All of your Style Shuffle Questions, Answered

Did you know that your aggregate Style Shuffle ratings impact what you receive in a Fix? At Stitch Fix, we’re obsessed with understanding your style, your perfect fit, and what makes you feel amazing when you get dressed. Truly understanding all the elements of your personal style is complex; preferences can vary across apparel categories, occasions, and often change over time.

This is where Style Shuffle comes in. Your thumbs up and thumbs down on a variety of items refines our understanding of your style to send you more of what you love. So, how does something as fun as Style Shuffle translate into important data that impacts what’s in your Fix? Read on to learn more!

What is Style Shuffle?

Style Shuffle is the fun, fast way to communicate your personal style to Stitch Fix and your Stylist. We learn fastest by getting your thoughts on a wide array of styles—from bright colors and prints, to cool neutrals, we want to know what you like (and dislike). The more styles you rate, the better your Fixes are.

How does Style Shuffle impact my Fixes?

At Stitch Fix, we rely on a mix of technology and human instincts to help people discover the things they love. In combination with your Style Profile and Fix feedback, Style Shuffle is central to the technology part of our magic.

Style Shuffle aggregates your ratings in real-time and interprets them across style dimensions. Does your style lean more tailored or relaxed? Do you gravitate toward preppy styles, or bohemian? The more your rate, the more our algorithm-based model “learns” your style.  

Your cumulative ratings are then used as one of many inputs to filter Stitch Fix’s vast inventory to only those styles we think you’ll love. Your Stylist can then quickly and accurately choose pieces from that assortment that will best suit you and your needs. Your aggregate ratings give our technology and your Stylist a clearer understanding of your personal style.

Clients who play Style Shuffle are overall more satisfied with their Fixes than those who don’t. The technology has a very real impact on how well our Stylists can serve you.

What do my thumbs up and thumbs down actually mean?

Your “thumbs up” tell us “I’d totally wear that!”, while your “thumbs down” signal “not for me”. Your “likes” are just as important as your “dislikes”—so we know what styles to never send you, and what pieces we think you’ll love.

Wish you could respond with a “maybe”, or that you like the color but not the cut? We encourage you not to think too hard about your individual reactions because over time, we’ll begin to understand the themes of your aesthetic.

Wish you could see an item in more detail? Use your fingers to zoom in on items on our iOS app!

Should I thumbs up pieces I already own, or have similar items to in my closet?

Yes! By rating pieces similar to those you already own, you’re giving us a full picture of your personal taste. Plus, you can always let your Stylist know exactly what your closet is missing in your note.

I love some pieces I’ve liked on Style Shuffle—can I get them in my Fix?

While we can’t promise you’ll receive any exact piece you like on Style Shuffle, you can describe the piece to your Stylist in your note & let them know you saw it on Style Shuffle.

How does Stitch Fix determine what items I see?

We will always show you a wide array of styles. The items you see in Style Shuffle may be things you like or dislike – this is on purpose, because it continually allows us to get to know you even better, to send the most personalized Fixes.

What if I like something out of my price range?

Your Stylist always sees the preferences you set in your Style Profile and uses your feedback from previous Fixes to send you pieces that we not only think you’ll love, but fit your budget and other preferences.

How can I play Style Shuffle?

You can rate items on Style Shuffle on-site and on our iOS mobile app. We’ll let you know when there are new styles to rate, just opt-in to push notifications on the app after you’ve finished playing Style Shuffle!

Ready to get rating? Take your style quiz, play style shuffle and order a Fix. Kick back and relax while you wait to receive five items to try on comfortably at home. Keep what you like, and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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