Men’s Spring Fashion Trends for 2021

Spring is right around the corner, and as with the start of any season, so are new beginnings like fresh mindsets, goals and fashion, to name a few. Men’s spring fashion trends for 2021 launch with exciting styles for men, and we just happen to have a breakdown of the best looks of the season, starting with one that is the quintessential perfect match for spring.

Men’s Spring Fashion Trend Spotlight: Jogger Sets

With our increased time at home, if you’re like us, you’re opting for comfort and living in your jogger set. You’re probably seeing the word “athleisure” popping up quite often, too. Don’t know the definition? That’s why we’re here. Athleisure is comfortable clothing designed to be both suitable for exercise and everyday wear. It has rocked runways and gyms, and is now most frequently featured in our living rooms. In this year’s men’s spring fashion trends, the jogger and jogger set have the starring role. The jogger pant is a sleek, comfortable take on a traditional sweatpant that can be dressed up or down with ease. Pair them with anything from tees to sporty sweaters for a crisp, easy-to-wear outfit. Spring 2021 takes joggers up a notch by creating a modern-day suit by pairing them with exact matching tops to make polished sets that are instantly ready-to-go for almost any occasion. From solid to printed, matching jogger sets will be everywhere and only need a fresh pair of sneakers to complete the look.

Not really into matchy-matchy? Mix and match your sets to create different looks that have depth, layers and texture. Find complementing colors to create outfits that are just as stylish as they are comfortable. Only have the joggers and no sets? Assemble jogger looks with other athleisure wear pieces you own, including sweatshirts, long-sleeve tees and soft jackets to achieve your own jogger sets. You will be amazed by what you already have right in your closet. 

The Stylish Comeback: Tie-Dye

Tie-dye isn’t just for the beach anymore. The print will be everywhere this spring, and there are many ways to rock this trend. Add a pair of tie-dye socks to your look for an edgy feel. Too subtle? Add a tie-dye tee in the same color family as your look to create a tonal-inspired ensemble that utilizes the print in just the right way. While we usually think of loud colors when it comes to tie-dye, a neutral selection can be just as powerful. Shed the traditional tie-dye stereotypes, and adopt this men’s spring fashion trends comeback in the way that makes you most comfortable. 

Men’s Spring Fashion Trend Alert: Microfloral 

In general, floral print is usually something that people love or hate; however, with the introduction of the microfloral, many will be taking a second look at a trend that is quickly being added to ensembles everywhere. As the name suggests, the smaller print creates an opportunity to wear a floral print the way you would wear smaller patterns like gingham. From tees to tailored button-downs, microfloral is a men’s spring fashion trend that is here to stay. Pro Tip: Wearing a microfloral tie is a great way to incorporate this trend to make a subtle, yet stylish impression.

A Twist On Prints Trend: Geo Dots 

Geo dot prints are eye-catching, and incorporating them into your rotation is a bold way to wear them this spring. I know what you are thinking. Another print? Prints are abundant this spring and, quite frankly, the fun fashion we all need during these times. Geo dots are a hot spring take and will be worn in bold and subtle ways throughout 2021 and beyond. Take a walk on the geo side with dots this season. 

Men’s Spring Fashion Classic: Neutrals

Most of us are familiar with monochromatic dressing that is a classic staple in style. Using one color to create an entire look is accomplished in any season, and spring 2021 takes this concept to polished levels by introducing the No Print Trend. While prints are clearly a spring style movement, building outfits that are completely void of print will also be a leading trend this season. Dive into your wardrobe to find solid pieces that complement each other to create spring outfits that will never go out of style. Pro Tip: Solid doesn’t mean boring. Enhance visual interest by adding texture and elevated fabrics like leather.     

What is your favorite men’s spring fashion trend for 2021? No matter which you choose to wear, remember that there is no wrong way to wear them. Find what works for you, and tailor it to your unique needs. Trends are great, but personal style should always be the focus when it comes to finding seasonal looks you feel confident in.

Ready to take these trends to your closet? Take your style quiz, schedule a Fix and discover the spring trends that are just right for you. Don’t forget if you don’t love it, returns are on us.


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