The Undergarment Essentials Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to fashion essentials, nothing is more universal than the all-important base layer: your underwear! A great outfit can easily be derailed by the wrong underthings, so we’ve created this handy guide to the most important element of any good closet—a well-stocked underwear drawer.

Stitch Fix Undergarment Guide
Stitch Fix Undergarment Guide
Stitch Fix Undergarment Guide
Stitch Fix Underwear Guide
Stitch Fix Underwear Guide
Stitch Fix Underwear Guide

Here’s our guide to wearing undergarments, whatever the outfit!

Like buildings, outfits require solid foundations. Stocking your drawer with well-fitting and versatile undergarments will not only help bring your wardrobe to life, but can even help keep the clutter out. When it comes to lingerie, a few essentials can go a long way.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


Camisoles are a quick and easy way to add a little modesty when needed. Gaping on your favorite button up? Add a cami underneath to keep it office appropriate. Unsure how to keep that sheer blouse sexy and not salacious? A black cami will keep it classy. Camisoles can also function as an extra layer under sweaters for chillier days.

The camis you should own:

  • Nude cami: A nude cami is perfect for a little extra coverage under blouses and button-ups. Sticking to a camisole close to your skin tone will keep it barely noticeable.
  • White and black cami: Need that plunging neckline to come back up a bit? A black cami can add a few inches without sacrificing the look.

Camisole Care

Like any top, mind the care label on your camisole and pay careful attention to the fabrics before tossing them in the wash.

Stylist Tip: A silk cami with a little lace along the edges is a classic example of lingerie as outerwear. Pair it with a cardigan and dark jeans for an easy and flirty date night look.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


We’ve all had those moments: putting on a beautiful dress only to realize that the fabric may not have been as forgiving as we thought, or realizing that last night’s dinner seems to have made today’s outfit a little…tight. Shapewear exists for these moments, so skip the zipper battle and get ready to smooth your silhouette!

The shapewear you should own:

  • High waisted slimming pants: These little miracles are like a nip/tuck without going anywhere near a doctor’s office. A good pair will flatten the tummy, lift the booty and reduce any thigh-chafing. Perfect for pencil skirts, form-fitting dresses and slim trousers.
  • All-in-one body shaper: A body shaper is perfect for smoothing out trouble spots and ensuring a perfect silhouette in your favorite fit and flare dress. You guessed it, it usually covers (literally) your bust to your kneecap.

Shapewear Care

When storing shapewear, be careful not to bend any structural boning, or you’ll risk ruining the piece. Rather than folding, roll the item carefully keeping the boning flat.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


It doesn’t get more “back to basics” than this! Clear out the clutter and refocus your underwear drawer on these three top-drawer necessities.

The essential underwear you need:

  • Thong: In the case of clingy fabrics versus visible panty lines, thongs are clearly the winner. As with any undergarment, be sure to invest in well-fitting pieces.
  • Bikinis: Bikini panties typically have a higher leg cut than briefs and are great for everyday wear, like underneath loose jeans and skirts.
  • Briefs: Briefs offer a little more coverage and are also a great everyday basic under flowy skirts and more.

Underwear Care

Minding the fabric content, wash your underwear with delicates wash in lingerie bags to keep them in circulation longer. When the elastic is shot, it’s time to toss and replace.

Stylist Tip: These three essentials in black or nude can get you through just about any look.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


As one of the most visible undergarments we wear, tights can be a little tricky at times. That said, when done well tights are a great functional accessory to add to dresses and tailored shorts.

The tights you should own:

  • Black opaque tights: Opaque tights aren’t just a cute add-on to fit and flare dresses and a-line skirts – they’re also a chic survival tool for plunging temperatures! Pair them with knee high boots or ankle boots during colder months to keep your favorite dresses in rotation.
  • Black sheer tights: Black sheer tights work with most looks, but are best for adding a little va va voom to a dress and heels combo. They’re also your best bet for a look that goes from the office to happy hour with ease.
  • Patterned tights: Patterned tights are perfect for livening up solid colored dresses paired with boots or chunky heels, but keep it simple. A swiss dot or diamond pattern is all you need to accessorize this look.

Tights Care

Go easy on this fragile undergarment! Hand wash tights with a gentle detergent and hang them to dry to ensure many more snag-free wears to come.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


There’s been an ugly rumor that bralettes aren’t for busty gals for years, but rest assured that these wireless wonders are for every size and shape!

The bralettes you should own:

  • Black lace bralette: Let your black lace bralettes serve a little “peekaboo” style under sheer blouses and other date night ensambles.
  • Everyday bralette: Keep an everyday bralette for go-comfort under sweaters and other relaxed looks.

Bralettes Care

Machine wash your bralettes in a lingerie bag and let them hang to dry. They may require a little reshaping and adjustment after.

Stylist Tip: For bigger bust sizes, find a structured bralette in a longline cut to stay supported without the underwires.

Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


First things first, get yourself properly measured. Bra sizing is more complicated than most people realize, so don’t play guessing games. Find the right fit from the start and leave the prodding wires, gaping cups, and overflow behind.

The essential bras you should own:

    • T-shirt bra: Perhaps the most essential bra to have in your drawer, the t-shirt bra should be a comfortable and versatile basic that works with most of your clothes. Stock up on nude and black!
    • Lacy feminine bra: A beautiful lace bra is not only a must for under blouses and as lingerie, but also looks fabulous paired with a sheer top and high-waisted pants.
    • Plunge bra: Have at least a few hangers of v-neck tops? Stock up on at least one plunge bra to avoid your undergarment from peeking through under a low-cut top.

Bras Care

Your bras will last longer if you hand wash and hang dry them. Adjust the straps after washes to make sure you’re still getting the best fit!


Stitch Fix Underwear Guide


Like clothes, you’ll do your shoes better justice if you lay down the right foundation first.

The socks you should own:

  • Thick boot socks: Save your feet the pain and invest in some cozy, cushy socks intended for wearing boots. They’ll save your ankles from chafing and ensure your toes stay put instead of sliding.
  • Liner socks: Pair your ballet flats with barely there liner socks that just cover your toes and heels to reduce friction and extend the life of your kicks.
  • Ankle socks: Ankle socks are a must for ankles boots and tennis shoes alike! They provide the comfort and coverage that you need while giving the illusion of going barefoot.

Socks Care

Most socks can be easily machine washed and dried without worry. However, use precaution when drying wool socks or liner socks that feature grips on the ankle. Remember, when in doubt always hang dry!

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