Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: Key Trends To Make a Splash

The weather is heating up, and it’s time to set your style on cruise control. Leave those bulky jackets and winter boots in the rearview mirror because it’s “summer, summertime.” Wondering what summer 2022 men’s fashion trends you should check out to refresh your wardrobe? We did the legwork, so all you have to do is kick back, relax and soak up the rays. Here’s our trending guide on what to wear this summer. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just your summer style? Yep, it’s definitely you. 

Men’s Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Spotlight: Prep Yourself for Preppy Style 

Looking to add a little prep to your step this summer? It’s a resounding yes from us. One summer 2022 men’s fashion trend holding over from springtime incorporates this all-American aesthetic. Preppy style for men includes tailored blazers, polo shirts, chino shorts and everything striped and plaid. Put a summertime spin on these heritage pieces by opting for sun-washed colors. Not sure what sun-washed means? Think summertime’s brightest colors taking a spin through the washing machine a few times. The color is faded for a retro California vibe, and the fabric has a luxurious, lived-in feel. 


Going casual? Wear a sun-washed striped polo shirt with a pair of coordinating shorts in light colors. Wrap up your outfit with crisp, white sneakers, and you’ll look like the poster-child of prep. For occasions requiring a little more finesse, like summer weddings, easily elevate your preppy look. Choose a button-down oxford shirt under a sleekly striped seersucker blazer and coral chino pants. Even Ralph Lauren himself will be inspired by the outfit you wear to your next summer event. 

Men’s Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Spotlight: Explore the Great Outdoors in Gorpcore Style

If fashion meets function sounds like your aesthetic, then the guys’ gorpcore trend is made in the shade for you. This sartorial take from spring is still going strong as a men’s summer fashion trend in 2022. This take on street style is ideal if you go from hanging out in a coffee bar to hiking in a flash. Did you know that the “gorp” in gorpcore stands for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts?” Be sure to stash a bag of trail mix into your cargo pockets to fuel up on your outdoor adventures. 

Wondering how to incorporate gorpcore into your summer wardrobe? It’s no sweat, really. Since the temperature tends to turn up in the summer months, choose breathable fabrics. Performance materials that are moisture-wicking, lightweight and feature UV protection are your best bet. Go from the sofa to the street with ease in jogger pants, a performance tee and sneaker-style hiking boots. Toss a long-sleeve T-shirt or thin jacket into a backpack alongside a tube of sunscreen to stay protected. Crank up the tunes, and you’ll be walking on sunshine in no time.

Men’s Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Spotlight: Crush Your 9-to-5 in Comfortable Workwear 

On the fashion front, the work-from-home style trend we refuse to part ways with is comfortable workwear. Also known as the workleisure aesthetic, this “business comfort” take continues to trend in summer 2022 men’s fashion. Just because you are heading back into the office doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for your career. Not sure what workleisure or comfortable workwear is? We’re here to break it down for you. At its core, “workleisure is ​​attire that has the comfort and functionality of leisurewear, with an appearance that is appropriate for the workplace. Think structured jogger pants, thick T-shirts and polished sneakers co-existing with classic career wear. 

Leave the sweatpants-style joggers for lounging around, and choose a pair in elevated cotton or linen fabric. These textiles, and commuter-style joggers made with hybrid fabrications, double as smart summer wear. Don’t shy away from coupling them with the workhorse of workwear, the button-down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. Now is the time to play with prints (if your business attire dress code allows) and swap out classic checks for something conversational. Opt for a micro-floral print or dream about days spent on the beach in a tasteful tropical pattern. No ties allowed here. You’ll want to keep your relaxed, yet professional look cohesive from head to toe. Lastly, choose a sport-sole oxford shoe or loafers with no-show socks. You’ll be the talk of the town (or around the watercooler) in all of the best ways.

Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: Styles for Outdoor Activities

The long days of summer mean you’ll have so much more time for activities. Take it outdoors and soak up the sunshine. Thinking about what men’s summer outfits to wear in 2022? Always match what you wear to your planned activity. Are you planning on being one with nature on a hike or hitting the golf links? Maybe your day is better spent getting a little vitamin D followed by a dip in the ocean? Regardless of your summertime adventure, we have your back. We promise, there’s not a cruel summer in your future. 

Hit the Hiking Trails in Men’s Summer Wear 

A summer day trip into the mountains means lower temperatures and shade by the canopy of mature trees. It’s no wonder why hiking is a beloved outdoor activity year-round. Hiking in the summertime takes a little more planning. You’ll want to expertly know your trail route and keep lots of water on hand. Don’t forget the GORP. 

Now that you’ve got the essentials covered, it’s time to focus on your men’s summer fashion 2022 hiking outfit. Not sure what to wear hiking? Pants are always the best bet. Is the trail overgrown, or is it a spot known for pesky bugs or itchy plants? It may be best to keep your legs covered. Cargo pants are a functional option if you don’t want to carry a backpack to higher elevations. Pants with deep pockets can hold keys, your phone, snacks and sunscreen. You may even be able to pop a bottle of water or two into one of the pockets. Wear your pants with a sturdy belt paired with a moisture-wicking shirt and your comfiest trail shoes with good traction. Round up a few of your buddies and get ready to hit the ground running, or should we say hiking

Golf Attire for Men: Looks That Score a Hole in One

Summer is a great time to try new hobbies, and golf is a fan favorite. Whether you’re seasoned at scoring birdies or it’s your first foray on the green, we encourage you to hit the links. Cruise around in a golf cart from hole to hole jamming to tunes that give you “Good Vibrations.” Add friends or family to the mix, and you are sure to have a day filled with fun. Men’s summer fashion 2022 golf attire is just as amazing as the sport. Wondering what golf attire is? Think the best of prep intertwined with comfortable activewear. Let’s get up to par on what to wear to play golf.

