What to Pack In Your Gym Bag

Anyone that says getting yourself to the gym is the hardest part of working out has sorely overlooked the importance of being prepared. What happens once you’re there? Aside from the actual working out part. If you’re hitting the gym, any gym-junkie can tell you that having the perfectly packed gym bag is key for during and after you pump some iron.

See the scoop on what to pack in your gym bag.

What Clothes to Pack in Your Gym Bag:

Clean underwear and socks: Let’s start from the ground up, shall we? Always have an extra pair of underwear and socks on hand so you never have to face a sockless or underwear-less day.

Sweat-wicking shirt: A shirt that wicks sweat? Yup, we have ‘em. Keep your cool with high-tech fabrics that repels moisture and deters pit stains—and we’ve got them.

Breathable shorts: No, we don’t mean your underwear. We mean whatever kind of bottoms you prefer to wear while working out. It’s important to wear material that allows for a free range of movement, especially for something like weight training or rock climbing. High moisture content in enclosed places leads to smells….gross.

Athletic shoes: This may sound like a no-brainer for some. Having the appropriate athletic shoes is vital in injury prevention! Proper support and cushion gives your joints a break (especially for all you runners and treadmill-goers). If you can, invest in a pair of athletic shoes just for the gym. You’re on your feet, so treat them right!

Lightweight jacket: This is for after the gym. While it may feel like a great idea to immediately take an ice bath, it’s not great for your immune system, so carry a light jacket for when the non-gym air hits you!

Clean tee: Don’t walk around in your sweaty gym tee! Pack a clean one to change into for after. It doesn’t need to be what you’re wearing out, but it does need to be clean. Keeping your workout gear on your back too long could lead to breakouts, so do yourself a favor and change into a clean shirt afterward.

Sweatpants: Did you wear shorts to the gym? Is it freezing outside? Throw in a pair of warm-up sweats to throw on over your shorts. Done. You’re warm.

Other Essentials to Have in Your Gym Bag:

Reusable water bottle: Hydration is key! Stay eco-friendly and keep your workout fueled.

Healthy snacks: There is nothing worse than working out on an empty stomach. Bring snacks with high protein like almonds.

Face wipes: Sensitive skin? It’s ok, no shame. Bring face wipes to get rid of excess oil and grime so you don’t break out later.

Deodorant: For smells.

Small Towel: Sometimes the towels at the gym are…not the cleanest. Bring a small one in your bag for when you need to wipe your brow.

Lock: Don’t lose anything! If your gym offers lockers, bring your own lock to ensure no one tries to snag your well-packed gym bag.

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