Your Guide to Denim Inseams

On our ongoing quest to find the perfect jeans, we say: the more knowledge, the better. Our denim guide is your one-stop shop for knowing the latest styles and trends, but what about the nitty-gritty technical stuff? Like...inseam! What does it even mean? And, how should they fit on you? Not to worry, below we’re sharing a comprehensive guide to denim inseams to help you find the perfect fit every time.

Keep reading to learn more about denim inseams! 

Denim inseam chart by height and types of jeans

So, what does inseam mean?

Inseam is the distance from the base of your zipper (or crotch) to the bottom of your leg opening. Knowing your inseam is important to understanding how you like your jeans to fit. Do you love skinny jeans that land around your ankle to show off your shoe collection? Are you feeling flares that skim the floor? Here’s your simple guide to understanding denim inseams.

See below for a quick summary of inseam by height and jean type!


Skinny Straight Cropped Wide Bootcut & Flare


5’3″ or less

25″-27″ 27″ 21″-23″ 27″-29″ 28″-30″


5’4″ to 5’7″

28″-30″ 28″-32″ 24″-26″ 30″-32″ 32″-34″


5’8″ and above

31″-34″ 32″-34″ 27″-29″  33-35″ 34″-36″

Denim inseam chart by height and types of jeans

Where Skinny Jeans Should Hit

Skinny or slim-cut jeans can be worn one of two ways—if you prefer them to hit at the ankle, ask your Stylist for a shorter inseam. If you like them a bit longer (or if you like to add a little cuff), ask that they be a touch longer in relation to your height. Either way, depending on where you’re headed, you can pair your skinny jeans with booties, flats or sneakers.

Woman wearing straight-leg jeans with chart of inseams by height 

Where Straight-leg Jeans Should Hit

Straight jeans are known for their universal fit and versatility—think of them as the more relaxed cousin of a skinny silhouette. You want a classic straight leg to break right at your ankle. If you want to go for a longer inseam, we recommend wearing them with a heel to avoid extra bulk around the ankle. 

STYLING TIP: Cuffing your jeans is having a moment. Stylist Mika’s advice: “Sport your straight-leg jeans with a large cuff paired with sneakers or chic loafers for a classic relaxed look.”

Where Cropped Jeans Should Hit

Like to show a little leg, but not too much? Cropped jeans are one of our favorite silhouettes—they’re casual enough to wear on the weekend, but dress up nicely for work or date night. Cropped jeans land anywhere from 1-3 inches above your ankle, making them the perfect pair when it comes to debuting a chic pair of ballet flats or ankle boots. 

Woman wearing wide-leg jeans with chart of inseams by height 

Where Wide-Leg Jeans Should Hit

Loose through the leg with its widest point at the hem, we love wide-leg cuts for their laidback feel and waist-highlighting fit. This of-the-moment style is meant to graze the tops of your feet (or even pool a bit at the hem), so, unlike a classic straight silhouette, you’ll be going for an inseam that’s on the longer side. Lean into the vintage vibes with a pair of suede booties, or lend them a modern feel with a pointed pump.

STYLING TIP:  “Mix it up with a Cropped Wide Leg—it brings attention to a fun statement shoe and elongates the legs by showing some ankle,” advises our Stylist Mika.

Woman wearing flare jeans with chart of inseams by height 

Where Bootcut + Flare Jeans Should Hit

Flare and bootcut jeans have the most pronounced leg opening of them all, so they require extra length to avoid the awkward look that results when the widest part of your jean hits at the ankle. More often than not, these look best paired with a heel, and should skim the floor (regardless of your height). Reach for a polished, dark-wash flare whenever the occasion calls for something dressy-casual. 

STYLING TIP: Stylist Mika says you can elevate this modern look “by adding a statement piece—I go for a belt with a dramatic buckle or a cropped leather jacket.” 

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