The Cottagecore Aesthetic: How To Elevate Your Whimsical Wardrobe

Imagine yourself in a remote cottage kitchen tying an apron over your vintage dress in preparation of baking a loaf of sourdough bread. If this idyllic vision really speaks to you, take delight in the cottagecore aesthetic. If you are wondering how to add pieces from this timeless trend to your closet, we’re here to help. You’re sure to be swept up in statement-sleeve tops, ethereal tiered dresses and practical, yet polished, pieces. No matter what your day brings, this trend is sure to spark joy. Still curious to learn what the cottagecore fashion trend is all about? Read on to learn a little bit more about this blossoming look.

What is the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Think of the cottagecore aesthetic as rural life, re-imagined. It evokes an idealized or romanticized rural farm life, characterized by a peaceful blend of old and new. Juxtapose ultra-feminine details with styles that are functional. Combine these with nostalgic pieces from centuries past along with aspects of nature to match this trend’s romantic vibe. The popularity of cottagecore fashion grew as the pandemic significantly changed the way many of us live our lives. When household items became scarce, the need for a more sustainable lifestyle became so much more apparent. Followers of the cottagecore aesthetic look back to the days of living off of your own land. Or, passing time creatively and learning how to bake from scratch. Put on your Taylor Swift “Folklore” record while we dive into some outfit inspiration.

Cottagecore outfits embody a dreamy vibe that translates to clothes. What do you imagine yourself wearing while harvesting a rainbow of your favorite veggies? Or, maybe you prefer reading your favorite book leaning against the trunk of a wispy willow tree. Figuring out what to wear to a picnic is a breeze with this style. Try mastering the long-lost art of writing a handwritten letter in a flowery house dress. The cottagecore aesthetic is reminiscent of a simpler time, and reflected through a few key trends. As you explore this style, look for vintage prints and dainty details to add a little whimsy to your armoire.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Staples to Set Your Closet in Bloom

A cornerstone of the cottagecore aesthetic is ultra-romantic features. Seek out styles that feature ruffle hemlines and necklines, billowing balloon sleeves, intricate lace overlays and ethereal silhouettes. If it’s your first foray into cottagecore style, start by picking one trendy piece and pair it with your favorite staples. A ruffled tank in the summertime tucked into wide-leg pants are an ideal style match with a little flair. The cottagecore fashion trend also paved the path for other trending styles such as coastal grandmother and regencycore. Since these trends are complementary, dare to mix and match. We can’t think of a better way to carve out your own style. Add a little cottagecore to one of your other favorite style genres. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite cottagecore staples to daydream away in.

Daydream in Cottagecore Dresses

Midi dresses are so perfectly aligned with the cottagecore aesthetic. The billowing skirt of a breezy midi dress sways so effortlessly as you move. In colder climates, opt for a dreamy little white dress ​​with long sleeves. Layer on a cozy cardigan and thick tights to keep you covered. Lastly, step into practical lug sole boots to protect your feet as you head into the meadow for freshly picked flowers. 

On warmer spring days, go with ruffled cottagecore dresses, mostly called nap dresses. The nap or housedress is a modern, elevated take on a nightgown. Though the name can be cause for confusion, you can definitely wear your nap dress on the go. Nap dresses feature opaque fabrics to ensure you stay covered, whether at home or out to lunch. Keep a lightweight, textured cardigan on hand in case a light breeze drifts in your direction. There are plenty of more ways to accessorize a dress.  Do your plans include a long day of perfecting your needlepoint skills? Keep your strands out of your face with a trusty bandana while you work. Or, go for a crocheted scrunchie to match the homey cottage lifestyle. 

The Cottagecore Aesthetic: Check off your Chores in a Utility Jacket

If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s the unpredictability of weather. Brave the inclement weather and keep a structured layering piece with the cottagecore aesthetic on hand. Carried over from menswear, the chore jacket is a utilitarian unisex layering option. But it’s not just for those who enjoy wearing menswear-inspired pieces. Try wearing a women’s style shacket which is a lightweight alternative to wearing a cargo jacket in warmer weather. Both pieces are long-lasting on the fashion front, as they are popular for both their style and functionality. The large pockets on chore and utility jackets are perfect for collecting eggs from your DIY chicken coop. Layer a chore jacket over a classic cotton T-shirt and style with a relaxed midi skirt. Add a pair of leather strappy sandals for an easy and effortless, cottagecore-inspired ensemble.

