How To Pack for a Weekend Trip

You get the call: a weekend trip. It’s all about last-minute get-off-your-butt, fast-thinking preparation. With little time to plan, there’s no need to panic. We’re here to show you the spring gear needed to get the most out of your 48-hour getaway.

Keep reading for this season’s essentials to pack for any impromptu travel.

1. Keep Your Bag Practical

The first rule to follow is about the bag. Large suitcases are too bulky for an off-the-cuff two day trip, so just run with an easygoing backpack. You’ll want something durable that can handle getting thrown around. Travel bags wear scars the way your passport gets dressed with stamps. You want practical here, not high-style. This means your bag won’t be incredibly spacious, so make sure to fold your clothes properly to maximize space.

2. Bring Dark, Lived-In Jeans

When it comes to your pants, jeans in a dark tone tend to work better. They easily transition from semi-formal occasions, such as dinners, wine tasting or watching some good, old-fashioned hog wrestling (hey, we don’t judge). We like ours comfortable and pre-washed; the worn-in look—like you’ve been around and tackled the world— tells a better story.

3. Come Equipped with 3 Shirts

For shirts, we suggest taking a button-up, a polo, and a tee. They give you a good number of mix-and-match options. You can layer the button-up over the tee, and keep it unbuttoned for a relaxed look. The polo is great for some casual sharpness. Wear your shirts with a leather pair of boots or clean sneakers—they work nicely together to form some impressive notes of style.

4. Get Wavy in Trim Trunks

Going swimming? Please don’t forget your swim trunks. Ditch the long, baggy trunks for a tailored cut that hits above your knee. No borrowing. We mean it. And don’t even think about bringing basketball shorts to the beach.

5. Aim for a Smooth Landing

Last but not least, remember your Dopp Kit. What’s that, you ask? It’s the travel sized kit of toiletries. Let’s just say that using a Ziploc bag is a pretty transparent way of telling someone you’re not keen on details. And the contents are just as important. Get a nice-smelling aftershave that attracts the right kind of attention.

The Final Touch

A great pair of shades are optional, of course. But any add-on will personalize your look. A lightweight jacket, for instance. Beach sandals. That trusted baseball cap that shows people the real you. How about a beginner’s camera? A book to read. Maybe you’re an e-book type of guy. And of course—that trusted music playlist that adds a soundtrack touch to your weekend.

Need help preparing for the road ahead? Take your style quiz, sign up for a Fix and ask your expert stylist how to get your own set of weekend vacation threads. Shipping, returns and exchanges are always free, leaving the funds open for your next getaway. It’s as simple as that. 


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