Men’s Jogger Sets: Trend Alert

Chances are, you’re seeing men’s jogger sets more often these days. You may have a pair of joggers in your closet, or are even wearing a pair right now. With our increased time indoors, a craving for comfort and style has resulted in a rise in athleisure looks with jogger sets leading the charge.

What are Men’s Joggers Sets?

Joggers are sleek pants made of stretchy fabrics, typically with elastic at the waist and ankles. From recycled materials to cozy sherpa, you can find joggers made out of almost any fabrication, and in multiple styles that will have you covered no matter if you are going for comfort or style (or both!). 

Spring 2021 takes them to the next level by bringing men’s jogger sets to the forefront. Jogger sets are the modern-day suit. Coordinating sweatshirts pair with joggers to effortlessly create a set perfect for any occasion. While joggers are great for lounging, wearing them in a set takes them to a new style level. There are many ways to sport jogger sets, and we are here to show you exactly how to wear the trend and adapt them to suit your personal style. 

Perfectly Matched Sets

Joggers are incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with ease. The leading trend for men’s jogger sets are pieces crafted to be the perfect match. Dubbed the modern day suit, tops and bottoms made from the same fabric lead the trend in jogger sets. From printed to monochromatic, these jogger sets will take you everywhere (or nowhere) this spring. 

Add a Hoodie to your Jogger Set

Our favorite hoodies have a starring role in men’s jogger sets this season. Pair them with joggers in complementing colors to create a set that is as cozy as it is stylish. Layering a pop of color under a hooded shirt, and pairing sleek sneakers with a neutral-toned jogger will give you an instantly polished look that is perfect for many occasions. From running errands to coffee dates, creating a jogger set with a hoodie will result in a crisp look for anything the day brings. 

Layer Up

Men’s jogger sets are not one-dimensional. There are many ways to add depth, color and texture to your jogger sets using layers that are already in your closet. Pull out your vests, coats and sporty blazers to take your jogger sets from cozy to sleek in seconds. Don’t be afraid to layer on colorful outerwear pieces over matching jogger sets. Add a pair of neutral sneakers, and you are ready for spring 2021 trends. Have a bomber or denim jacket in your wardrobe? Add it to your jogger set look for just the right infusion of edge.    

Perfectly Paired Jogger Sets

Jogger sets aren’t just for the couch. Dressier experiences call for elevated jogger looks using classic pieces like button-down shirts and sportcoats. Add a collared shirt to your joggers with a pair of your favorite neutral chukkas or combat boots. Finish the look with a sporty blazer, and you are ready for a virtual meeting, professional meetup or fun dinner. It’s amazing how different your jogger sets can be with a simple swap of a relaxed piece for a more tailored option. Need to add shape to your look? A casual French tuck of a crisp top can instantly polish your jogger set ensemble. Pro Tip: also known as a half tuck, the French Tuck is simply tucking in the front of your shirt and leaving the back loose and untucked.  

It’s truly amazing how many sets you can style with a pair of joggers. When in doubt, always remember to keep the overall jogger set smooth and relaxed. Add polish when needed with structured layers and sporty footwear— they’re your jogger sets’ best friends. With these elements as your base, you can’t go wrong with all of your spring jogger set styles.

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