Black-Owned Clothing Brands You’ll Love

There are numerous ways to support the Black community. You can buy local art, speak out against injustices or donate to a Black Lives Matter (BLM) cause. Not sure where to start? One of our favorite ways to strengthen our allyship and advocacy is through supporting Black-owned clothing brands. Many of our most-loved designers are thriving today because of those who championed them along the way. We have the opportunity to do the same for black entrepreneurs who are making waves within the fashion industry.

Before we dive into our favorite Black-owned clothing brands, let us pose a question: Where would fashion be without Black culture’s influence? Luckily, we never have to find out. Keep reading for a dose of rich history on the matter. 

The History of Black Culture’s Influence on Fashion 

A bright spotlight is shining on Black-owned clothing brands, and we love to see it. While we’re illuminating these designers now, it’s also important to look back in time and honor the past. Many iconic trends we know and love today stem from Black culture. Keep reading for a few (among many) defining moments throughout the decades.

The Harlem Renaissance

The 1920s and 1930s Harlem Renaissance is often referred to as a revival of Black art and culture. Influenced by jazz music and dances like the Charleston, fashion moved toward vibrant, bold designs. Everything from Zoot suits featuring large lapels, drop waist flapper dresses and long pearl necklaces took center stage. Many of these styles have resurfaced over the years. Currently, modern day fashionistas are looking for ways to wear pearls with a contemporary twist.

Ballroom Culture and the Invention of Voguing

Strike a pose. When you think of voguing, do you think of Madonna? You know the moves we’re talking about. Those swift angular hand movements framing the face. Fun fact: voguing actually originated within the Harlem ballroom culture from LGBTQIA+ Black and Latinx folks. These ballroom and drag shows were a place to defy traditional gendered dressing. Think exaggerated silhouettes like puffed sleeves and glamorous get-ups covered in jewels and feathers. These handcrafted looks went on to influence luxury fashion institutions, such as the Met Gala.   

The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

Logomania, one of the biggest fashion trends of the 80s and 90s, was started by a Black-owned clothing brand. Dapper Dan was a pioneer of this style with logos covering his designs from head to toe. Think matching sets or separates decked out in obvious branding. Jump to the 1990s during the Golden Age of hip-hop for an influx of memorable style moments. Primary colors, oversized styles and gold chains were the trends of the time. The bucket hats and color-blocked sweaters popular today were common choices among the Black community. Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Run-DMC, Salt-N-Pepa and countless others were major fashion influences.  

It doesn’t end there. The civil rights movement of the 1960s and streetwear in the 2000s were also prominent influences on the fashion world. We encourage you to dive further into this bountiful sartorial history as we’ve only skimmed the surface.

Black-Owned Clothing Brands at Stitch Fix

At Stitch Fix, we believe there is an opportunity to celebrate a more diverse retail landscape. We’re proud to carry an assortment of Black-owned clothing brands across all categories, including women’s, men’s and kid’s. Our plans to grow this selection (more on this later) are in the works and ever-evolving. Take a peek at the brands we’re excited to showcase and let their meaningful stories and unique designs inspire you.

THE LABEL: A Black-Owned Clothing Brand for Your Not-So-Basic Basics

Planning to curate the capsule wardrobe of your dreams? Turn to THE LABEL for the epitome of closet essentials. This New York City-based brand offers high-quality, fair-priced and minimalist designs crafted for women, by women. If you yearn for easy-to-mix-and-match outfits, you’ll love their cohesive pieces. Embrace a women’s loungewear look with one of their soft, cotton terry shorts paired with an equally cozy pullover. These timeless designs are sure to add miles to your style.

Autumn Adeigbo: A Bright, Bold And Brilliant Black-Owned Clothing and Accessory Brand

This Black-owned clothing brand created by Autumn Adeigbo is filled with luxe fabrics, striking patterns and eye-catching colors. She credits her Nigerian mother as the inspiration behind her fashion journey. Autumn is now known for her colorful dresses featuring African prints and Victorian silhouettes. To positively impact the lives of women across cultures, her products are manufactured at women-owned production facilities in the USA. For those who love to stand out in the crowd, her designs are right up your audacious alley. Pop on a beautifully beaded Autumn Adeigbo headband for your birthday bash or upcoming trip to an art gallery.   

Rockridge: A Black-Owned Clothing Brand For Trailblazers

Do you believe in challenging the status quo? Rockridge is right there with you as a brand seeking to break new ground in exciting ways. The people of Rockridge work, live and play in Oakland, California. Through their partnership with The Hidden Genius Project, Rockridge promotes meaningful change in their hometown. Inspired to join their tribe? Sport one of their sleek oxford button-ups with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons for your next virtual or in-person presentation. You’ll look sharp and prepared for whatever your workday brings. 

Miles and Milan: A Black-Owned Clothing Brand For Every Kid In Your Life

Who knew dressing your kids could be so easy and effortless? Woman and Black-owned clothing brand, Miles and Milan, is a line of premium basics made with a gender-neutral color palette. Say goodbye to tricky-to-style bright pink tutus, and hello to a minimalist, monochromatic aesthetic. Founder and CEO, Shenelle Fuller’s intention is to provide timeless pieces that will grow with your child. Take the fuss out of the morning rush and snuggle your littles a bit longer. After all, time is fleeting, but your kiddos’ clothes don’t have to be. 

