How to Work With Your Stylist To: Nail Your Fit

We hear you—when it comes to nailing the items in your Fixes, fit reigns supreme. But just how do we do it? From taking what you tell us in your Style Profile (reminder: it might be time to update it) to reading every single Fix Note you leave for your Stylist, we always listen to your unique needs. To give you the scoop on how our Stylists learn your fit over time, we asked one of our Styling Managers (and longtime Stitch Fix veteran) for tips on what to share with your Stylist, and what information helps the most when it comes to nailing your fit.

Keep reading to see how our Stylists learn your fit over time.

1. What does fit mean to Stitch Fix stylists?

Fit is IT! That’s something we actually say in our Stylist trainings because we know how important it is to our Clients. As Stylists, fit means everything! We know that you can’t keep an item if it doesn’t fit, so we take careful consideration when choosing items to make sure they’re not only your style, but also that they’ll make you feel and look your best.

2. How do you learn what your client’s fit is without ever having met them?

The questionnaire when signing up for Stitch Fix is long—we know—but it’s worth every minute of your time. Those questions help us nail your fit without even seeing your picture (though you’re welcome to add a selfie through the app). We go beyond height, weight and clothing size: We ask how clothes fit your arms, legs, torso and any fit issues you might have experienced. These questions help us paint a holistic picture of what styles fit you best, and make you feel amazing!

3. What are the most helpful things for a client to share with their Stylist?

Tell us about any fit challenges you’ve experienced in the past. We want to know if tops are always too short, or sleeves are too long so we can avoid those issues in your Fixes. We also want to know what fit you feel best in—and we know that’s not always what’s “typical” for your body. We’re not into “typical;” we want “personal.”

4. What are some tips and tricks you have learned to get to know your client’s preferred fit?

I’ve been doing this a long time (almost 6.5 years at Stitch Fix, and IRL before that), so when it comes to getting to know my Client’s preferred fit, I’ve learned a lot! Talking to friends, family, neighbors and even strangers about fit on their different bodies has been the most enlightening. It’s like I’m creating a mental rolodex of different bodies and fit preferences that I can reference when styling Fixes. I also take feedback from Clients about how, for example, a blouse fits and then consider that when sending it to another Client with similar proportions, so I’m always learning!

5. Anything else you want to add here? 

I would add that fit is what we do best. It’s our “special sauce,” and it stems from the trust we have with our Clients. Tell us everything, and trust us, and we’ll help you feel amazing!

Sleeves too tight? Jeans too long? Take your style quiz and sign up for your first Fix. Let your stylist know your fit challenges and sit back while we curate a box made just for you. Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you like and send back the rest. Returns and exchanges are always free. We will help you nail your perfect fit, hassle-free.


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