A Dress With A Jean Jacket: A Match Made In Style Heaven

What do Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly and a dress with a jean jacket have in common? They are some of our favorite dynamic duos. Pairing a dress with a jean jacket is a timeless combo that you can wear across the seasons. The best part? You probably already have these staples tucked away in your closet. Ready to give this iconic fashion duo a go? Here are our favorite ways to wear a dress and a denim jacket

Magical Mates: Why You Should Pair This Jacket With A Dress 

Did you know the denim jacket was invented 10 years after Levi Strauss designed the first pair of riveted jeans? It’s true. Developed circa 1880, the jean jacket was an ideal choice of outerwear for manual laborers. The thick denim fabric provided workers with necessary protection. As the popularity of jeans grew, so did the love for all things denim—including dress and jean jacket pairings. The rest? Well, it’s fashion history. 

Wearing a dress with a jean jacket is a no-brainer, and we could go on and on why this is the case. This tried-and-true layering option continues to stand the test of time. You’ll look effortlessly current when you toss a jean jacket over your favorite dress. Want to downplay a dressed up ensemble? Need to take your loungewear or athleisure wear from sofa to street? Just add a denim jacket and presto––instant cool factor. 

A denim jacket pairs well with virtually any type of dress—from fitted to a-line to stylish maxi dresses. No matter your daring dress pick, layering on a denim jacket is a smart and understated choice. We love the easy texture this style brings to your dress and jean jacket pairing. You can’t go wrong with this perennial partnership. 

A Maxi Dress and Jean Jacket: An Everlasting Love Story

Looking to create an instant outfit? Look no further than a maxi dress. Truly the go-to for any frame, a maxi dress is comfortable, classic and oh, so easy to wear. Getting ready for a day date? Maximize your style by wearing a maxi dress with a jean jacket. The truth is, maxi dresses are a lot of material, so don’t let them drown you out. Reach for a maxi dress with a cinched waist or add a belt to flatter your frame. Pair it with a denim jacket with a fitted silhouette to balance out the fullness of a ruffled maxi dress. Add braided slide sandals and you’ve got a pairing that’s made for the books. 

Stylist Tip: Positively petite sized gals can rock a maxi dress and jean jacket with the best of them. Stepping on your hems? Knot the bottom of your dress for a carefree vibe. Cuff the sleeves on your denim jacket to complement the effortless knot at the bottom of your dress. Reach new heights with block heels, and don’t forget a cute clutch to tuck away a women’s mask

Wear A White Dress And Jean Jacket To Soak Up The Sunshine

Get a little sunshine and a dose of vitamin D in a white dress with a jean jacket. Did you know that the notion of wearing white in the summertime dates back to the late 1800s? Industrialized cities like New York were notoriously dirty since they lacked modern day sanitation practices. Residents commonly wore darker clothing to conceal dirt. The socially elite escaped the city for country living in the summer months. They left behind their dark garb and packed light, bright and white clothes. Fast forward to today, and we’ve happily left the elitist connotation in the rearview mirror. Now, wearing white in the summertime simply means we’re trying our best to stay cool and dry when the mercury rises.

A stunning white dress and jean jacket unite for the ultimate modern, go-to outfit for summer. Reach for a breezy, tiered white dress and add a pop of subtle color with a denim jacket. Keep the color palette of your look light and airy for an intentionally polished result. Spring 2021 fashion trend colors in earthy and pastel tones will run into the summer months. Try a jacket in blush pink or soft yellow shade to give your blue version a well-deserved break. Complement your color pop with beaded earrings for a look that is sure to heat things up. 

Get Spicy in a Red Dress and Jean Jacket

Feeling fiery, passionate or intense? Red is the color for you. This eye-catching hue is the color of extremes, so make a statement in a blazing red dress and jean jacket fusion. Take it up a notch and try your hand at mixing patterns and prints. Dominate your style by pairing a floral pattern dress with strappy heels that offer a peek of snakeskin print. For that last adventurous touch, wear your crimson dress with a distressed jacket in a dark gray or black color. Talk about a peppery dress with jean jacket ensemble. 

Stylist Tip: Not sure what is the ideal length for a denim jacket? When wearing a dress with a jean jacket, the shorter the better. A cropped jean jacket accentuates your waistline and elongates your legs. Going for a relaxed feel? A hip length or oversized denim jacket does just the trick.  

Wear a Pink Dress and Jean Jacket To Show Off Your Softer Side

Loving the cottagecore trend? We sure are. Roll up the sleeves on your jacket, slip on a nap dress and break out the sourdough starter. A cotton pink dress and jean jacket is an idyllic look for an afternoon of baking. Handcrafted details are a cornerstone of the cottagecore trend, so pair your dress with a jean jacket featuring ruffled hems or embroidered details. Don’t have an embroidered jacket? Hone in on your DIY skill by learning how to embroider a few flowers or your initials into your jacket. Heading outside to sip tea in a field of wildflowers? Don’t forget a pair of wooden wedges to complement your dress and jean jacket

Take An Athleisure-Inspired Black Dress and Jean Jacket for a Spin

If anything, 2020 taught us that comfort and style are synonymous. The athleisure trend blends gym wear and everyday casual attire with ease. Go from lounging around to walking the mall in an athleisure-inspired black dress and jean jacket. The universal styling ability of a denim jacket plays up the casual vibe of a black knit dress. Bonus points are given for wearing an oversized jean jacket and comfy court sneakers. Trust us, you’ll want to wear this sporty set all day long. Take the stage. Wearing a dress with a jean jacket earns you the gold medal.  

Stylist Tip: The uber-casual nature of athleisure wear gives you wiggle room to be daring with your denim jacket choices. 70s fashion trends and prints like tie-dye are making a serious comeback. Seek out a dress and jean jacket combo featuring this retro print. As a rule of thumb, your boldest print takes center stage. Layer a tie-dye denim jacket over a solid dress and dust off a pair of throwback Tevas. They are one of the fashion stars of summer 2021.  

Ready to dive into a denim jacket this season? Take your style quiz and ask your stylist to send a stunning dress and jean jacket combo in your first Fix. Shipping and returns are always free. Treat yourself, tear into the tissue and slide into each style while trying them on in the comfort of your own home.

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