Men’s 2022 Winter Fashion: How to Bundle Up in Style

In the blink of an eye, the trees are bare, your breath is fogging up windows and the days on the calendar are winding down to zero. That’s right, winter is coming. With the changing of another season, it’s time to bust out your warmest wear. No matter if you find the weather outside delightful or frightful, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled some of the season’s most popular activities and the trends that go with them. Keep scrolling for our 2022 men’s winter fashion forecast and styling tips.

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Hiking Edition

Just because there’s a chill in the air doesn’t mean you have to spend this time of year inside. In fact, men’s 2022 winter fashion trends find inspiration in the idyllic vision of hiking through white-blanketed woods. We have tips on how to layer up to keep you moving in the right direction—in style. To fully embody the winter hiking trend, layer up your look with a plaid flannel. For men’s fall fashion in 2021, we forecasted buffalo check as a major trend, and it’s not going anywhere this season either. Wear the classic black and red pattern open, closed or even tied around your waist if you feel the burn on your climb to the mountain top. 

When it comes to hiking, you don’t want to carry too much in your pack. In fact, some hiking experts say you only need a “core 13” (AKA, no more than 13 clothing items on your person for most seasons of hiking). Easy layers are a good way to go. Start with a cozy, textured thermal henley or tee. Bonus survival points when made out of merino wool. This snuggly knit is great for keeping in body heat, or wearing on its own in milder climates. Merino wool is a lot softer than traditional wool yarn and has natural properties to regulate your body temperature. This feature is important for keeping you both warm and dry to prevent hypothermia.

Layering up is key while taking to the trails in the middle of winter. On top of your go-to neutral thermal, you can’t go wrong with a wool sweater or lightweight fleece. Complete the look with your stylish men’s shacket or a puffer jacket, and you are set for winter hiking style in 2022. 

Hiking Pants That Go The Distance

Look for a weather-resistant exterior to keep you safe from the elements. Warm performance hiking pants with an elastic waistband and multi-way stretch will keep up with your stride no matter where your wanderlust into the wild takes you. Contrast the color of a brushed flannel button-down with a warm brown or olive-toned pair of pants. Then, wrap up in a chunky-knit scarf to keep your beard from turning icy.  

Hiking Boots That Go The Extra Mile

Last but not least, kick on your hiking boots. To the adventurer who’s scaling mountains on the regular, there’s no alternative to a true, athletic hiking boot that you scoop up at an outdoor store. But, for the guy yearning for the 2022 winter-style version instead of the hike Everest version, there are rugged fashion boots. When picking out the perfect pair, look for rubber soles and leather uppers. The leather will mold to your feet every time you take them for a spin. A thick rubber sole will keep you from slipping on sleet. Now that you’re suited up, it’s time to carve your own path in the snow.

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Fireside Cabin Fashion

Once you’ve wandered through the snow to your heart’s content, it’s time to head inside to warm up. Whether lighting a fire inside a picturesque cabin or queuing up the sounds of crackling firewood on your laptop, take the cozy winter vibes to the next level with cabin-inspired pieces. Dip your toes in this trend by pairing your favorite cable-knit sweater or flannel shirt with sweatpants or joggers. When you’re ready to refresh your at-home wardrobe, reach for head-to-toe fleece options. Kick back with lined joggers and a matching fleece hoodie in winter-approved shades like warm brown and classic blue.

For fashion daredevils, layer fleece over fleece. Stick with neutrals underneath and add a punch of personality with brighter shades on top. Think honey yellows and fiery reds to chase away the winter blues. Want to go even cozier with your cabin-cool look? Sherpa is a favorite of 2022 men’s winter fashion. Don’t resist the urge to disappear inside the cloud-like softness of a sherpa pullover. A sherpa bomber jacket or trucker-inspired shacket layer are the perfect blend of comfort and style. Whichever laid-back look you choose, don’t forget a pair of toasty slippers to seal the deal. All that’s left? Throw another log on the fire (or hit the replay button).

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: What to Wear to Work Edition

Some of you may be going back into the workplace this winter. Perhaps you did some fervent online research and Slack messaging with your coworkers to figure out what to wear to work? Don’t worry, you weren’t alone. Officewear dress codes changed everywhere from Wall Street to Main Street. At last, you discovered the comfy and work-ready look of men’s workleisure—that is until temperatures plummeted and an undeniable chill turned autumn into winter. Now you’re feeling like you’re back at square one, wondering if you can wear flannel pajamas to the office. That’s where we come in. Here are a few winter style tips to get your business wardrobe in shape for men’s winter fashion in 2022. Oh, and it’s a no on the pajamas. We’re not your boss, but we’re almost certain about this one.

Vote for a Coat

When you’re thinking about what to wear to work this winter, it may help to start from the outside. Outerwear is key in 2022 men’s winter fashion.  First, pick out a coat. If your office dress code is still business professional or business formal, a trench coat or overcoat will keep any wintry gale off your back. For those of you in the neighborhood of business casual or business comfort, ditch the formality of a full-length coat. Favor a pea coat or a fleece-lined work jacket to block out the chill. Are you lucky enough to still be working from home or at offices with fully laid-back dress codes? You can wear anything from a parka to a trucker jacket to the thickest hoodie in your arsenal.

