Halloween Costumes Made at Home for Men: All Tips (No Tricks) for Dressing Up This Year

Did Halloween creep up on you? No need to be spooked. We’re here to help with clever ideas for men’s Halloween costumes made at home. For Halloween 2021, all you need are a couple of wardrobe essentials. You’ll be ready in a jiffy for whatever this horror holiday has in store. Do you have leftover summer 2021 trends hanging around? From pops of pink to activewear, there are a plethora of Halloween costumes you can easily make at home. Add in some of fall’s biggest 2021 fashion trends, and your only problem will be narrowing down your favorite look. Accessories and DIY tips will easily round out your costume. Ready to eat, drink and be scary? We are, too. 

Funny Homemade Men’s Halloween Costumes

For funny homemade men’s Halloween costumes, look no further than what you wear every day. Turn the ordinary into the absurd to add a little humor to your 2021 Halloween holiday. Workwear essentials that are perfectly polished and professional are easy targets. Feel free to make light of working remotely or heading to the office. From three-piece suits to business casual classics, spin the mundane into side-splitting fun with simple tricks. Have we sold you on business wear as a funny Halloween look for adults yet? For easy make at home costume ideas, take inspiration from our favorite movies and television shows centered around the workplace. Icons from “The Office,” “Office Space” and others will have you repeating famous quotes all night long. 

Remote Worker Costume

The last year and a half has been quite a ride, so why not have a little fun this Halloween? For an easy men’s homemade Halloween costume, go as a remote worker. Lucky for you, workleisure is an actual trend now. It’ll be easy to look Zoom-ready for any Halloween festivities you’re attending. The key is to wear a crisp button-down shirt up top and keep it super casual on bottom. We’re talking about pajama pants, boxers or joggers. While we’re fans of working barefoot from home, we recommend finishing this costume with comfy slippers. Your feet will thank you. 

Dress up as Dwight or Jim from “The Office”

Can you believe that “The Office” season finale was eight years ago? Catching re-runs of our favorite office crew at Dunder Mifflin never gets old. Looking to inject a little humor into an easy homemade men’s costume for Halloween 2021? Dress up as the ever earnest Dwight Schrute. Costume essentials include a yellow short-sleeve button-down shirt, brown chinos and a muted-colored tie. Part your hair down the middle and add a pair of glasses. Don’t have a yellow shirt? Make it even easier. Go as Jim Halpert instead. Wear a button-up shirt, tie, pants, dress shoes and pop on an adhesive name tag. You’ll be ready to pull pranks with Pam all night long. 

Easy Homemade Men’s Halloween Costumes

We get it. It feels hard to lock in plans this fall. While Halloween may look different in 2021, there will undoubtedly be opportunities to celebrate. For easy homemade costumes for men, reach for a wardrobe hero. We’re talking basics. Think a cable-knit sweater for instant Chris Evans from “Knives Out” vibes. Who knew Halloween costumes for adults could be such a breeze? OK, take stock. Black T-shirt? Black suit? Striped T-shirt? That’s all you need. Three essentials and you’ve got endless ideas for Halloween costumes made at home

All Black Outfits for Halloween

Reach into your closet and pull out an array of black clothes. From T-shirts to blazers, this monochromatic base will transform into a variety of easy homemade Halloween costumes. Have a tuxedo collecting dust in your closet? Don it for a debonair 007 Halloween get-up. Remember, James Bond prefers his martini shaken, not stirred. A sleek black suit can quickly transform into a Halloween costume for men. For a classic feel, wear your black suit, add a bowler hat, a mustache and boom, Charlie Chaplin. Add a skinny black tie, and you’re Jules Winnefield from “Pulp Fiction.” Not a fan of suits? Grab a simple tee or sweater to transform into an iconic star from the big and small screen. 

Transform Yourself Into Danny Zuko from Grease

If you’re looking at your comfy black T-shirt thinking, you’re the one that I want, dress up as Danny Zuko. This homemade Halloween costume for men starts with a black crew neck T-shirt. Finish the outfit with black pants, white socks and black sneakers. Don’t forget to slick back your hair. Add a white cardigan and a DIY varsity letter to show off Danny’s track pin. Have a Sandy in your life? Make it a couple’s costume. Dressing up with a group of friends? Throw on moto jackets, and you’ve got the T-Birds. Have fun this Halloween rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot as Danny from “Grease.” 

Go as David Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Halloween is one of fall’s best holidays and comes right smack dab in the middle of sweater weather. Looking to enjoy a cozy pullover to trick or treat this Halloween 2021 season? An easy homemade Halloween costume for men is the one and only David Rose from “Schitt’s Creek.” Always in black and white, you just need an attention-grabbing and slightly oversized statement sweater. Think color blocking or graphic prints. Pair with black pants and high-top sneakers. A little mousse in your hair, and you’re ready to go. Sprinkle in a bit of sarcasm and wit. We love that journey for you. 