Many golf courses have a strict dress code, so be sure to dress accordingly. If you wear a collared shirt and chino-style shorts or pants, you’ll likely meet the requirements for most courses. Golf shoes will help to give you traction on the green and improve your game, but aren’t always necessary. If you plan on playing more than once, invest in a moisture-wicking polo shirt. This will help you beat the heat, especially during mid-day games. Golf attire can be eclectic, so feel free to experiment with wearing new colors. Plaid pants or shorts embroidered with a quirky print are always a plus. Bring a hat to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes. Now that’s how you up your golf attire game. 

Men’s Beach Wear To Catch a Wave

The dog days of summer are perfect for packing a cooler full of drinks and heading to the shore. We would be remiss if we didn’t consider beach wear in our list of men’s summer fashion for 2022. After all, hanging out at the water, whether surfing in the ocean or boating on the lake, is a summertime must-do. As you pick your men’s beach wear attire, choose smart summer pieces. What does that include? Board or swim shorts that are quick-dry and breathable shirts. For shoes, opt for flip-flops. Always bring a layer for when days turn into breezy summer nights. Get ready to pack your beach bag and bury your toes in the sand.

There are so many activities you can partake in at the beachside. Pack an oversized beach towel and mat if your plan is to catch a few rays. Intending to engage in a competitive game of volleyball? Make sure your swim shorts contain a little bit of stretch. They will move with you as you dive into the sand for a save. Wear your shorts with a tank top, or try a rash guard with UV protection. Keep the sunscreen on hand, and H20 is the way to go to stay hydrated under the sun. 

Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: Styles for Seasonal Events

Summer is definitely the season where your social calendar fills up quickly. From graduations to holidays and vacations, you’ll need a variety of men’s summer wear styles to pick from. Keep seasonal staples on hand. No matter the occasion, you’ll be ready to go in a flash. Let’s take a deep dive into men’s summer outfits that will make a big splash this season. 

What To Wear to Graduation: Toss Your Cap in Style

Hey dads and grads, this one’s for you. Whether you are the one receiving the diploma or cheering from the audience, graduation is an important life moment. Guys, are you thinking about what to wear to graduation? Here are men’s summer 2022 fashion pieces you should commemorate the occasion in. If you are sitting on the sidelines with pride for your grad, take things one-step up from casual. Try shorts with a long-sleeve button-down and cuffed sleeves. You can layer up if you prefer by leaving the shirt unbuttoned and effortlessly tossed over a solid T-shirt. Loafers are sure to add a little bounce to your step. For indoor ceremonies with the A/C on blast, swap out shorts for pants. Dress up your outfit with chukka boots.

Grads, dress like your most confident self because there’s so much to celebrate. If it’s an outdoor commencement, then opt for lightweight and airy. Wear slacks with a short-sleeve button-down shirt and sneakers. Individualize your style by choosing a perky print in a parade of hues. Plus, by keeping your clothes breathable, you don’t have to worry about overheating in your cap and gown. Get ready to pop the streamers, both to your accomplishments and your stylish men’s graduation attire. 

What To Wear on the 4th of July: Celebrate in Men’s Summer Wear 

If you are wondering what the most popular holiday of summer is, look no further than the 4th of July. Whether you prefer to be patriotic or rather celebrate your personal quest of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, cheers to you. This is one holiday where indulging in the theme is spot on. Guys, if you are wondering what to wear on the 4th of July, rock a shirt adorned with the American flag. Or, maybe a spatter of stars is more aligned with your style and summer wardrobe. Wearing red, white and blue always gets the green light while watching fireworks take flight. 

If you find the thematics to be a bit garish, feel free to tone it down. Sport a pair of muted red shorts paired back to a subtly striped shirt with sneakers. This men’s summertime outfit still says you are here to celebrate. If your Independence Day plans include a pool party, opt for swim trunks and a lightweight cotton shirt. Flip-flops come on and off in a pinch, and they keep your feet off the blistering cement. Heading to a backyard barbecue? Shorts and tees are perfectly acceptable, but consider toting along a stain remover pen. Just in case you get a barbecue stain on your white T-shirt.  

What To Wear on Vacation: Resort Wear for Men

Give yourself a break this summer—you deserve it. Jet set away to a tropical locale or set sail on an all-inclusive cruise. After making your travel arrangements, it’s time to decide what men’s summer 2022 outfits to pack. Look no further than vacation-ready resort wear. Not sure what men’s resort wear entails? This trend is cruise wear, or stylish clothes you’d wear on vacation. You’ll find linen-based neutral essentials to boldly printed clothes drenched in color. Pop them in your suitcase, you’ll want to bring them along. 

Before you depart, check out the local weather. Even if the mercury is telling you it’s mild, humidity can make it feel much hotter. Pick pieces composed of linen, rayon and soft poly-blends. Linen-blend T-shirts are remarkable because they also offer a refined look and add a dash of texture. You may be asking, what about unsightly wrinkles from the trip inside a suitcase? Hang your linen or rayon clothes in the bathroom and crank up the heat. The shower heat, that is. Close the door behind you and let the room fill with steam. Pop on your wrinkle-free resort wear and sink into an “Old Blue Chair.” Relax and zen out to the ocean breeze and sounds. 

Ready to take your wardrobe into summertime? Our style experts are ready to lend a hand. Get started today, schedule a Fix and relax while we refresh your closet with five items for the season picked with your style in mind. With try before you buy, you only purchase what you love and return the rest. Prepping for an upcoming trip and looking for a few new items to pack? Head over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly buy pieces curated to your personal style and size. Shipping, exchanges and returns are always free. 

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