Stripes For Your Body Shape

Stripes are for everyone. That’s right, we said it. Forget that tired fashion myth that wearing horizontal stripes is a fashion no-no—it’s just not true. No matter what kind of curves you have, there’s a stripe out there that suits you. So we say: have fun with this preppy print & reclaim stripes for you. Here are three examples how:


Small Horizontal Stripes = Perfect for Busty

We’re throwing out the old (false) belief that horizontal stripes make you look wider along your bustline & midsection. In fact, smaller-scale horizontal stripes can have a slimming effect! The trick? Look for garments that are structured and more fitted to the body—like knit tees.

Stylist Tip: Try a knit tee that has a lower scoop neckline. Not only will the neckline elongate your silhouette, but showing a little bit of skin around your collarbone is always flattering.

Bold Stripes = Perfect for Straight Figure

Wish you had a more voluptuous backside? If you wear thick, bold stripes on a body-con or fitted skirt, the stripes give the illusion of wrapping around your body—therefore giving you more curves & shape. Who doesn’t want that?

Stylist Tip: Try a high-waisted skirt style & tuck in your blouse or shirt. A simple tuck will define your waist and create a sleek look.

Abstract Stripes = Perfect for All Curves

If you’re ready to take stripes to a whole new figure-flattering level, look for a dress or skirt that has stripes that vary in direction. This optical illusion conceals imperfections & ultimately makes you look more balanced—especially when diagonal stripes gather near your natural curves.

Are you ready to master the stripe game? Take your style quiz to get started and schedule a Fix. Ask your stylist to include a variety of striped options for you to play with. You can try on everything at home, and shipping and returns are always free.

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