Function Meets Fashion: Cargo Pants and Pleated Shorts

While the cottagecore aesthetic is definitely dreamy, we still have tasks on the farm to accomplish. Don’t shy away from adding a pair of functional and fashionable cargo pants or loose pleated shorts into your rotation. Opt for either of these picks in olive green or earthy tones. Complement their rugged vibe by adding a soft-hand feel, oversized sweater or peasant blouse. Embroidered detailing or a lace-trimmed neckline helps to balance out your cottagecore outfit. Loosely front tuck either of these into your pants or shorts to highlight your waistline. Reach for a pair of lace-up boots before heading outside to tend to your garden. The utility pockets are perfect for tucking away your garden gloves or trowel. 

The Cottagecore Aesthetic: Pretty Prints and Calming Colors

Florals are a perennial favorite print, season after season. Fresh floral blooms are a mark of the cottagecore aesthetic. Take a deep dive into a sea of sprouting fabrics like micro-florals and vintage hand-painted blooms that lend a retro flair. These pretty prints will adorn floaty midi dresses, various types of skirts and airy blouses. Lean into rustic and calm colors by opting for prints in a multitude of shades inspired by rural countryside scenery. Grassy green, rusty red and orange, pastel pink, sunny yellow, dusty blue and mauve are must-have hues. Any of these eye-catching colors will pop against warm neutrals like ivory, white or gray.

Alternatively, vintage stripes and plaids are other cottagecore fashion prints to add to your wardrobe. Try a muted stripe or an earth-tone plaid pattern on an oversized button-down, trousers or a pinafore dress. These perfectly printed pieces deserve to be the focal point of your cottagecore outfit. So, be sure to pair them with solid layers such as a chore or utility jacket, so they stand out. Oversized blazers with a throwback feel are another layering option to contrast and add textural interest with florals and frills. Plus, they also match the workleisure trend that is taking over as a favorite type of business attire for women. Reach for one in a pastel plaid print paired with a microfloral dress to mix patterns like a pro.

Feel the Cottagecore Aesthetic’s Tender Textures and Distinctive Details

Adding texture and handcrafted details will add dimension and elevate your cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore style features a cozy-at-home vibe which translates through soft fabrics. Wool and cashmere blends, brushed knits, modal and bamboo surround you in overwhelming comfort. Oversized sweaters and cardigans, in a chunky knit or with pom detailing, offer a handcrafted feel. Dainty styles with embroidered details embolden an otherwise simple blouse or skirt. Snuggle up to these fabrics by the fireplace and with a cup of tea on a brisk day.

Inject athleisure wear trend essentials into the mix with soft sweatshirts or a luxe pair of joggers. Translate this cozy, homebody ensemble as cottagecore fashion by going bigger with print choices, bolder with textures and unexpected ruffles. Try neutral joggers with a bright, silk floral blouse. Tuck in your top to explore a more professional look if you are working from home. Don’t forget to add a knotted headband for a picture-perfect look above the keyboard for those last-minute meetings. Gravitate toward soft knit tops with puffed shoulders and balloon sleeves for a trendy twist. Add a feminine finishing touch by pairing your top with a ruffled skirt. Or, pile on details in abundance by wearing a statement top with wide-leg pants that feature utility pockets. Bags aren’t needed when you can tuck away treasures found on an outdoor adventure in the woods into your pockets. 

Seek Out Sustainable Brands and Fabrics

Search for eco-friendly fabrics to tap into the sustainability theme of the cottagecore aesthetic. Ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices that are environmentally responsible can make a difference both locally and globally. Followers of cottagecore style also take this commitment seriously. Choose new clothing items based on brand vision to collect with a conscience and build a more sustainable wardrobe

We are loving cozy cardigans from Naadam Cashmere, who pride themselves on using organic materials and eco-friendly dyes. Joie has made a social responsibility promise by creating safe and healthy working environments for their workers. Barbour sources cotton products on sustainable farms, which reduces the impact on our environment. As you dive into the cottagecore fashion trend, give one of these sustainable and responsible brands a try.

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