How to Wear a Bra with Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Dresses: Say “Goodbye” to the Guesswork

Off the shoulder and off the charts. Trends have a habit of resurfacing just when we’ve forgotten about them (hello, flare jeans). This season, we’re biting the bullet and baring it all—at least when it comes to our shoulders. Off-the-shoulder clothing is a blast from the past since it was all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s. Upon their return, the styles are a little less grunge and a lot more feminine. They are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite warm-weather bottoms and a total spring and summer win. However, finding the right undergarments to partner with these daring styles can be tricky. Not sure what bra to wear with off-the-shoulder tops? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll cover the best bras styles, no matter your bust size, so you can rock these tops comfortably and confidently. 

How to Wear Cold-Shoulder Styles

Have you ever wondered if it’s OK to wear a bra with an off-the-shoulder top? Our answer is yes—with a twist. The key is a combination of straps and cutouts. Cold-shoulder tops to the rescue. They offer the same summery feel as an off-the-shoulder silhouette, but have straps to cover your brassiere. Many of us prefer the support and lift that straps offer and can’t imagine going without them. The good news is, we don’t have to. Are you looking for the best bra for these summer tops? Before you start shopping, take a peek at our tips below to nail down the bra that expertly suits your shape. 

 “Without proper foundations, there can be no fashion.” — Christian Dior

What Bras to Wear With a Cold-Shoulder Top When You Have a Larger Bust

Are you a larger-busted gal? If so, we understand that finding a bra for off-the-shoulder tops may feel daunting. As a stylish alternative, cold-shoulder tops will be your favorite summer staple. The shoulder straps on these tops can offer more coverage so you can wear your normal bra. For ultimate support, look for a bra option with wider straps and a traditional underwire. Keep in mind, the width of your straps should be the same or slimmer than the straps on your shirt. This will ensure a sleek appearance without sacrificing comfort. The best of both worlds, if we do say so ourselves.

T-Shirt Bras are Ideal to Wear With Cold-Shoulder Tops for Medium Busts 

When it comes to bra straps, the same rules apply to an average-sized bosom. However, you’ll likely need less support. Say goodbye to underwire bras and hello to T-shirt bras. These next-level comfort bras offer a seamless finish, ideal for fitted styles. If you’re curious about color, a nude-hued option is the best bra for summer tops. Why, you ask? Lightweight, summer-ready fabrics like eco-friendly organic cotton or hemp tend to be sheer. A bra that matches your skin tone will let your gauzy blouse be the star of the show.

Barely-There Undergarments are the Perfect Solution for Wearing Cold-Shoulder Tops With a Small Bust

As a small-busted gal, have you ever wondered—what bra do you wear with an off-the-shoulder top or cold-shoulder silhouette? You’re in luck because there’s an array of options to choose from. If you’re comfortable, there’s no shame in skipping a bra altogether or wearing nipple covers. For more coverage, our favorite cold-shoulder undergarment companion is a lightweight bandeau. They offer soft support and elastic lining to keep everything under wraps. Make sure the elastic lining is tight, but not too tight, for all-day support with no slippage. 

Stylist Tip: A lace bandeau is a nice option to pair with a cold-shoulder top that has a deep v-neck. Instead of showing more skin than you’d like, a subtle pop of flirty lace will peek through. 

How To Wear a Bra With Off-the-Shoulder Tops 

​​Ready to embrace this shoulder-baring trend? Soak up the sun this summer in an off-the-shoulder top that shows off your base tan or glowing skin. Before you put the cart before the horse (or rather, the shirt before the bra), take a pause. Are you having a hard time deciding what bra to wear with an off-the-shoulder top? It can be tricky, but never fear. We’re here to help. Keep reading for our top bra recommendations to accommodate a range of bust sizes. 

How to Wear a Traditional or Strapless Bra with Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Let’s be real. It’s not a crime to show your bra straps. In most casual settings, it’s fine to do so if you feel comfortable. Straps with delicate lace can look intentional if they complement the tones and pattern of your top. A bra made with a luxury fabric like silk is another elegant choice when choosing a bra for off-the-shoulder tops. However, if you’re seeking a polished appearance, we recommend finding a way to conceal them. Are you looking to rock an off-the-shoulder dress or romper this summer for a girls’ night out? Now is the time to invest in a trusty strapless bra. Finding a bra that fits well and is made with quality material will last you for years. Trust us, it’s worth it.  

Best Bra for Off-the-Shoulder Tops If You Have a Large Bust

Do you have a curvy, straight or petite figure with a larger bust size? Scout out a bra with a wide waistband and boning on the sides for maximum support. More importantly, bras without excessive padding won’t weigh you down. For added reinforcement, wear a fitted tube top over your bra but under your shirt. This simple layering technique will ensure everything stays in place as you dance the night away with your gal pals. 

Our Favorite Bra for Off-the-Shoulder Tops If You Have a Medium or Small Bust

A well-fitting strapless is a must-have for every closet, no matter your bra size. So if you already have one that you love, it’s an ideal bra for off-the-shoulder tops. If you’re feeling bold, try using a sticky bra—no back, no straps and no hassle. A self-adhesive bra sticks to your breasts while lifting and covering at the same time. The best part? They take up the least amount of surface area. This means they’re less likely to peek out of the bottom of an off-the-shoulder crop top.

Stylist Tip: If you’re in a pinch and want to know how to hide bra straps, it’s simple. Put on your normal bra but leave the straps off your shoulders and arms. Instead, tuck them into the cups and secure any puckering with fashion tape. Remember, this is a quick-fix method and not for long wear. You can rely on it for taking a cute photo for the ‘gram but not for your senior prom, catch our drift?

Ideal Bras for Cutout Shirts

We get it, not everyone wants to show it all off—at least not all at once. Not keen on diving in shoulders first? A piece with interesting cutouts on the shoulder can be a great starting point. From openings throughout the arm or only exposing one shoulder, dip your toe into this trend however you see fit. Are you used to wearing a statement necklace to add interest to an outfit? Instead, subtle cutouts are a fun way to edge up a look without relying on bold jewelry to do so. Now that you know what bra to wear with off-the-shoulder tops, let’s jump into your options for shirts with cutouts.

No matter your bust size, a convertible bra with detachable straps is the ultimate pick. This is true when choosing a bra for off-the-shoulder shirts as well, but even more so for asymmetrical designs. The reason is you can keep one or both straps on, depending on the garment of your choosing. Are one-shoulder blouses your go-to for parties or special events? Simply remove one of the straps on your bra and you are all set. 

Have we inspired you to add these styles to your summer repertoire? Take your style quiz and ask your stylist for shoulder-baring tops when you schedule a Fix. Keep what you love and send back the rest. Shipping and returns are always free. We bet that’s a weight off your shoulders. Now that you’re on a shopping kick, don’t stop there. Head over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly buy pieces to pair with your new Fix finds.

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