Golf Attire For Women: Bring Your Style Up To Par

If you love a walk on a blue-sky day and low-impact sports, chances are you’re already a fan of golf. If this rings true for you, you’re not alone. In fact, 2020 saw the greatest increase in new players in 17 years, with nearly a quarter being women golfers. This is the perfect time to grab your friends and hit the green. But before you start swinging, you’re probably wondering what to wear for a round of golf. No worries. Consider us your style caddie. We’ve gathered our top tips for acing women’s golf attire like a pro.

What to Wear Golfing: Decoding the Golf Club Dress Code

Unlike many sports, golf has a reputation for smart style. If you’ve ever caught a clip of LPGA tour footage, you know golf attire has an undeniably preppy twist. Most private or semi-private clubs also have dress codes. If you’re playing at one of these courses, defer to their rules when choosing your golf outfit. Generally speaking, collared shirts and slacks are proper golf attire for ladies. Steer clear of T-shirts and strappy tank tops, and save your sweats and jeans for another day. 

On the other hand, if you’re practicing your strokes on a public course, the rules are more lenient. Here, feel free to dress in comfortable clothing you can move in and won’t impede your swing. Our one golf attire don’t  on a public green? Open-toed shoes. Always wear sneakers to protect your feet from any stray putts. 

What to Wear Golfing if You Don’t Have Golf Attire

If it’s your first time hitting the links, you likely won’t have golf clothing in your wardrobe. Don’t sweat it. There’s no need to own the same brands seen at The U.S. Women’s Open to enjoy your round. If you don’t have khakis in your closet, sub in a work trouser or a pair of cotton twill joggers. Replace a polo with any collared shirt that’s still conservative and free of heavy prints and graphics. Even a fitted activewear quarter-zip can do the job. For shoes, save shopping for pricey golf cleats for later. A pair of trainers with a light step will do just fine on the fairway. Feeling confident with your women’s golf attire basics? Good. Now let’s take a look at what to wear golfing all year long.

Golf Attire Through the Seasons

Though golfing is usually a sunny-day sport, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the links every month. In fact, you’re more likely to have an easier time reserving a spot with fewer crowds in the off-season. As long as your club of choice stays open, you can improve your game 365 days a year. With the proper attire, of course. Get ready to go from hitting a bogey to a hole-in-one with these stylish suggestions. 

Women’s Summer Golf Attire

We’re starting you off with a chip shot: summer golf attire for women. Considering the traditional golf season runs from April to September, you’ll find an abundance of options for hot weather. For balmy summer days, opt for airy styles like a golf dress or skort. The built-in shorts will keep you covered while the breezy silhouette will stave off sweat. If you prefer a more textbook look, stay cool in Bermuda-length shorts and a sleeveless collared blouse. Don’t be afraid to turn the course into your catwalk with sartorial summer shades like cobalt blue and magenta. 

Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a total novice, don’t skimp on sun protection. Especially in the summer months when you’re likely under full sun, make sure you’re covered. Literally. Reapply sunscreen often and select fabrics with UV protection. Need a little extra shade on your face? A visor and sunnies are a dream team to keep your eye on the prize.

Style Tip: Heat and humidity call for a slippery situation. Finding your hands sweaty during your long-iron shots? Improve your grip with a golf glove and level up your game. 

Women’s Fall Golf Attire

Though summer may seem like the quintessential golfing season, fall is a prime time to tee up. With cooler conditions and fewer golfers on the course, you’re sure to have a leisurely game. For women’s fall golf attire, get into the spirit of the season with a pair of slacks. While pastels and bright tones dominated the links in the warmer months, we recommend leaning into neutrals during autumn. Try black trousers or pay homage to 1950s golfers like Arnold Palmer with plaid pants. Before you take your slacks to the driving range, remember to test their flexibility so they don’t affect your form.

On top, reach for a long-sleeve polo or layer with a crew neck sweater. If you start heating up around the 9th hole, tie the pullover around your neck for that classic golfer aesthetic. Now that you’re comfortable layering your look, let’s kick things up a notch with winter golf attire.

Women’s Winter Golf Attire

For those new to golf, it might surprise you that golf courses don’t necessarily shut down during the winter. Clubs in southern states and warm climates often stay open year-round. For colder regions, if the ground isn’t frozen, you can usually count on a couple hours on the green. So now the only remaining question is, what should your winter golf attire look like?

Women’s winter golfing outfits should always include layering. Start with a base layer to keep your core insulated. A long-sleeve performance shirt is perfect for this, or a soft thermal if temperatures are particularly frigid. Next, pop on your long-sleeve polo, and complete your look with a quilted vest or waterproof jacket. A weather-resistant outer layer is essential in case a wintry mix starts, or if you’re training early in morning mist. Once you’ve hit your last hole, head to the clubhouse to warm up with a cozy cappuccino.

Women’s Spring Golf Attire 

Ah, spring. Perhaps the most pleasant time of year to play a round. Much like women’s summer golf attire, spring golfing outfits can include tennis skirts and dresses. Or, for the early part of the season, wear capri pants to feel comfortable and fashionable. Partner your choice of bottoms with the quintessential short-sleeved polo. Or, if your club allows it, give a sleeveless shirt a whirl. 

For an early tee time, keep a lightweight cardigan on hand. Another useful layer to incorporate into your spring golfing ensemble is a rain jacket for errant April showers. While the vernal season is in bloom, lean into a preppy style and go all out with pastel hues. Take a page from Paula Creamer’s, aka Pink Panther’s, style playbook and don shades of pink. Wondering what colors go well together? Try blush pedal pushers with a mint golf shirt, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a blossoming day on the fairway. Congratulations! You now know what to wear golfing no matter the time of year. Now it’s time to tally scores and pick your post-game outfit.

The 19th Hole: What to Wear After Golfing 

The best part of any golfer’s day? The time-honored tradition of grabbing a bite or drink with your pals afterward. If you’re hitting the clubhouse for refreshments, you can keep on your golf attire. But if you’re leaving the range, why not be a trendsetter in a golf-inspired look? For example, take inspiration from women’s spring 2022 fashion and partner a sweater vest with your sporty skort. Add a pair of platform sneakers for a statement-making touch. Or, throw a denim jacket over a golf dress and pop on wedges for a date night ensemble. 

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