Men’s Beach Wear: Soak up the Sun in Style

Lather up the sunscreen, grab your shades and set that “out of office” auto-reply email. You heard us. It’s time to hit the beach and soak up the sun. If you’re dreaming of warm weather, a seashore getaway is a sure-fire way to boost your mood. But what will you wear in paradise? That’s where we come in. We’ve combed the sands of style for the top men’s beach wear outfits and tips. But before we dive into the deep end of this trend, let’s wade in with the basics. What is beach attire for men?

What Is Men’s Beach Wear?

Men’s beach wear encompasses everything that you can comfortably wear for a day of surf and sun. A pair of swim shorts is a must-have, but what about after that? Coastal retreats are all about taking it easy, so there aren’t hard rules regarding men’s beach outfits. Leave the “dry clean only” items at home and save the heavy layers for another day. You’ll want to wear cooling clothes that you don’t mind getting sprayed with saltwater. Reach for styles like shorts, short-sleeve shirts, sandals and tanks. In terms of fabrication, seek out lightweight, breathable options such as cotton and linen. These natural fibers also trap in fewer odors than synthetics. Whether your day involves spending time in, on or by the water, summery fabrications will be your go-tos.

Types of Men’s Beach Wear

Now that you know where to start with beach outfits for men, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this men’s summer 2022 trend. What you wear to hit the beach depends on what you’re doing there. Is your day all about kicking back with a cool beverage in hand and seeing where the tide takes you? Do you like to take advantage of all that fine weather and water with an alfresco workout? Or maybe your fun in the sun is a little more upscale? Take a walk down the shoreline with us as we guide you through three different types of men’s beach wear.

Casual Nautical Style

Odds are, most of your waterfront trips fall under the casual men’s beach wear category, so let’s start there. These looks are flexible and easygoing. You’ll feel right at home whether you’re catching a frisbee on the sand or grabbing shrimp tacos on the boardwalk. In our opinion, this is the perfect time for a classic short-sleeve shirt. A white cotton T-shirt is always on-trend. But if you want to get the vacation vibes going, opt for a graphic T-shirt with maritime colors. Picture shades of azure blue, sea-foam green and coral. Next up, shorts. 

If you plan to spend any time in the water, wear your trunks or board shorts as part of your outfit. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding a changing room or keeping a dry change of clothes. If you’ve gone with a solid color on top, have some fun with your choice of swim shorts. Try a shark-blue ombre pattern or match your surroundings with a palm-tree print. Finally, finish off any of your casual men’s beach outfits with sandals. This might seem like a given, but don’t underestimate the value of the right shoe choice. Before your trip, research how far you’ll be walking to the water and what the terrain will be like. For rocky shoals, look for thicker-soles or even sport-bottom sandals. But if soft sand with limited beach grass is in your future, feel free to break out the flip-flops. 

Sporty Coastal Style

While laying out and watching the tides ebb and flow sounds nice, we know you might be itching for activity. If you’re a guy wondering what to wear to the beach that also works for your active goals, this section is for you. For extended time breaking a sweat under the sun, UV protection is key for active men’s beach attire. Pick up a performance shirt with at least UPF 30 and don’t skimp on reapplying sunscreen. Another great performance feature is quick-drying fabric to help you go from ocean laps to training on land. For shorts, either active bottoms or swim trunks will do the trick. Why not split the difference with a hybrid-style short? These look like classic board shorts but have more activewear features, like running shorts. 

Lastly, let’s talk about footwear. There’s nothing quite like wiggling your toes in the sand. For experienced beach runners, skipping shoes is just fine—especially if you’re training on softer sand. However, for those new to the terrain, a pair of water-resistant sneakers can help you avoid slips and falls. Now you’re ready to get your heart pumping and enjoy idyllic surroundings all in one with these men’s beach outfits. We won’t lie, we’re a little shell-ous. 

