Summer 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends

Warm days and outdoor fun are right around the corner, but what are the summer 2021 men’s fashion trends that will be on display at all of the beaches and socially distant BBQs this summer? There are many amazing summer looks for you to choose from. We have rounded all of them up for you in today’s guide to men’s summer styles. Let’s kick off things with your favorite, and ours: activewear.  

Men’s Activewear: Your Must-Haves for Summer 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends

Activewear is leading the summer 2021 men’s fashion trends. With our increased time indoors, activewear has evolved from men’s summer styles used solely for exercise to a way of style life. We sleep in them, rock them while working from home, explore in them and wear them during our workouts. They are now all-purpose pieces that will be popular for our men’s summer looks.

When pinpointing active pieces that are best for your summer style, look for soft and easy fabrics, like washed wovens with stretch. Vintage tees will be in abundance this summer, so don’t be afraid to explore looks that give you a nostalgic feel. From sneakers to active shorts, add a pop of #throwbackthursday to your summer wardrobe. 

Whether on the trails or not, outdoor gear will be a summer standout for summer 2021 men’s fashion trends. Performance hike shorts, cargo pants and statement tees will be front and center. Lace up your hiking boots in summer neutrals like light grey or beige for anything from your morning coffee pickup to a trek in the mountains. Your outdoor style will have you ready for anything your summer day brings.

What exactly are performance hike shorts? These shorts are specifically made for outdoor conditions. They are lightweight, have a wider range of motion and are ventilated to help you cool down faster as you navigate through the summer heat. 

If you are excited about these trends, get ready for the best summer activewear piece of all time: the comfort jogger. We know, we can hardly contain ourselves either.                

Fashion Trend Alert: Comfort Joggers

If activewear is leading our summer 2021 men’s fashion trends, the comfort jogger is right smack-dab in the center of it all. These multipurpose pants are not only comfortable, but also an essential part of our men’s summer style. The key to wearing joggers in the summer is finding options in light fabrics like recycled polyester that are durable, wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking. All will leave you protected, dry and fresh in the height of the summer heat. If that is not the comfort trifecta for men’s summer looks, we don’t know what is.

Style Tip: Like jeans, comfort joggers come in different cuts and styles. From slim to cargo to moto, there are a plethora of options. Try on multiple selections to find the right comfort jogger for you.   

Dress up your summer comfort joggers with fashion sneakers and an active polo, or dress down with your favorite pair of flip-flops and a retro pastel crew neck. From light short-sleeved button-up shirts to a textured tank, there really isn’t a summer top that won’t match perfectly with comfort joggers.

Now that we have talked about men’s summer styles that mix and match, it’s time to focus on head-to-toe looks with summer fleece outfits.

Summer 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends: Head-to-Toe Fleece Outfits

At first glance, head-to-toe summer fleece outfits scream anything but summer 2021 men’s fashion trends. When we think of fleece, we think of thick fabric to keep us warm, but these matching looks have an unexpected twist. The head-to-toe men’s summer styles are comprised of light fleece shorts and hoodies or sweatshirts without sleeves. You can even create your own look by reviving an old sweatsuit currently taking up space in the back of your closet. Simply cut the sweats into your desired short length, and pair them with a coordinating hoodie for a set that is cool for the summer.

Want a little more coverage with your head-to-toe fleece look? Opt for a set that pairs a fleece short or jogger with a light fleece zip-up top. You can wear it layered over your favorite lived-in tee for versatility in coverage. Zip it up on a windy summer day and take it off when you need to beat the summer heat. Fleece jogger sets are breathable and lighter in weight, making them a perfect sunny day option.  

Speaking of layers, one of the hottest summer trends is a layer that is perfect for any season. Yes, my friends, you guessed it. It’s shacket time. Ok, you probably didn’t guess it, but we needed a clever intro to the next section.   

Shackets: Your Must-Have Layer for Summer 

Shackets are the surprise of summer 2021 men’s fashion trends. The perfect blend of an oversized shirt and a jacket, a shacket is an ideal layer to add to any wardrobe. Also known as an overshirt, shackets are a great way to take your summer looks from day to night. Best part? They provide a stylish layer of warmth when the temperatures fall with the setting sun.

Pack a shacket in your backpack on your next hike for the shaded parts of your trail. Or, wear it indoors for all of those places that crank the AC. It’s the layer that you can truly call in winter, spring, summer or fall. Want to know more about the shacket trend? Everything you need to know is in our men’s shacket feature

How do we feel about a pink shacket? We are here for it, and summer is, too with our next and final trend of the season: pink.     

Summer 2021 Men’s Fashion Trend: Pink

Of all of the colors highlighted in summer 2021 men’s fashion trends, pink is at the top. Pink in all hues will be taking the summer style stage, but in particular, rose pink gets top billing. It’s the color of the summer season and, if you haven’t already, one that we recommend you explore. It’s slightly deeper than blush, is a neutral that pairs well with almost anything and adds a playful pop of cool color to any ensemble.

Keep it classic

There are many ways to wear pink, starting with a simple classic tee. From color blocked to statement, a pink tee is a classic way to wear this summer color trend. Add a pair of shorts and canvas sneakers for a traditional summer look that is perfect for the season—and, will never go out of style. 

Vacation ready

Incorporate pink into your summer waterworks with a printed pair of swim trunks. Opting for pink in a patterned trunk is a great way to wear the trend in a subtle way. Want something bold for your men’s summer water wear? Select a pair of neon pink trunks for all of your beach day activities.

Rock it in activewear

Integrate pink into your fleece and activewear looks. A light hoodie in your choice of pink can be all that you need to highlight the trend in your men’s summer looks. Don’t want to wear it on top? Incorporate the trend by pairing a pink comfort jogger or tailored shorts with your neutral summer shirts. 

Walk it out

Want to really stand out with pink? Rock a statement shoe with a neutral summer look. A pink fashion sneaker, boat shoe or flip-flop can transform your summer look in an instant and is an economical way to add pink to many of your men’s summer looks.

No matter what color you wear, you can never go wrong with a tonal look. Create a crisp summer ensemble by wearing different shades of pink to create a head-to-toe look. Along with the different pink tones, don’t be afraid to add various textures and patterns to your summer look to enhance depth and interest.  

Want to try out these summer trends? Take your style quiz, schedule a Fix and ask your stylist for new activewear, laid-back joggers or a new pink addition for your closet. Remember, shipping and returns are free and you’re never required to schedule more than one Fix at a time.


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