Men’s Fashion 2022: 10 Trends Topping the Charts

Have you ever heard of the expression, “New Year, new you”? Get ready to include new clothes in the mix. We’re happy to report that men’s fashion in 2022 has an optimistic outlook. Major themes spotted on Paris, London, New York and Milan Fashion Week runways are centered around hope and freedom. While minimalism and muted tones were a major focus of recent years, the pendulum is beginning to swing. This “less is more” approach is taking a back seat in 2022 with a “more is more” attitude taking its place. We’re turning to our closets to see happy colors and playful patterns, and this year’s trends understood the assignment. Are you ready to reconnect with the outside world but your current wardrobe isn’t cutting it? Keep reading for ways you can reinvent your style in 2022.

From vibrant hues and daring cuts to reimagined trends of past decades, men’s fashion in 2022 is anything but boring. If you’ve been looking for ways to awaken your inner trendsetter, now is your chance. Bold looks aside, there are simple ways to update your outfits while commuting, traveling and more. Join us as we peer into the fashion-forward lens with our top ten men’s clothing trends of 2022.

1. Men’s Fashion 2022: Closet Essentials

A lot has changed in the last couple of years, and that may include the way your clothes are fitting. Take this as a sign to revisit your current closet essentials and do a quick try-on of your basics. Are they tighter or looser than you remember? The number one factor for looking and feeling your best is ensuring the fit of your threads is on point. 

Finding your best-fitting shirt for your build is a great place to start. Do you have fit challenges like long arms or broad shoulders? Give tall-fit shirts a try and opt for button-ups with added stretch. Next, see if slim, straight or relaxed jeans and pants complement your frame. Once you have a solid foundation of basics, you’ll be unstoppable when exploring these exciting trends. If you’re looking to make one easy change, revamp your layering pieces with trend-forward fits. Classic leather varsity jackets are the new bomber jacket, while hooded safari jackets are another contender for men’s fashion 2022.

2. Maximalism Takes Over Men’s Fashion in 2022

What is maximalism, you ask? It’s essentially the opposite of minimalism, with a focus on utilizing every inch of clothing in a bold way. When it comes to incorporating this trend into your 2022 men’s fashion wardrobe, strive for personalization. This could mean a head-to-toe look in a repetitive pattern or a single statement piece mixed with a loud print. If patterns aren’t your thing, turn to exaggerated silhouettes like extra-long cardigans or wide-leg trousers. But wait, there’s more. Designers are not shying away from styles that show a bit of skin for 2022. There’s an emphasis on cutoff sleeves exposing biceps and distressed jeans with rips and tears. Do any of these daring elements pique your interest? We encourage you to draw from this melting pot of styles and see what works best for you.

3. Bold Prints and Colors

It’s been said that colors can impact your mood, so who couldn’t use a dose of daily jubilance? Men’s fashion 2022 is all about injecting bright colors and eye-catching prints into your day-to-day dressing. Adventurous hues like acid green, striking blue and electric yellow take center stage. Not to worry, these vivid shades aren’t completely replacing our comforting neutrals but rather complementing them. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of red or pink to your beige jogger and sweatshirt set. Prints are having a refresh as well with psychedelic swirls, digital patterns and painterly florals. Did you ever think getting dressed could be so fun? 

4. Retro 90s Comeback for Men’s 2022 Fashion

The nineties are calling and they’re lending us their logos and leather. Baseball caps and snapbacks with obvious branding are finding their way back to the fashion scene this year. Looking to wear them in a modern way? Skip the sideways placement à la Will from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and wear your hat front and center. If hats aren’t your jam, T-shirts and sweatshirts with large logos are popping up on catwalks everywhere. Mix trends and layer your graphic tee with a biker jacket for a bit of edge. To round out your nod-to-the-nineties look, grab a pair of your loosest-fitting jeans and slip on those nostalgic checkered Vans. You’ll look da bomb in no time. 