Invest in a Vest

In the fall, you added more flexible pants to your office wear rotation. You found comfortable knit blazers, and you’re never going back to the stiff fabrics from the before times. Those workwear staples aren’t going out of style for 2022’s men’s winter fashion either. The workplace’s new normal means it is time to add warming pieces. Insert, a vest. A fleece or cargo vest is great for workleisure style dress codes. A utilitarian vest gives your outfit the same finishing touch as a blazer, but with a seasonal twist. For more conservative workplaces, play it safe with classic colors. If you work in a relaxed setting or a fashion-forward space, incorporate winter accent colors like ivy green or fiery orange. 

Work Better in a Sweater

Another piece in line with 2022 men’s winter fashion is a classic sweater. When it’s time to bundle up, try out a quarter-zip with a geometric cable knit. Woodsy browns and ripe burgundy hues are a great place to start. Feeling adventurous? Opt for a heathered or marled knit to add more hues to your look. If your office allows for creative liberty, take your work sweater to the next-level with a color block pattern. A statement-striped sweater packs a professional punch for those still Zooming into meetings. With all this style work you’ve been putting in, we think it might be time for a little winter vacation. Let’s get packing.

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Ski Weekend Wear Edition

For some, winter is a time to get away. Pack your bags, load up the car and take to the mountains for a ski weekend. If it’s your first time skiing or you don’t have time to get a ski jacket, fear not. 2022 men’s winter vacation-wear for the alpines doesn’t have to be all heavy-duty jackets from specialty stores. A quality water-resistant puffer jacket can keep you dry and warm. While you’re on the slopes, accompany your ski pants with a thick-knit beanie to keep in the heat. Chillin’ at the lodge? Shed your blizzard-proof layers and take the cozy vibes to the next level. Opt for a fuzzy-textured pullover while you watch fresh powder fall.

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Tropical Destination Vacation with Resort Wear

If a snowy winter translates to a vacation from the cold, we’ve got you sun chasers covered. The  2022 men’s winter fashion trend to keep your eye on is beach resort wear. Relive the glory days of summer with bright colors and nature-inspired prints. Trade in your frosty driveway for a sandy white beach and your heavy knits for a short-sleeve button-down. Stay trend-forward with splashes of mint green, berry pink and ocean blue. Then, partner up your look with a pair of linen shorts. Did all that mint, berry and ocean talk have you craving a mojito? Don’t worry, you might find one at a holiday party this season too. (Was that a smooth segue to our next section or what?)

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Holiday Party Edition

You are cordially invited to the men’s winter fashion holiday party. Are you celebrating seeing co-workers and loved ones again, or living it up with a socially distant shindig? Now is the time to put on your party pants. Literally. Spruce up your holiday wardrobe with a pair of window-pane patterned pants. Give in to the return of 70s fashion with a straight-leg pant with pleated details. If you prefer simpler styles, you can still indulge in this year’s retro redux. Simply grab a wide-lapeled suit jacket over a toasty turtleneck. 

For more relaxed revelry, ditch the suit details and choose a classic combination: jeans and a going-out shirt. Going out shirts are the perfect blend of sophistication and style. These button-ups aren’t your typical 9–5 choice. Explore your style with unique colors, prints and feel. Think micro-textures and conversational prints like dots and diamonds. This is the shirt you throw on when you are ready for a fun night. Add a polished vibe by selecting a dark wash pair of denim. Look for those almost-black shades of indigo and navy for a crisp, elevated look. Of course, no outfit would be complete without a pair of shoes. Wondering how to wear men’s boots in style this holiday season? Kick on a sleek pair of chukkas or lace-up boots while you mix and mingle.

2022 Men’s Winter Fashion: Back to the Gym Edition

Loungewear, athleisure and activewear are all huge players in 2022 winter fashion for men. After all, staying comfy at home and during your workouts is always in style. When heading back to the gym or de-compressing at home, you’ll be grateful to have activewear essentials on hand. A fleece-lined pair of joggers will make your jaunt to the gym more enjoyable. Perhaps you’re ready for something new in your performance pant lineup. Try a track pant. Wear these jogger alternatives for indoor or outdoor fitness. They have the same elastic waist for comfort but no gathering at the ankles.

An all-weather long-sleeve quarter-zip is going to be your performance wear MVP this winter. Essential colors like navy, grey and black will make your morning routine simple so you can get straight to your workout. Look for a slim-fitting style you can wear under thicker layers and over a simple tee. Extendable sleeves are a plus so you can regulate your temperature while you train. And of course, you’ll want a moisture-wicking and fast-drying performance fabrication. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat.

Ready to go for the win this winter? Our style experts are ready to guide you through a wonderland of cold-weather styles. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your style expert for on-trend winter items. Snow or sunshine, you’ll receive 5 items to try from the warm comfort of your own home. Shipping and returns are always free.

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