Cabincore Aesthetic for Men: Into the Wild Styles

Do you ever daydream about living off the grid? You’re not alone. As a matter of fact, people are more eager than ever to reconnect with nature and escape bustling city life. Thanks to influences like the neo-Western television series, “Yellowstone,” there’s an uptick in folks homesteading and returning to the land. This comes with raising cattle and growing crops in an effort to be more self-sufficient. On the flip side, not everyone is ready to make such an extreme change. Others simply want to embrace a more rustic aesthetic with the activities they do and the clothes they wear on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of where you live, dressing in cabincore fashion is a solid first step to achieving this woodsy wilderness style. 

Coming in as a stark contrast to the bold maximalism style, the cabincore aesthetic offers a quieter, homegrown feel. After all, it’s a leading men’s fall trend that focuses on the equal balance of function and fashion. Not only do cabincore outfits elicit an outwardly rugged appearance, but they’re also typically more sturdy and reliable in their construction. Does this sound like a dependable fashion journey you’d like to explore further? Pull up an Adirondack chair and gather around because we’re just getting started.

What is Cabincore?

Before we jump into specific style suggestions, you might be wondering: what is cabincore? Think of the cabincore aesthetic as an extension of the escapist trend, gorpcore, and the cozy outfits you’d wear post-hike. Picture this: you’ve traversed untraveled terrain all day and now you’re ready to change out of your activewear. For cabin-ready vibes, you may choose something that provides warmth, comfort and the mobility to chop firewood, if needed. Above all else, coziness is of utmost importance.

Cabincore is all about romanticizing the idea of living in a homey cabin surrounded by Ponderosa pines and Douglas-fir trees. Your Lincoln Logs-style home is toasty and welcoming, and the perfect retreat for relaxation. Drawn-out games of chess, hours of reading a whodunnit and enjoying a strong cup of joe is where it’s at. In order to bring this rural-inspired concept to life, you’re going to need the right outfits. We’ve put together four key considerations to help you build your ideal cabincore closet—just in time for chilly weather. 

1. Choose Earthy Colors, Classic Prints and Durable Fabrics

The first stop on the cabincore trail is to pick colors, patterns and fabrics that are true to the theme. For example, turn to Mother Nature for the ultimate men’s cabincore color palette. You can’t go wrong with an array of earth-toned hues that help you blend in with the scenery. Cedar green, mulch brown and beetroot red are just a few that come to mind. Traditional prints that evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity are the winning ticket. Get back to basics with classic patterns such as Fair Isle, buffalo check plaids and a dash of Southwestern stripes. Lastly, ensure the materials you select will withstand the test of time. Go for wool, corduroy, leather, denim, chunky knits, flannel and fleece. The more substantial the fabric, the better.     

Expert Style Tip: Stick to three or four earthy neutrals such as khaki, grey, cream and navy to embrace a minimalist cabincore style. These shades are easy to mix and match, so you don’t have to fuss with figuring out what pairs well together. More time for relaxing by the fire with your pup? You betcha. 

2. Lean into Long-Lasting Cabincore Layers

Listen up, gentlemen. Just like a bear prepares to hibernate for the winter, it’s time to pack on the layers. When choosing the best cabincore jackets, seek out outerwear that is functional and focuses on utility. Does it provide lots of warmth? Are there extra pockets to hold a flashlight or set of keys? If you’re located in an area with subzero temperatures, you’ll want a down jacket to keep you nice and snug. Or, if you experience relatively mild autumn seasons, a puffer vest paired with a thermal or flannel shirt may suffice. Not to mention, sherpa-lined denim jackets, quilted men’s shacket styles and wool coats are excellent options as well. There’s something for everyone, so take your pick and get to stargazing in style. 

3. Focus on Relaxed Fits

No one can deny that looser fits are more comfortable—that’s what men’s cabincore style is all about. You’ll want the ultimate mobility to swing an axe or rake a pile of leaves when needed, so opt for relaxed silhouettes. On bottom, go for cargo pants, straight-fit corduroys or skater-style denim inspired by 90s men’s fashion. These relaxed pants coupled with loose-fitting shirts are an ideal combo. To remain unencumbered by your cabincore outfit, layer it with slightly oversized sweaters and pullovers. If you’ve ever been curious when or how to wear a men’s cardigan, now is the perfect time to learn. Rock a slouchy grandpa cardigan as you engage in a game of chess while watching the sunset behind the mountains.

Expert Style Tip: Curious about how to avoid excessive bulkiness while wearing multiple loose layers? Make sure your base layers like thermals or undershirts sit closer to the body and are more form-fitting. This is particularly important for retaining heat, however, choose fabrics with stretch for full range of motion. You never know when you’ll need to stand tall and stretch out your arms to scare off a curious black bear.

4. Finish Your Cabincore Outfits with Functional Footwear and Furnishings

Maintain a true cabincore aesthetic with the proper accessories and footwear. Anything that keeps your extremities warm and protected is a yes in our book. For example, a knit, fleece-lined beanie will keep your noggin guarded against piercing winds. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to wear one in a bright color like neon orange or electric green. Secure your pants with a sturdy leather belt and keep your hands toasty with insulated gloves. Don’t overlook the power of a wool scarf, either. If you’re worried about it being scratchy, opt for one made from merino wool—it’s a softer, finer version. 

Finally, boots are going to be your best friend out in the woods. We vote for a pair that keeps you stable and your feet dry as you stroll to a nearby river. Partner your boots with thick socks, and you’ll be unstoppable. We’re confident you’re ready to get off on the right foot when dressing in men’s cabincore fashion.  

Can you hear the call of the wild? If you’re looking to add a cabincore twist to your closet, our style experts are here to help. Get started today by ordering your first Fix. Five styles will arrive at your doorstep so you can try them on in the comfort of your cabin. With try before you by, keep what you love, and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. After ordering a Fix, head over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to find attire selected for your style and size. 

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