5 Fashion Faux Pas Every Woman Should Avoid

When it comes to fashion, we don’t believe in true mistakes. Why? Because getting dressed is a fun, ever-changing way to express yourself (and your mood!). But, there are a few common fashion petty crimes that are easy to avoid. Here are our top 5 (and how to gracefully avoid them).

Stitch Fix Women’s rack image featuring white polka dot blouse, pink jeans, blue denim jacket, multi-colored striped pullover, yellow blouse and tan trench hanging on white rack with tan slide sandals, animal-print flats and coral wedges on the ground.

1. Always dress appropriately for the weather. When in doubt, Google it!

Always check the weather report—it’ll keep you from being overdressed or underdressed (whichever way the temperature swings!). In summer, it’s all about strategically showing skin and wearing the right fabrics to keep you cool. In winter, smart layering is your best friend.

2. Never, ever wear jeans that don’t flatter your figure.

It’s 2019.  There are literally one million ways to flatter your shape with the perfect pair of jeans. From new fabrics to the latest in fit technology, finding the right fit for you has never been easier.

3. Try not to fall victim to the never-ending parade of trends.

Not all trends are created equally. That means, it’s important to focus on the ones that will flatter your shape. Even if wide-leg jeans are all the rage, it’s ok to *pass* if straight-leg denim looks better on your bod. You know best!

4. Less is more! Avoid overdoing your accessories.

Take a page out of Chanel’s book and “always take off one accessory before you leave the house.” This especially applies if you’re already wearing a statement piece—let it take the spotlight and have your accessories play a supporting role.

5. Don’t be a #brandsnob!

There’s something subtly sophisticated about not showing off a brand name (think logos plastered everywhere). An unnamed piece is more likely to elicit the question, “Where did you find that?” It’s all about creating an air of mystery.

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