5. Commuter Clothing for 2022 Men’s Fashion

Workwear is getting a makeover this year and we’re here for it. If you commute to work, especially by foot, you likely prioritize comfort over fashion. The good news is that workleisure is here to stay. Men’s fashion for 2022 is along for the ride when it comes to effortlessly dressing for your day. Fashion houses known for their three-piece suits are opting for easygoing two pieces instead. Lightweight chinos and polo shirts replace ultra-tailored trousers and button-downs. Rather than layering with blazers, try a shirt jacketalso known as a shacket. Finish your outfit with a pair of sport-bottom shoes to keep your feet happy on your trek to work. 

6. Gorpcore

Gorpcore stems from the term for trail mix (Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts) used by hikers and nature enthusiasts. The fashion aspect focuses on clothing that’s functional and inspired by the outdoors. While earth tones are common choices for this trend, bright hues like safety orange, or neon orange, have a strong presence as well. We’re not surprised since standout colors are a major theme this year. If you’ve ever wondered what to wear hiking, let this trend inspire you to incorporate your own personal backcountry flair. P.S. When dressing in gorpcore for men’s fashion in 2022, actual physical activity is optional. 

7. Men’s Fashion in 2022 Calls for Sustainable Choices

Pursuing a greener planet is less of a trend for men’s closets in 2022, and more of a movement. Fashion of the future requires us to keep Mother Nature in mind. We’re happy to see more sustainable brands that prioritize environmental and social responsibility. If you’d like to reduce your fashion footprint, there are many things to look for when shopping. What’s a simple change you can make? Take a peek at the clothing label and opt for low-impact textiles like organic cotton or recycled polyester.            

Researching brands beforehand will help you hone in on your search. For example, Save the Duck is on a cruelty-free mission to save birds. PLUMTECH®, a fluffy, thermal lining, takes the place of feathers, which has helped save 18,000,000 ducks since 2015. In addition to protecting wildlife, many brands give back to the community, as well as purchase carbon offsets and more. We encourage you to find brands that align with the values most near and dear to your heart. They’re out there and waiting for you to make the change.

8. Hybrid Materials: Gym-to-Swim and Lunge-to-Lounge

What’s next on the 2022 men’s trends highlight list? With sustainability on the brain, it’s the perfect time to consider adding multi-use clothing items to your closet. Cutting down on the amount of clothing you own can help minimize your personal environmental impact. Let’s welcome hybrid materials to the conversation. Think performance fabrics like moisture-wicking, quick-drying and odor resistant. We love a pair of waterproof shorts to wear from the treadmill to the beach—no outfit change required. 

9. Date Night Looks for Men’s Fashion 2022 

If you never thought you’d put on another pair of jeans since embracing athleisure, think again. Denim is making a comeback in men’s 2022 fashion and dark-wash styles are a smart option for evening events. If you’ve got a hot date on the books, dress up a pair of jeans sans distressing with a sophisticated turtleneck sweater. A pullover made from lofty yarn or micro-texture is a modern twist on this timeless classic. If that’s too Steve Jobs for you, go for a crew neck layered under a blazer with a patterned pocket square. Remember, a stellar outfit will help you nail your first impression. We’d say good luck but we know you don’t need it.

10. Travel Essentials for Men’s Closets in 2022

Are there travel plans in your itinerary? Whether you have tickets for an Alaskan cruise or sunny beach plans, it’s time to take inventory. Peruse your closet to see what’s missing. Resort wear for men is a winter fashion trend that is carrying over into 2022. Your destination is a major factor when deciding what to pack, but it never hurts to rely on the essentials. Start with a dependable backpack or duffle bag to hold all of your stuff. When it comes to clothing, wrinkle-resistant materials reign supreme. No one likes to iron while they’re on vacation. Next, opt for separates that are easy to mix and match. Leave your warm hoodie and comfortable walking shoes out of the suitcase. You’ll want to wear those whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car. Bon voyage.

Which of these new trends for men’s fashion 2022 sparked your interest the most? Take your style quiz, order a Fix and let your style expert know how you want to update your wardrobe. Five styles picked just for you will come straight to your door. Or, instantly buy items that catch your eye using Stitch Fix Freestyle™. Try it all on at home, keep what you love and send back the rest. Shipping and returns are always free. 



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