How to Wear & Pair Your Stitch Fix Extras

Extras, Extras, read all about them! Whether you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans, a pretty pencil skirt or (or really, anything!) undergarments are a staple. But choosing which style to wear can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’re here to supply the Extras (see how to add them to your Fix below!) and help you pick the best underwear based on your outerwear!

Read on for our guide to pairing extras!



A good bra pretty much speaks for itself. It’s the perfect smoothing effect for a sinuous silhouette. Pretty cocktail dress? Wear a bra. Casual tee? Wear a bra. Night out blouse? Better throw on a bra.

Here’s what to pair with a padded bra:

  • Work dress
  • Silky blouses
  • T-shirts and sweaters

What Bra to Wear a


Ok, we cannot get enough of bralettes. They are the accessory. Try pairing a lace bralette with a spaghetti strap shirt or letting the lacy straps peek out of a wrap-front blouse for that extra flirt factor. Bonus: they are so comfortable (no underwire to be found!) and work for most cup sizes.

Here’s what to pair with a bralette:

  • Strappy tanks
  • Low-cut dresses and tops
  • Structured tops

How to pair extras


We see London, we see France, we know that we have underpants! They say a good outfit always starts from the base, and your undergarments are no exception! Whether you’re a fan of the thong (song) or love a great, full coverage bikini, having a great underwear arsenal helps get every outfit started off right.

Here’s what to pair with underwear:

  • Wear thongs with snug jeans and skirts 
  • Briefs and bikinis are great for breezy skirts and dresses
  • Wear cotton underwear under tights (no static cling here!)

How to Wear Camisole


For more conservative environments, try wearing a camisole under a sweater or a slightly sheer blouse. Camis (for short) offer more coverage under low-cut shirts or a little bit of smoothing if you go for one that’s shapewear-inspired.

Here’s what to pair with a camisole:

  • Semi-sheer blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Low-cut dresses and tops


Whatever the shape of your body, shapewear is here to help you smooth out those edges for when you go for it and wear that figure-hugging dress or that sexy (we said it!) pencil skirt. Shapewear is perfect for enhancing your already-perfect body so you can rock those clothes, and not the other way around!

Here’s what to pair with shapewear:

  • Tight-fitting tops and sweaters
  • Pencils skirts
  • Figure-skimming dresses

From cotton bikinis, to thongs, bras and camis, Extras by Stitch Fix is ready to provide you with the perfect piece to wear under your favorite outfits.

Here’s how to add Extras to your next Fix:

1. Schedule a Fix. Schedule a Fix to be able to select the Extras you need! You can schedule (or even move up!) your next Fix at in your account.

2. Add or remove Extras: You have the option to add as many Extras to your Fix before the rest of your 5 items are styled. Add as many bras, undies and socks as your underwear drawer needs!

3. Check out your Fix: Once your Fix arrives, try everything (in your Fix!) on. Just like your Fix, you only keep the Extras you love and send the rest back!

It’s ok to be extra. Extra-ordinary that is. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and fill your closet with all the extras a girl can need. From shapewear to underwear, we have it all. Try everything on from the comfort of your own home. Keep what you love and return the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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