Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tips: The Larger Lad’s Guide to Impeccable Dressing 

Let’s be real. Clothes shopping can be a daunting task for many people. It’s a complex mix of knowing your personal style and keeping a pulse on current trends. Not to mention, finding the correct fit can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. We’re here to tell you that everybody, in every size, can achieve an attractive and functional wardrobe. In this guide, we demystify the differences between tall fit and big and tall sizing. With our big and tall men’s fashion tips, we’re confident you’ll look forward to getting dressed every morning. 

Tall” versus “Big and Tall” Sizing

We know you’re ready and eager to jot down our best big and tall men’s fashion tips. But before you put pen to paper (or finger to phone), it’s important to identify which category you match with most. Do you feel like you’re riding the line between one or the other? Let’s decode whether tall sizes are best for you or if you need to jump over to big and tall.

What is Tall Sizing?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard one too many jokes about the weather up there. If you’re 6’2” or taller, and have fit challenges with your torso or legs, tall sizes are your best friend. Tall shirts provide length through the arms so they reach your wrists and longer torso for easy tucking. While pants in tall sizes have longer inseams, they can also have a higher rise (length between crotch and waist). Tall fit shirts are denoted by the letter “T;” for example: LT for large tall. 

What are Big and Tall Sizes? 

Big and tall sizes incorporate the same elements of tall sizing, but also take width into consideration. If you’re a tall gent and need clothes that go beyond XL, big and tall may be right for you. These sizes typically start at 17 inches in the neck, 46 inches in the chest and 40 inches in the waist. Grab a measuring tape (and maybe a helping hand) to figure out your specific measurements. Does this fit sound like the most comfortable for you? If so, check out these big and tall men’s fashion tips below.

7 Fundamental Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tips

Now that you know which sizes are right for you, you might be wondering how men style big and tall pieces? The good news is that it’s easier than you think. How you dress is a powerful tool for presenting yourself to the world. More importantly, how you feel in your clothes can make all the difference with your comfort and confidence. Sometimes, all it takes are a few tweaks to the things you’re likely already doing. Keep reading for our seven best big and tall men’s fashion tips to tuck away in your style toolbelt.

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #1: Find Your Tailored Fit

The first big and tall men’s fashion tip, and arguably the most crucial, is nailing your fit. Say no to baggy and boring. Gone are the days where you feel the need to hide under ill-fitting clothing. Extra fabric can emphasize a large frame. On the flip side, clothing that’s too tight will leave you feeling uncomfortable and restricted in your movements—no, thanks. We highly encourage you to find your best-fitting shirts, pants, knitwear and outerwear by utilizing a professional tailor. They’ll be able to confirm your measurements and take in or let out items to your specific size. It may take a little more effort, but we promise, it’s totally worth it.

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #2: Choose V-neck Shirts and Belts for Structure

There are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to creating outfits for big and tall men. These techniques are simply guidelines and you shouldn’t feel boxed in by them, however, they are effective. Shirts and sweaters with a v-neck draw the eye inward rather than outward, creating a slimming effect. Tucking in your shirt and adding a belt can help to break up your outfit and trim your midsection. Give this a try even if you have a larger stomach area. If your outfit lacks structure, the eye tends to drift around and draw more attention to those areas. Lastly, lighter colors will emphasize the areas of your body you like to draw attention to (more on color later).

Expert Style Tip: Remove bulky items from your pockets to streamline your silhouette. Instead, keep your phone in your jacket pocket and consider investing in a low-profile wallet. 

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #3: Lean into Layering with Outerwear

We consider layering a secret weapon. It’s no surprise it made our list of big and tall men’s fashion tips. If you’ve never been a layering kind of guy, it may be time to reconsider. Jackets and other outerwear can be pretty handy at elevating an outfit while complementing you at the same time. Are you looking to draw attention away from a wider midsection? Opt for an on-trend shacket or blazer with a bit of padding in the shoulders. This will bring the focus upwards and create balance on top. Men’s fashion for broad shoulders utilizes strategic knit panels for added stretch. Generally speaking, thinner jackets with less volume will be flattering since they won’t add unwanted bulk. However, we’re not here to keep you from living your best layering life. If puffer jackets—a men’s winter fashion trend—are your thing, we say, own it and go for it. 

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #4: Wear Dark Colors and Microprints

When it comes to colors and patterns, it’s helpful to know the effects they have on your overall look. If your goal is to create a slenderizing silhouette, you’ll want to reach for darker, solid colors and microprints. Don’t feel like you need to stick to black, though. Navy, charcoal grey and olive are also excellent options. Vertical stripes are typically a go-to for their slimming effects, but horizontal stripes are not out of the question. How so, you ask? It’s all about the balancing act. Layer a dark, solid-colored jacket over a T-shirt with horizontal stripes to draw the eye downward instead of outward. If you’re not keen on prints, bring back a 90s fashion staple by sporting your favorite logo on your shirt. After all, it’s a top trend for men’s fashion in 2022.  

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #5: Play with Outfit Proportions

A well-fitting suit that lays close to the body without being too tight is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone should have at least one power suit in their closet for interviews, presentations and weddings. For this big and tall men’s fashion tip, we hope you step outside the box and play with proportions, too. Curious what we mean by this? Let’s say you have an oversized longline coat you love to wear in the fall and winter months. To avoid creating a top-heavy look, pair it with chunky boots and slim, straight denim on the bottom. If you love to wear loose-fitting jeans, balance it with a tailored button-up and blazer. It’s truly a game of yin and yang.

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #6: Look for Sturdy and Breathable Fabrics

Like most things in life, it’s best to avoid extreme ends of the spectrum. The same goes for finding the right materials for big and tall styles. Fabrics that are too thick will add bulk, but threads that are too thin end up stage-five clingers. They’re clingy—get it? Stick to the middle ground with durable yet breathable fabrics with minimal stretch. Think denim, flannel, cotton and twill. Now, we’re not saying to avoid stretch completely. Be sure to carve room for your Christmas dinner outfit with pants that have a bit of spandex in them. However, clothes that have too many elastic fibers tend to stretch out and sag throughout the day. That gets a no from us.

Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tip #7: Explore Color and Print Trends with Furnishings

For our final big and tall men’s fashion tip, we’re focusing on finishing touches. Furnishings are a superb gateway for expressing yourself to the fullest. If you’re not comfortable wearing a head-to-toe outfit in bright hues, opt for a colorful pocket square instead. Looking for a fresh way to spice up your everyday aesthetic? Try a pair of zebra print socks or an engraved leather belt. Furnishings are an excellent avenue for exploring on-trend styles without going full-fledged. Next time you’re wanting to experiment with your look, why not go for a bucket hat or studious suspenders

Your whole new wardrobe of studly big and tall clothing items await you. Take your style quiz and request the pieces you’re most eager to try. Five curated styles will come straight to your door—it’s as easy as that. Or, head over to Stitch Fix FreestyleTM to instantly buy items suited for your style and size. Either way, shipping, returns and exchanges are always free.

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