Functional Fall Essentials Worth Talking About

Lean in and look a little closer—there’s more to these pieces than meets the eye. Water-repellent trousers that actually look good, flannel-lined pants that feel like pajamas, 2-in-1 reversible tops, plus fabrics that stretch as you move. These clothes might sound too good to be true, but they’re for real. Whatever life (or the weather) throws your way, these hard-working pieces have you covered.

Check out our picks and see what all the hype is about this fall.


We’re not talking about your typical rain coat here. Stitch Fix exclusive brand Hawker Rye has designed a pair of slim-fit chinos with water-repellent technology to keep you dry during your commute on rainy days. Water actually beads on the surface and rolls right off instead of soaking into the fabric. Need to step out for lunch? No problem. Have evening plans? Easy—you’re still nice and dry. You’ll want these miracle chinos and other water-repellent pieces, like nylon joggers, a sleek rain jacket and a hooded anorak to take on the season’s wet weather.

Ask Your Stylist For:

  • Hawker Rye slim-fit tech chinos
  • Cole Haan “City Rain” 2-in-1 car coat with built-in vest
  • Reigning Champ nylon warm-up pants


Cooler temps might have you wanting to stay inside and curl up on the couch, but with the right layers, you can stay warm for all of fall’s outdoor activities—from football in the park to afternoon hikes. We know how much men like flannel, so Stitch Fix exclusive brand Alesbury designed flannel-lined pants that feel like pajamas but look like casual everyday wear. Save the Duck’s packable puffer jacket even uses PLUMBTECH® insulation, a thermal padding technology that replaces down feathers and is better at trapping heat. Cozy fleece pullovers, flannel shirts and blanket-lined jackets are more no-brainers for warmth and will keep you comfortable on crisp fall days.

Ask Your Stylist For:

  • Alesbury flannel-lined straight-leg woven pants
  • Alesbury flannel-lined work jacket
  • Cole Haan nylon aviator jacket with faux-fur sherpa-lined collar
  • Save the Duck packable puffer jacket with PLUMBTECH® insulation
  • Knowledge “Lund” flannel shirt
  • Woolrich “Boysen” quarter-zip fleece pullover


Why wear a regular shirt when you could sport a 2-for-1 instead? This fall, we’re seeing pieces the can be flipped for an easy outfit change. That’s right, reversible clothes are no longer just for kids. From knits to pullovers, these versatile two-way tops give you the flexibility to swap looks whether you’re packing light for a trip or just interested in stretching your wardrobe. Consider your fall shopping done.

Ask Your Stylist For:

  • Original Penguin “Kendall” long-sleeve reversible knit top
  • Johnnie-O “Turner” reversible pullover
  • Jachs “Helena” reversible mock-neck pullover


A little elastic goes a long way. The new wave of stretch fabrics have a small percentage of Spandex or Lycra to move effortlessly with your body. On the outside, they look just like regular fabrics, but with their two- and four-way stretch design, you won’t ever have to worry about rips or tears. From casual shirts and flannels to blazers, dress pants and button-ups, these pieces will keep you comfortable all day long. Trivia moment: A “knoven” is a half-knit, half-woven shirt, where the sleeves and back are made of stretch knit and the rest is like a regular woven button-up. Try that one on for size.

Ask Your Stylist For:

  • WRK poplin-and-knit “knoven” button-up
  • Fairlane 24/7 stretch woven shirt
  • Hawker Rye “Benson” stretch flannel shirt
  • Grayers “Wooster” stretch moleskin pants
  • Tommy Hilfiger “Tate” dress pants
  • Paige “Brennan” trousers with “transcend knit” performance fabric

Is it time to add durable clothing to your closet? Stay warm and dry during the rainy seasons. Take your style quiz and request waterproof layers in your first Fix. Five curated styles will show up on your doorstep. Try everything on, keep what you like and send back the rest. Shipping, exchanges and returns are always free. Don’t let the cold weather hinder your style game this season.

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