Formal Beach Wear for Men

Not every beach trip involves a cooler and towels. For those swankier affairs, it’s time to trade in your sandals and tank tops for formal beach wear for men. Let’s start by upgrading your shirt options with a button-down. If the occasion calls for long sleeves, go with linen and cotton. Or, try out even more refined fabrics like chambray and seersucker. Chambray is similar to denim but half its weight, so it’s much breezier while still having that characteristic indigo hue. You might know seersucker from the unmistakable striped pattern, but this material also has a unique, puckered texture. This makes it ideal for hiding wrinkles and skipping ironing. 

Once you’ve selected the breezy fabric for your button-down, think about color. While casual beach wear welcomes fun prints and bold colors, formal beach attire for men calls for more subdued tones. Lean into classic neutrals like pearl white and pebble gray for a safe, yet fashionable choice. Tuck your shirt into a pair of chinos and bring home the look with leather loafers. Why loafers, you ask? You’ll look dapper without the hassle of trying to navigate sand dunes in dress shoes. Plus, once the party’s over, you can slip them off for a seaside stroll.

Men’s Beach Wear Outfit Inspiration for All Occasions

We hope you’re enjoying our exploration of the deep sea of men’s beach attire. But before we let you return to shore, we’ll leave you with men’s beach outfits to inspire your next getaway. Whether the sea is calling your name for spring break, celebrating nuptials or a cozy bonfire, we’ve got you covered.

What To Wear To Spring Break

Get away from your run-of-the-mill routine with a seabound sabbatical. A spring break is your golden opportunity to go all out with men’s beach wear. Seriously. There are no rules when it comes to what to wear for an all-day beach party. Stay low-key with a tank top and shorts while bar hopping. Going from a beach volleyball tournament to a barbeque is a breeze with a preppy style-inspired polo. 

Personally, we think spring break is the ideal time to break out a short-sleeve button-down shirt. Rock whimsical prints like pineapples and fish in bright shades of tangerine, beach glass green and flamingo pink. Don’t be afraid to get your summer shorts in on the color party, too. While you’re taking a break, why not let go of all the fashion rules?

What To Wear to a Beach Wedding

At the beach, wedding season is year-round. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering what to wear to a beach wedding. Generally, coastal nuptials call for a more casual dress code than their inland counterparts. While a ballroom wedding might require black-tie options, the seaside equivalent is more laid-back. Beach wedding attire needs to be practical on top of being stylish and respectful to the happy couple. Strike a balance with a tan sport coat and cropped trousers. Or, go trendy with a salmon suit and slip-on shoes. You can also integrate fun details like a paisley pocket square or try coordinating your sunglasses with your look. And just like that, your men’s beach wear outfits get a suave upgrade.

Before we move on to our final beachside occasion, we have to address the elephant in the sea. Can you wear shorts to a beach wedding? We recommend always double-checking with the wedding party. If the soon-to-be-weds have given you the okay, then you can break out shorts for the occasion. Opt for a tailored chino pair instead of cargo shorts. Cheers.

What To Wear to a Beach Bonfire

Don’t think you have to leave the shore when you’ve finished a day of hanging 10. No beach trip would be complete without a bonfire night. A night under the stars and salt air is an excellent opportunity to layer up your men’s beach wear outfits. If you’re up against a particularly brackish shore, top off your beach attire with a windbreaker or anorak. You’ll keep the elements at bay while still enjoying a roaring fire. 

In milder weather, leave the outerwear at home. Instead, pull a sweatshirt over your wave-washed shorts and shirt to block out the night air. You might even tie in your favorite 90s men’s fashion trend with a throwback flannel. Dig into darker-colored sweaters and layering pieces in case of ash floating from the open flame onto your ensemble. If the evening is particularly chilly, snuggle up in a beanie while you toast s’mores and sing campfire tunes. Now you know what to wear to the beach like a pro.

Ready to make this men’s summer fashion trend your own? Get started today and ask a style expert for help finding the men’s beach wear that’s right for you. A box of five items selected just for you will arrive on your doorstep for you to try before you buy. While you set your watch to island time, check out Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly purchase pieces curated for your style and size needs. Keep what you love and send back the rest. Shipping, exchanges and returns are always free.

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