Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas for Women: Spook in Style

Double double, toil and trouble. It’s Halloween season and you need a costume, on the double. Instead of running to the store, you may already have all the items you need for ghoulish garb at home. Whether this spookiest of nights snuck up on you or you need outfit inspiration, we’ve got you covered, ladies. We’ve put together a list of Halloween costumes you can throw together with clothes from your own closet. Keep reading for our tips to turn homemade halloween costumes from a tricky task into a sweet (and stylish) treat. 

Women’s Homemade Cat Halloween Costume

When it comes to women’s homemade Halloween costume classics, a cat is high up on the list. It’s an easy, last-minute halloween costume that’s always in style. The main component? A set of cat ears. You can whip up this easy at-home Halloween costume accessory in a snap. Cut out two triangles of paper, cardboard or felt and attach them to a headband. Don’t have a headband on hand? A bit of ribbon will do just fine. Just make sure you can fasten it around your head. Now, for the outfit.

If your fearsome feline spirit is on the glamorous side, slip into a leopard print midi dress with blouson sleeves. Add a chain necklace for a sparkly collar, and you’ve got a Halloween costume with plenty of purr-sonality. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something slinkier, try your luck with a black cat costume. Wondering how to wear a bodysuit? As a cat, of course. Throw on a black bodysuit, tights and matching kitten heels. Complete your homemade cat Halloween costume with a faux fur coat and drawn-on whiskers and nose. Now you’re ready to walk any Halloween catwalk in style.

Women’s Homemade Angel Halloween Costume

If scary isn’t your speed, then a simple homemade adult angel costume is for you. All you need from your closet is an all-white ensemble. Bring on the saintly vibes with a white, feminine dress. Help your angel stand out from the crowd by incorporating elements of your personal aesthetic. Perhaps your angel is a lover of boho style. Pick out a dress with lace or eyelet details. Bonus points for a ruffled hem or gauzy, sheer layers. Then again, you can feel just as ethereal in a figure-hugging bodycon dress. And who wouldn’t feel heavenly jumping on the wide-leg pant trend with an ivory pair?

It’s time for your angelic accessories: a halo and wings. You can easily buy some, but if you want to fully lean into your DIY side, here are easy instructions: Wrap a length of pliable wire around the top of a headband with the ends sticking up like antennas. Then bend another wire into a circle and attach it to the top of the antennas. Cover the wire circle in a white feather boa or even a shimmery silver garland from past holidays. You can make your angel wings with anything from coffee filters to paper plates to craft feathers. For makeup, opt for glittery, white eyeshadow and frosted lip gloss. What a divine disguise.

Women’s Homemade Barbie Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes you can make at home don’t have to be all black and white. And just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t dress up as your favorite childhood toy. For a look with plenty of pretty pink pops, say Hello, Barbie. Pull out all the stops for this feminine outfit with rosy floral heels, a frilly blush dress and a bubble-gum pink wristlet. Wear pearls or other timeless gemstones for Barbie’s trademark preppy style. For those that don’t have blonde hair, don a wig to channel the original Barbie. Or, put your twist on this homemade Barbie Halloween costume by wearing your natural hair in a glammed-up ‘do.

But, don’t forget, there’s more than just one type of Barbie doll. That’s one of the reasons that this is many women’s go-to at home Halloween costume idea. Through Barbie’s evolution, she’s had every job from teacher to pilot to computer engineer. With this costume, the possibilities are endless. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

Women’s Homemade Vampire Halloween Costume

You knew we weren’t going to go this whole time without a couple of spellbinding suggestions. A vampire is the perfect option for the woman who wants a costume with some bite. Sink your teeth into this disguise with a black or brooding burgundy color palette. Vamp up your homemade vampire Halloween costume with a figure-defining dress with a square or v-neckline. Fashion a batty cape out of a black or red sheet and tie it around your shoulders. Paint on blood-red lipstick and winged eyeliner. To give your makeup a haunted touch, use black eyeshadow for a cheek-defining contour. You can even color in a Dracula-inspired widow’s peak with eyeliner at your hairline.

Last but not least: what is a vampire without fangs? Plastic fangs are a dime a dozen at any Halloween store this time of year. But, if you want to keep your at-home Halloween costumes DIY, you can make a low-cost set using a white, disposable straw. Simply cut two small sections of the straw and trim one end of each into a pointed V. Then, slip the other side over your canines. Bloodthirsty yet?

Women’s Homemade Scary Doll Halloween Costume

Move over, Barbie, there’s a new toy in town. This year, try a homemade scary doll Halloween costume. If you loved the cottagecore trend, you’re in luck. With this women’s costume, you get to turn those peasant blouses and nap dresses into ghastly gowns. Depending on what you have in your closet, you can partner your dress with a quick pair of flats and tights. Or, go full Victorian doll with lace-up boots, frill-trimmed stockings and bows in your hair. 

As with many of these at-home Halloween costume ideas, adding makeup will amp up the creepiness. Stark white face paint paired with black lips and heavy blacked-out eyes concocts a spine-chilling effect. Up the eeriness by drawing scrawling cracks across your face with eyeliner to look like a broken porcelain doll. You can also use that same liner and burgundy eyeshadow to carve a Glasgow smile at the sides of your mouth. Looking gore-geous.

Women’s Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Celebrities and Movie Characters

Dressing up as a celebrity for Halloween is always a scream. You can keep things simple by going as a stereotypical “Hollywood celebrity” by wearing your flashiest clothes. Think metallic leather jacket, big diamond-like jewelry and sunglasses to block out the paparazzi. Or, you can dress up as your favorite celebrity or movie character for the night. Below are a few of our favorite homemade celebrity Halloween costume ideas for women this year.

Cher from Clueless

Tired of 90s nostalgia? As if. Embrace fashion’s love for the decade with a homemade Halloween costume of Cher Horowitz from “Clueless.” Be the most popular girl at Bronson Alcott High School with a yellow plaid skirt and solid cardigan. Extra style snaps for a matching plaid blazer. Step into character with white knee-high socks, matching shoes and valley girl slang.

Cruella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. For this at-home adult Halloween costume, become the devilish dog-napper Cruella De Vil. Pop on a black-spotted white blouse for a fur-free nod to her puppy obsession. Slip into a pair of leather leggings and add sleek heels for a cool, edgy flair. Take your homemade Cruella De Vil Halloween costume to the next level with a black and white wig and her iconic red gloves for her signature look. Don’t worry, no Dalmatians were harmed in the making of this costume.

Wednesday Addams

Tie up your hair in braids and press your Peter Pan collar because you’re becoming the iconically sardonic Wednesday Addams. In this easy-at-home Halloween costume, all you’ll need is a straight face and a monochromatic outfit. While dreaming up sinister plans, put on a black skirt and no-nonsense loafers. Want to go the extra macabre mile? Get your friends to dress up as the other Addams family members for a delightfully frightful group costume. 

Olivia Rodrigo

Dress as one of the top women in music with a homemade Olivia Rodrigo Halloween costume. Perhaps you’re an adult with “Deja Vu” for teenage angst while listening to “Sour.” Maybe you’re a Gen Zer just getting your “Driver’s License.” Either way, this costume will be a number one hit. Match a pink tank top and blue plaid skirt with layered necklaces just like the “Sour” album cover. Then, here comes the fun part. Cover your face in stickers and serve up some serious attitude all night long.

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