The Stitch Fix Guide To Dressing In Your 40s

On the left a woman wears a long brown coat over a black button-down shirt and blue jeans, while carrying her dog in her purse and on the right a curvy woman wears an open black blazer, a white shirt, blue flare jeans and black flats.


Personal style is a powerful expression of who you are: a dynamic woman who’s constantly learning, changing and growing (in age and in mind!). And what you choose to wear is a way to express who you are. Are you bold? Are you sophisticated? Are you sporty one day, and classic the next? Whatever your M.O., your 40s are all about owning who you are, and unapologetically reflecting it in your style.

Equipped with the right tool kit of inspo (plus a few pro tips from Stitch Fix Stylist Alicia), you’ll be well on your way to dressing for where you are right now, will be tomorrow—and all through your fabulous 40s.

Our Top 5 style tips for dressing in your 40s 

1. Find your fit

By the time you hit your 40s, you’re feeling confident and comfortable with who you are. So it only makes sense that, when it comes to dressing, feeling confident and comfortable is priority number one. Wear not only what makes you look great, but more importantly, what makes you feel great. 

The key to this: A flawless fit. “Take note of the fit attributes that work best for you—elements like rise, silhouette, length and fabrication—so you can ask your Stylist for similar looks,” says Stitch Fix Stylist, Alicia.

Seek out pieces that fit beautifully, and when in doubt, splurge on an expert tailor (you deserve it!). Clothes always look best when they fit like they were made for you. Pants, denim and structured layers— like blazers and coats—are among the styles that often require extra TLC when straight off the rack. 

Once you’ve nailed the perfect fit, you’ll be able to build a closet of tried-and-true pieces.

2. Style risks? Take ‘em!

Whether you’re looking to try a new color, or crave a complete style overhaul, we’re all for taking some risks. Owning your style means exploring, so shake things up and try something new to keep your closet feeling fresh and exciting. Opt for a new shade, like our 2024 color of the year: matcha green. Experiment with new prints (we love horizontal stripes, which by the way, are for everyone), or even try a monochromatic outfit to instantly look put together. When choosing what to wear in your 40s, it’s all about pushing the boundaries of what you think you should wear. 

3. Inspiration is all around you

If you find yourself stuck in a style rut, or aren’t feeling quite like yourself in your clothes, look outward for inspiration. Go online, check out our 2024 Stitch Fix Style Forecast, people watch on the streets or at the office…inspiration is everywhere, all you’ve gotta do is look for it! Then take your newfound inspo (maybe it’s a new cut of jeans, or a striking color) and incorporate it into a fresh OOTD that feels authentically you.  

4. Confidence is the best accessory

“One of our goals as Stylists is to help our Clients look and feel their best selves. When you feel great, you look great too,” adds Stitch Fix Stylist Alicia. She’s right: There’s nothing better than self-confidence and a daily affirmation of, “I am amazing” (because it’s true!). In fact, those are the only words you need to create the reality and style that best suits you. When you walk into a room, the goal is for people to see you first—your outfit is a supporting character. So, focus on that inner brightness and we guarantee your style will follow. 

5. Always evolve

Just like you, your style will continue to evolve over time. Even if you’ve hit your style stride, think of dressing yourself not only as an expression of who you are, your mood and your vibe—but something that can constantly be tweaked and adjusted to fit each season of your life. 

Our top 5 investment-worthy styles for women over 40

A plus-size woman wears an open black blazer over a white t-shirt and blue flare jeans.

1. A chic jacket

Whether it’s a black leather jacket, a neutral trench or a blazer with a bold print, get the most from your final layer by opting for a statement-making style. The key here is keeping the silhouette timeless so you can wear it all through your 40s—and beyond. 


Alt text: A green cardigan, blue maxi skirt, brown clutch purse and white Adidas sneakers arranged together for outfit inspiration. 

2. A white sneaker

You’re finally ready to break your high-heel addiction—yes! Our favorite shoe staple is a fresh white sneaker…it completes virtually any look. Whether your vibe is cropped denim or a casual knit dress, optic white sneaks are always the answer. 


Alt text: A maxi blue polo dress with a cloth belt, a brown cross-body purse and brown flats arranged together for outfit inspiration. 

3. A crossbody bag

Your 40s can be capital-B busy. Between motherhood, work and balancing all other aspects of your life, having an effortless bag on hand is key. “For busy clients wanting to prioritize functionality and ease, a neutral crossbody bag is what you need,” suggests Stitch Fix Stylist, Alicia. A sling bag is a win on all fronts: it fits all your daily essentials, frees up your hands and effortlessly transitions from day to night.


Alt text: A long floral slip dress, a black clutch purse and orange heels arranged together for outfit inspiration. 

4. A slip dress

Shake up your dress game with a fresh take on the classic LBD: A new slip silhouette. We think it’s one of the best dresses for women over 40 (or any age). A mid-length dress is ultra versatile, meaning you can style it for the office with a blazer and flats, for the weekend with a cozy sweater or cardi or for after-hours with a leather jacket and heels.


Alt text: A woman walks wearing sunglasses, a black button-down shirt and blue flare jeans underneath a long brown coat. 

5. The perfect jeans

A great-fitting pair of jeans is your style secret weapon—you can pull them out for almost any occasion, and know you’ll feel amazing. If you haven’t already found your holy-grail denim, your Stylist can help pick the perfect pair. Let them know if you’re hoping to try new silhouettes, washes, rises and lengths. Not sure where to start? Stitch Fix Stylist, Alicia, has a few ideas: “If you’re looking for comfort and style, straight and wide-leg fits are a great way to accomplish both!” 

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