The Best Pants, Shorts & Jeans For Men to Wear In Summer

It’s hot outside, and you’re looking for solutions inside your closet. You want to be strategic with your choices—and we’re here to help. One of the best things about summer is that it gives you license to go for brighter colors, patterns and styles you might not normally wear in other seasons. In this guide, we included the best and the brightest with tips on how to wear each.

Check out 6 of our top summer picks.

Classic Swim Trunks

You’ll most likely visit at least one beach or pool this season, and even if you don’t, it’s good to have an option for tropical vacations. A traditional striped style with a drawstring waistband and pockets makes it easy to add a white T-shirt—and be ready for land or a pool party dance floor.

Linen Pants

The key to looking sharp in the summer is to choose the right fabrics. Linen, a naturally breathable material, allows air to flow through it which helps sweat dry quickly. The best part about linen is that it’s supposed to be wrinkly, so you can move around all you want. Add a collared shirt for nicer events, such as a relaxed beach wedding, and you’ll stay cool in the sun.

Hybrid Shorts

Tech has made its way into everything these days, including clothes. A pair of moisture wicking, quick-dry shorts come with several perks. Besides the obvious performance attributes, they look both casual and sharp, so you can wear them everywhere: beach, pool, bbqs, weekend hangs and more—just add your favorite T-shirt.

Light-Washed Jeans

Denim is wearable year-round, but when it comes to the hotter months, swapping in a lighter wash is smart. It says casual, but not as casual as shorts, and comfortable but not as comfortable as sweatpants. Add any of the usual suspects: T-shirts, polos, printed button-down shirts, henleys and tank tops.

Bold Swim Trunks

Jumping into the water wearing a fun, bold print is a pairing that just works. When you’re feeling the most relaxed (as you should be by a pool, ocean, beach), it will be easy to feel comfortable in a pair of swim trunks that are out of your normal color and style rotation. The trick to pulling this off? Just dive in.

There you have it—six ways to liven up your summer closet with your favorite staples in hot-weather-ready colors. To discover which styles work with your current wardrobe, take your style quiz and order your first Fix. Our team of style experts are ready to lend a hand. Submit a request note for what you’d like, sit back, relax and it will arrive before you know it. Keep what you love and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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