Men In Black Halloween Costumes

A timeless black suit is perfect for many occasions. It’s your go-to when you need to dress up for a job interview or even a wedding. Guess what? It’s also an easy homemade men’s Halloween costume. Whether you’re channeling Will Smith or Chris Hemsworth, try a black suit for an instant “Men in Black” outfit. In addition to your suit, you’ll need a white dress shirt, black tie and dress shoes for this costume. Finishing touches? Black sunglasses. Bonus points for a neuralyzer to help fellow revelers forget about any alien sightings. 

Easy Costumes with a Striped Shirt

Do you have a classic striped shirt on hand? Turn this everyday staple into an easy homemade Halloween costume for men. We’ve got ideas for almost every color stripe in your dresser drawer. Black-and-white striped T-shirt? Try dressing up as a mime. Not ready to give Halloween the silent treatment? Go as an old-fashioned bandit instead. It’s perfect for stealing a piece of candy or two. Simply add a black cap and mask to help hide your identity. Read on for more striped T-shirt inspiration.

How to Dress up as Where’s Waldo

A Halloween classic. All you really need for a Where’s Waldo Halloween costume is a red striped shirt. Complete the outfit with a pair of light-wash blue jeans and a red beanie. Have a beanie with a pom pom? Even better. Look for a pair of black-rimmed glasses to round out this easy men’s homemade Halloween costume. Unlike Waldo, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

What To Wear To Be a Sailor for Halloween

Do you have a blue striped shirt? Add a few closet essentials to dress like a sailor for this easy men’s homemade Halloween costume. Wear your striped shirt with a pair of relaxed-fit pants. Roll the cuff a bit to show off dock shoes and add a nautical pea coat. Top it off with a DIY sailor hat. Keep it super simple and make one out of paper. Ask Alexa to add a little yacht rock to your Halloween playlist to help you get in the spirit. 

Simple Halloween Costumes with a Flannel Shirt

Fall and flannel go hand in hand. For easy homemade Halloween costumes for men, grab your most-loved flannel. Transform this fall favorite into the highlight of your Halloween costume. Keep it simple with a logger or farmer feel. All you need is a plaid flannel, jeans and boots. Done, done and done. How easy is that?

Disguise Yourself as a Hunter or Cowboy for Halloween

For a twist on the quintessential flannel shirt, dress like a hunter. Pair a plaid flannel with camouflage pants and boots. Top it off with suspenders and an orange puffer vest. Celebrating Halloween as part of a duo? Your partner can dress up like a deer. No doubt you’ll be able to hunt down the house that doles out the full-size candy bars. Swap out your shoes for cowboy boots to create a classic cowboy costume. Complete this easy homemade Halloween costume for men with jeans and western-inspired additions. A cowboy hat, spurs and a coordinating bandana? Yeehaw!

​​Last-Minute Homemade Men’s Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it, as adults, Halloween can sneak up on us. No problem, we’ve got a few last-minute men’s homemade Halloween costumes for you. Remember, you have all you need in your closet. For quick options, grab your favorite sports gear, outerwear or even a tropical print shirt. You don’t need a lot to turn your staples into costume contest contenders.

Quick Costumes Using Athletic Gear

Don’t let a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party stress you out. Sports costumes are a home run on Halloween, and they’re a fantastic option for a last-minute homemade men’s Halloween costume. Do you play tennis or golf? Wear your gear for a quick costume. Would you rather dress as a coach than a player? Then you should dress as the loveable Ted Lasso. We could all do with a bit of kindness these days, and Ted brings it in droves. For game day Ted, wear flat-front khaki pants, a blue button-down shirt and a navy v-neck sweater with rolled sleeves. Check out Ted Lasso’s Twitter for some pick-me-ups to hand out like candy on Halloween. Keep scrolling for more athletic-related looks.

Dress up as a Lifeguard for Halloween

For a last-minute homemade Halloween costume for men, look no further than a pair of swim trunks. Sport your favorite pair with flip-flops and a crisp white tee for a lifeguard costume. You’ll need a couple of accessories to tie it all together. A whistle, hat, zinc for your nose and a life preserver come to the rescue for this easy Halloween costume. 

Go as a Hiker for Halloween

Do you have hiking gear you can break out at the last minute? For this easy Halloween costume made at home for men, start with a pair of hiking boots. Warm socks, cargo shorts and a graphic tee round out this effortless outfit. Score bonus points with outdoor extras like a backpack and hiking trail map—no need to bring trail mix. Candy treats will do for traversing the trick-or-treat streets. 

Utilize Outerwear for a Speedy Costume

Still not sure what to wear? We believe layers are your best bet. Head straight to the coat closet and rifle through your outerwear. For last-minute homemade men’s Halloween costumes, look for overcoats, cardigans and leather jackets. You’ll be surprised what looks you can put together with these simple staples. Create costumes with outerwear for 2021 pop culture heroes and characters that’ll take you back in time in a flash. 

