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From sea to shining sea, we love to see personal fashion diversity across each unique region! To the pattern lovers in the South to laid-back West Coast casual—each region is defined by a particular style je ne sais quoi. So, we asked some of our favorite influencers to describe how they see their hometown style—here’s what they said.

Welcome to the United States of Stitch Fix!

East Coast Chic

From uptown to downtown, these East Coast influencers step out in classics with an edge.

United States Of Stitch Fix

New York | Kimberly Smith

“Because our winters in NY last longer than most, the best way to handle the still-chilly weather this time of year is to wear comfortable layers in pretty spring hues.  Even if I’m bundled up, I like to embrace the change of seasons with lighter, softer shades.”—Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion

United States Of Stitch Fix

Massachusetts | Alexandra Thomas

“New England can be tricky for fashion in the spring. We get super excited when the weather hits 60 degrees but the next day it could drop back down to 30! You just never know! So, my best styling tip for this time of year is to LAYER LAYER LAYER! I love a nice spring outfit but I always grab a super cute jacket on my way out the door. ”—Alexandra of Learning To Be Fearless

United States Of Stitch Fix

New York | Naty Michele

“I live very close to Manhattan, so I’ve pulled a lot of inspiration from the city life. The style there is so diverse. It’s a little bit of classic chic mixed with an edginess that I really love. I feel that all of this encompasses my own personal style. I’m all about combining timeless staples with trendier pieces.”—Naty Michele of Naty Michele

United States Of Stitch Fix

Maryland | Kimberly Kong

“DMV (aka DC/MD/VA) style is professional and put-together, but I like putting my own twist on things by throwing trendy pieces into the mix.”—Kimberly Kong of Sensible Stylista

United States Of Stitch Fix

New York | Aaron Wester

“Spring is dragging its feet in New York, so my style is dependent on multiple lightweight layers. I need to be prepared for sunny afternoons and chilly evenings! Most New Yorkers opt for black when it’s cold, but I find blue to be a lot more versatile and a great transition color this time of year. I paired these light blue chinos with a striped sweater and hoodie for a laidback nautical look. Boots are an absolute must in the city, but I went with a light brown to will spring to get here faster.”—Aaron Wester of The Modern Otter (love his look? Sign up your guys here!)

Midwest Modern

The look these Midwestern ladies love: modern basics with an effortless, unstudied air.

United States Of Stitch Fix

Illinois | Blake Von D.

“Chicago is a commuter city where people have great style. So, I try to dress in a way that’s cool and comfortable, but still makes a statement.”—Blake of Blake Von D

United States Of Stitch Fix

Minnesota | Maria Vizuete

“Living in the Midwest, my style revolves around layering. I rely on versatile yet chic pieces that work day-to-day.”—Maria of Mia Mia Mine

Southern Accents

These Southern bloggers opt for lightweight wardrobe staples.

United States Of Stitch Fix

Alabama | Africa Miranda

“In the South, April can be a weather rollercoaster. My go-to look involves light layers to get me through a day that can start off 40 degrees and hit 80 by the afternoon.”—Africa Miranda of Beauty by Africa Miranda

United States Of Stitch Fix

Tennessee | Alex McLean

“Spring in Nashville is absolutely beautiful. In April, we can experience extremely warm days or really chilly days. It’s almost like the weather contradicts itself on a regular basis. That being said, it’s super important to always pack a few layers wherever you go. While April in Nashville brings brighter days and trees in bloom, being prepared will never fail you.”—Alex McLean of Lex What Wear

United States Of Stitch Fix

South Carolina | Kelvin Davis

“I style myself based off the weather and mood I’m in. I like functional pieces like a short sleeve Oxford shirt with a chest pocket. I use the pocket to store my phone or sunglasses when I’m not wearing them. Definitely being in the south it can get very warm starting in spring, so I like to wear light colors (pastel) to bring out the aura of spring!”—Kelvin Davis of Notoriously Dapper (love his look? Sign up your guys here!)

United States Of Stitch Fix

Atlanta | Laticia Rolle

“Atlanta has expanded my wardrobe – with four unpredictable seasons, I’ve learned the value of transitional pieces like fun bombers and warm blazers. Living in such a growing and thriving city, my style is inspired by our different communities to dress fearlessly and to embrace my individual style. Individuality is beautiful, and Atlanta allows me to express both my simplistic professional style to my endless, chic, girl’s night out.”—Laticia of BluHazl

United States Of Stitch Fix

Texas | Amy Havins

“I would describe my personal style as polished, feminine and classic. I love living in Dallas because you can really get away with anything when it comes to personal style, so regardless if I am in a dress or my favorite pair of jeans, anything goes!”—Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe

West Coast Casual

These West Coast Stitch Fix clients tell us they love (& live in their denim).

United States Of Stitch Fix

Washington | Bailey Chauner

“Springtime in Seattle is not always a smooth transition and can give true meaning to “April showers bring May flowers.” That’s not to say the weather stops me from embracing spring trends, but rather makes me dress more strategically. Dressing for spring in the Pacific Northwest means wearing layers and a variety of fabric types.”—Bailey Chauner of Hot Dress Hot Mess

Stitch Fix Street Style

Utah | Destiney LaVonia

“Spring here in Utah is pretty chilly, so jackets are still a must! I love pattern mixing, and layering a jacket over a cute top to get the perfect look. Never underestimate the power of a good jacket to bring your outfit to the next level, ladies. #protip”—Destiney LaVonia of Mom Crush Monday


United States Of Stitch Fix

California | Rachel Richardson

“Spring weather in LA is pretty mild with warm temps during the day but it can get cool at night. During the day you might find me wearing distressed jeans with this cute sleeveless peplum top that can easily be paired with a jacket for the evening.”—Rachel Richardson of Lovely in LA


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