Creavalle: A Black-Owned Clothing Brand For All Your Graphic Tee Needs

Creavalle originated in Atlanta and has since expanded to Philadelphia, New York City and Toronto. Their unique motif, often featured on their apparel, has a strong significance. It represents three main rivers in Guyana and honors the immigrant ancestors who paved the way for the current generation. Creavalle is a reflection of those who have made sacrifices and of those who refuse marginalization. Rock one of their graphic tees and join the movement to pursue a better tomorrow.  

Elevate: How We Support Black-Owned Fashion Brands

Stitch Fix is dedicated to expanding the breadth of brands we carry to incorporate more inclusion and diversity. One way we are taking action is by helping underrepresented entrepreneurs of color scale their businesses through our grant and mentorship program, Elevate. Stitch Fix selected six stellar grantees for its inaugural year to receive mentorship and financial grants to fund their Black-owned clothing brands. We are thrilled to share with you the amazing designs added to our inventory in October 2021.  

Jamela Acheampong: Kahmune

Have you ever doubted whether your true nude shoe exists? Well, look no further than the footwear brand, Kahmune (pronounced com·mune). This luxury line of footwear dedicated innumerable hours to finding the right shades to match a wide range of skin tones. Jamela Acheampong sought out to solve a problem she and many others face. It was very difficult, and nearly impossible, to find quality products that matched her complexion. Thanks to her determination, this is no longer the case. Diverse regions across the globe inspired each of the ten unique colors in Kahmune’s arsenal. From The Natural Porcelain of Scotland to The Melanin Supreme of South Sudan, you’re sure to find your perfect match. 

Diarra Bousso: Diarrablu

Aiming to celebrate her African heritage, Diarra Bousso founded Diarrablu. Utilizing a fusion of artisans and algorithms, strong cuts, daring prints and colorful accents adorn these contemporary pieces. How does one mix art and mathematics, you ask? Through a marriage of tradition and technology, of course. Many of Diarrablu’s designs are produced in Dakar, Senegal—Diarra’s place of birth and where her mother oversees all locally-manufactured products. The use of algebraic graphs and geometric alterations give life to these unique prints. These patterns are painted with rich colors that are wearable, practical and versatile. What more could we ask for?  

Busayo Olupona: Busayo

Busayo Olupona founded Busayo as a way to connect the past with the present through textiles. They use a traditional textile dyeing technique, Adire, that originated at the turn of the 20th century in Southwest Nigeria. Yoruba women use Adire—also referred to as tie and dye—to create indigo-dyed cloth. Busayo also uses Batik—a wax-resistant dyeing process—in their designs. Utilizing these historic methods allow this dynamic brand to introduce unparalleled prints to the world. Make a statement in a gorgeous Busayo frock at your next dinner party. Your friends will deem you the fashion icon of the group in no time.

Bettina Benson: Chloe Kristyn

Chloe Kristyn empowers women to live with intention and dress with purpose. Bettina Benson founded a Black-owned clothing brand that focuses on figure-friendly silhouettes in sophisticated styles. Effortless is the name of their game with thoughtful designs that result in a wardrobe that coalesces work and life. Don a head-to-toe Chloe Kristyn ensemble and go from board meeting to live book reading as your most stylish self. Bonus—a majority of their collection is produced right here in the USA.

Robin Sirleaf: Sarep + Rose

Do you love when function meets fashion? We do, too. The accessory brand, Sarep + Rose creates chic accessories from handwoven African materials with a modern design. Liberian founder, Robin Sirleaf, travels throughout Africa to source the finest materials and artisans. The brand’s leather goods are made from extremely durable materials that are made to last. It’s their vision to support the future of African manufacturing through economic inclusion and generating job opportunities across the continent. Support their mission to create a positive social impact and look good while doing it. From mini bucket bags to super spacious totes, we wish you luck choosing just one to love. 

Marcus Thomas: Marcus Alexander

Marcus Alexander offers footwear for your everyday life with simplicity and innovation in mind. Headquartered in Oakland, California, CEO and Founder, Marcus Thomas, loves that shoes are a medium for both utility and art. His unique designs are striking yet wearable. If you’re a sneaker head, you do not want to miss an opportunity to snag a pair of these standout kicks. Pair them with tech joggers, a hoodie and baseball cap for a sleek streetwear look. Or, go for black sneakers with a white on white outfit for contrasting hues that pack a punch.

Currently putting together a list of Black-owned clothing brands you’re eager to support? Our team of expert stylists are ready to help you expand your inclusive wardrobe repertoire. Take your style quiz and request a Fix with designs by entrepreneurs of color or directly shop Elevate grantees’ pieces all in one place. The best part? We carry exclusive styles for Stitch Fix that you can’t get anywhere else. Try on these items in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you love and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are easy and free. 

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