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Clothing and accessories hand-selected by a personal stylist, delivered to your door.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Tell us about your style, fit and price preferences in a detailed Style Quiz.

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    Get Styled

    A personal stylist will curate five pieces for you to try on at home.

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    Buy What You Love

    Give your Stylist feedback, then only pay for what you keep. You won’t be charged for items up front.

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    Send Back The Rest

    Drop your free USPS return envelope in any mailbox—it couldn’t be easier.

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    Love Your Look

    Sign up for automatic deliveries, or schedule on demand. Your dream wardrobe on your terms!

Conveniently shipped to your doorstep with a free return envelope included.
Find unique pieces, personally selected for you by an expert Stylist.
Your feedback helps your Stylist select items you will love.
Order on demand or set up automatic shipments.


How Much Is The Service?

For $20 per Fix, a personal stylist will hand-pick pieces for you. We'll apply the styling fee toward anything you buy.

No other charges or fees—we promise!

Shipping, returns & exchanges are free.

Does It Fit My Budget?

We carry items for every budget. Just set your Style Profile preferences to tell us what you’d like to spend.

Our products range in price from $20-$400.

Enjoy 25% off when you buy all 5 items.

When Will I Be Charged?

There's no upfront payment for items. Try before you buy and check out online to pay for what you keep.

The styling fee is charged when your Stylist begins selecting pieces for you.

Our Clothing & Accessories

We offer an endless assortment of shoes, accessories & apparel in every style imaginable—from 0–24W (XS–3X), petite & maternity.

This Could Be Your Fix


1. Do you enjoy shopping?

“Enjoy” is an understatement. I live for it!
I like shopping for clothes on occasion.
I’d rather spend my time doing anything else.

2. How much effort do you spend on your look?

Tons. I do whatever it takes to look flawless.
I don’t spend too much time on my look.
I’d rather put my energy into other things.

3. Do you like to experiment with new styles?

Yes! Adventure is my middle name.
I occasionally like to try new styles.
Not really. I prefer timeless pieces.

Thanks for sharing!

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We carry sizes 0–24W (XS–3X), as well as maternity and petite clothing. We ship to all U.S. addresses.

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