affairs call for elevated kicks such as chukka boots or oxfords. Sandals and elevated casual sneakers are ideal for laid-back gatherings. Another thing to consider is the venue. If the nuptials take place on the shore, taller Chelsea boots will help keep the sand out of your socks. On the casual front, a slip-on sneaker or boat shoe is easy to remove to dump the sand out. Last, consider dusting your feet with baby powder before you slip into your shoes. Not only will this help keep you dry, but sand won’t stick to your feet. Now that’s how you rock beach wedding attire from head to toe. 

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