Overcoat: Lupin Costume

Pop-culture’s shining star of 2021 has to be Assane Diop from Netflix’s hit “Lupin.” This gentleman thief is the master of disguise, and his use of outerwear has us in awe. As artful as his Louvre heists, his layering skills are on point. Elevating a track jacket by layering a waxed Barbour coat? We’re impressed. For an eleventh-hour men’s homemade Halloween costume, wear a long overcoat with Assane Diop’s signature flat cap. Voilà, un costume. Oh, maybe stash a few jewels in your pocket, too. 

Red Vest: Marty McFly Costume

Travel back to the future with a look that never goes out of style. You’re halfway to a Marty McFly costume if you have a red vest and denim jacket. For this Halloween homemade costume for men, round out your outfit with a pair of straight-fit jeans. You’ll also need a blue checked shirt and lace-up sneakers. Don’t worry, skateboarding skills are optional. Simply carry it around for the same vibe. 

Leather Jacket: Masquerade as Harry Styles at the Grammys

Have a trusty leather jacket in your closet? For a last-minute men’s homemade Halloween costume, dress up as Harry Styles. For the 2021 Grammys, he rocked a leather jacket, black pants and a feather boa. No shirt necessary. Looking for an ensemble with a little more color? Wear a pink suit with a floral-print button-down shirt. Like Harry, consider adding a string of pearls to complete this costume. If a Halloween party is in your future, hit the dance floor when you hear “Golden.” 

Cardigan: The Dude Costume

After the last year and a half, no one can blame you for wanting to keep it casual. Enter The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” for this Halloween homemade costume for men. This idea is so last-minute friendly, you don’t even have to run a comb through your hair. Grab an oversized cardigan, a purple v-neck T-shirt and a pair of your most relaxed-fit pants. You can wear plaid pajama bottoms, comfy joggers or baggy jeans. The key with this costume is to keep it simple, slouchy and slightly messy. What could be easier? 

How to Wear a Tropical Print Shirt for Halloween

If you have a novelty or tropical print short-sleeve button-up shirt in your closet, you’re in luck. There are a surprising number of Halloween costumes made at home for men with these funky patterns. Take your printed shirt, pair it with shorts and flip-flops, and you’re an instant tourist. Feel free to add a camera around your neck and buckle on a fanny pack. These costume accessories will come in handy to capture your night and hold your phone. Or, wear a tropical shirt and spike your hair for a Guy Fieri costume. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses on the back of your neck. For extra flair, invite trick or treaters to flavortown when they’re picking out candy. 

Looking for something a little more current? John B from “Outerbanks” will be a great off-the-cuff Halloween costume for 2021. The breakout star of this Netflix series wears short-sleeve novelty button-up shirts, board shorts and flip-flops. Essentially, your costume will have a casual surfer vibe. Don’t forget John B’s trademark blue bandana to finish your ensemble.

Creative Homemade Men’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time to get crafty. Break out those do-it-yourself supplies and create a classic or one-of-a-kind costume. You can find inspiration for creative homemade men’s Halloween costumes from anywhere. Have an old board game you love? A favorite meme? Turn it into a costume. You don’t need much. Markers, glue, and a few online tutorials will help you make men’s Halloween costumes at home

DIY Halloween Costume with a T-Shirt

For a creative Halloween costume made at home, start with a plain white tee. Seriously, that’s it. If you have transfer paper, create a design, print it and iron it on for a unique twist. For an easier option, find some Sharpies or fabric markers. The best part of homemade Halloween costumes for adults is you can put in a lot or a little effort. It’s all part of the charm. 

Wondering how to adorn your white T-shirt? Here are a couple of ideas. How about Error 404! Costume Not Found? Pair this T-shirt with jeans and sneakers for an easy Halloween costume made at home. Or, turn your white tee into a domino with strategically placed black dots. Speaking of dots, affix colorful circles to your shirt to turn it into a game of Twister. These quick DIY ideas will have you out the door and enjoying Halloween in no time.

Homemade Devil Halloween Costume

What Halloween homemade costume list for men would be complete without a devil costume? For this classic yet creative homemade men’s Halloween costume, find something red. You can go with a head-to-toe red look: a red shirt, pants and sneakers. Or, wear a red button-down shirt with a black suit for a modern and sophisticated devil look. The most important accessory? Horns. If you don’t have a pair from Halloween’s past, check out an online tutorial to make your own devil horns

Ready to turn your wardrobe heroes into homemade Halloween costumes? Our style experts are here to help. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist for timeless classics to complete your Halloween costume. Sit back, relax and receive five pieces you can try in the comfort of your own home. As always, shipping and returns are free.

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