6 Ways To Store Your Winter Clothes

Winter coats taking up too much closet space? When it’s time for spring cleaning, there’s no need to go full KonMari—stick to a simple approach to cutting closet bulk & making room for summer items.

Turn on some tunes & tackle this project with these 6 easy tips.

How to Store Winter Clothes

1. Cut the Excess

Use this summer prep session to take stock of pieces that don’t fit or simply aren’t getting worn. A good rule of thumb: If it’s been on the hanger for more than two months, toss it.

2. Stash the Sweaters

Cardigans taking up too much space? Prep them for hibernation by hand washing & folding them (never hang!). Store them in breathable garment boxes or vacuum-sealed bags. Worried about moths? Use natural repellents like cedar or lavender.

3. Store Your Heavy Coats

Those winter layers are best kept on sturdy hangers and—in a perfect world—neatly tucked away in separate garment bags. For those of you with limited storage space, the vacuum-sealed route works here, too. Dry clean your most-loved pieces and remember to remove everything from your pockets before storing.

4. Keep Things Organized

Closet cleaning can be daunting. The good news is, organizational tasks are highly addictive. Once on a path to a clutter-free closet, you’ll start getting creative! Finished packing your winter pieces? Store them in a space out of the way that’s clean, dry, cool & dark (like under your bed).

5. Pack Boots Smartly

Ready to say goodbye to your favorite winter boots? If they’re tall boots, stuff them with newspaper or invest in boot forms to help keep their shape. More of an ankle boots girl? Lay them flat in a plastic container and loosely place tissue paper around them. To give them some TLC, rub them down with a high quality leather lotion before you store them. Clean, well taken care of shoes are always a nice surprise come fall.

6. Lighten Up

Linen, cotton & rayon are a few summer-perfect fabrics that allow our bodies to breathe and move easier as temperatures rise. Another benefit to wearing these airy styles? Your summer vacation packing will be lighter, too! Replace the pieces you just packed away with these essential fabrics.

Now that your winter wear is packed up, it’s time to step into a warmer season in style. Take your style quiz and sign up for your first Fix. Our stylists are ready to add leg-barring and shoulder-grazing pieces into your wardrobe. Returns and exchanges are always on us—get ready to soak up the sunshine.

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