One Fix At A Time: How Stitch Fix Got Its Start

Stitch Fix was born from one simple idea—that shopping can be better. Our founder, Katrina Lake, knew that she could change this. So, she set out to bring a more exciting, fun and above all—personalized—retail experience to the world … one Fix at a time.

Where it All Began

So, we bet you’re wondering. How did this happen? Well, for starters, Katrina felt that shopping was broken.  E-commerce still wasn’t an ideal way to shop and brick and mortar were falling short. So, she asked herself, “What do consumers actually want out of retail?” From there, she built a team that always puts their client (that’s you!) and their experience first. We’re energetic, innovative, passionate and we love what we do. And, when you walk around the halls of our offices in San Francisco, Austin and Pittsburgh, or experience the T.L.C that every employee in our warehouses and every Stylist all over the country puts into each shipment—well, it’s like magic. 

Our Favorite Milestones

One Fix At A Time

The original idea for Stitch Fix started in an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts while Katrina was at Harvard Business School. Here are a few of our favorite milestones along the way.

5 Things You (Might) Not Know About Stitch Fix

1. Fixes are like snowflakes—no two have ever been the same!

Really—we’ve never shipped out two identical Fixes! Proof that our Stylists hand-select pieces personalized to your specific needs.

2. We get excited about our Fixes, too.

Stitch Fix employees celebrate when their Fixes get delivered to the office. We have un-boxing parties too, and they usually involve impromptu fashion shows.

3. Yes, you can ask a stylist anything. 

Having a fashion dilemma? Not sure what to wear with your boots? Lucky for you, we have a dedicated (and exclusive) team of womens and mens Stylists waiting to answer your pressing (or every day) fashion questions.

4. We’re exclusive, but not in a bad way!

Carrying exclusive brands—developed in-house using your feedback—means you’re unlikely to show up wearing the same thing as someone else.

5. We’re always growing our family. 

We carry Plus sizes, maternity apparel, petite sizes, premium labels and everything for the man in your life, too.


With Stitch Fix, you get so much more than new styles & trends for your closet—you’ll also receive style tips and curated outfit suggestions inside each delivery. With each Fix you receive, your Stylist continues to get to know you based on your feedback, what you keep and inspiration that you send. Some clients even say their Stylist understands their style better than they do.

  1. Take our Style Quiz. It’s quick, fun and will tell your Stylist more about you and your style.
  2. Request a delivery. Schedule a shipment when it’s convenient for you! And, no subscription required.
  3. Your Fix arrives at your doorstep. Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you love and send back the rest.
  4. Free shipping & returns. A pre-paid USPS envelope is included in each delivery.


So you’re waiting for your Fix and wondering; what happens next? Before your Stylist’s picks arrive at your doorstep, here’s a quick rundown on the ins and outs of what you should do once your Fix arrives so that your next Fixes keep getting better and better over time (just like wine).

1. You Don’t Have to Keep All 5

Your Stylist sends you 5 items in every Fix based off of your Style Profile, but you get to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. You don’t even need to keep all 5! But, if you do fall in love with everything in your Fix, it’s 25% off.

2. Yes, You Can Return & Exchange

That top just a little too big? Those jeans a little too tight? Exchanges are possible as long as we have the size you’re looking for! You can facilitate an exchange during the checkout process on desktop or on our iPhone app.

3. Give Us All Your Feedback

Tell it to us straight! We thrive on feedback, especially when it comes to your Fixes. When you checkout, be sure to leave detailed feedback on each item you receive. It’s not TMI, it’s how your Stylist learns your preferences and how our algorithm (yes, we use those) starts to understand your fit and style. So keep us in the loop with everything you’re thinking.

4. Go Mobile

Want to manage your Fixes on the go? Download our iOs app so you can leave your Stylist a note, schedule a Fix and even share a picture of yourself.

5. Get Ready for Compliments!

With Stitch Fix, you get so much more than new styles & trends for your closet—you’ll also receive style tips and curated outfit suggestions inside each delivery. We can’t wait to style you!

Thanks for taking this trip with us down memory lane. Have we inspired you to try shopping the Stitch Fix way? If so, take your style quiz, order a Fix and prep your closet!

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