The Stitch Fix Guide To Owning Your Style At Any Age

When we say, “Age is only a number.” We mean it. Take a minute and think back to your youth; the childhood creativity and freedom that came with playing dress up, the rebellion of changing outfits in the bathroom at school to hide your crazy new jeans from mom, of course, or borrowing your sister’s shoes to sneak to a concert, there’s a sense of identity wrapped up in how we dress. And, it feels good. When we cross over to the adult world—it stops feeling as good. Suddenly there are rules. Don’t wear this. Do wear that.

But we’re here to argue that expressing yourself through style when you’re “adulting” should be just as fun and freeing as when you were young—you should be dressing your self. We won’t tell you what to wear or who you are, but we will share a few ideas to inspire your continued evolution.

Keeping reading for our guide to dressing at any age.

how to dress at any age

How To Dress When In Your 20s

Ah, to be in your 20s again. Whether you skipped the university track to follow your life’s passion or are eagerly waiting for your first post-graduation interview, it’s time to tap (or double-tap) into the zeitgeist. You already have—it’s at your fingertips. You just need to explore what makes you feel your most confident.

Follow along for more tips for dressing in your 20s.>>

how to dress at any age

How To Dress In Your 30s

The 30s are at once a turning point and totally freeing. Society says, “You’re not young anymore.” But, don’t you still feel remarkably youthful? The answer is: yes. And, we suspect that continues for the rest of our lives. In your 30s, we suggest a major closet cleanse, an appreciation of who you’ve become and some bad ass new shoes.  

Follow these (stylish) words of wisdom through your 30s. >>

how to dress at any age

How To Dress In Your 40s

We’ve heard it from you—dressing in your 40s can run the gamut from casual jeans & tees to power suit to tailored and polished. This is when you really hit your stride. But, there are some tips and tricks along the way to evolve what you’re already working with.

Use this advice to guide you through your 40s.>>

how to dress at any age

How To Dress In Your 50s

The evolution from your 40s to your 50s can be subtle or dramatic. Depending on where life has taken you, you could either be completely hitting your stride, starting a new career, moving states (or countries) or even completely reinventing yourself (maybe with a touch of boho?). Whatever it may be, life is too short to worry about your style, so here’s how to own your style instead.

Head into your 50s with a stylish sense of self. >>

how to dress at any age

How To Dress In Your 60s

A stylish woman in her 60s is a veritable fashion force to be reckoned with. There’s a je ne sais quoi to a woman who can maintain an air of mystery, dress perfectly for her body and avoid the trap of “dressing for her age.” What does that even mean? We haven’t done a good job in society here—this is the age where women can and should outshine them all.

Learn the secrets of dressing in your 60s. >>

how to dress at any age

How To Dress In Your 70s and beyond

The same of your 60s can be said for a graceful woman in her 70s, but with even more life’s wisdom under her belt. How can we tell someone what to wear, who knows more than we’ll ever know? A woman in her 70s and beyond not only can wear whatever she wants, but she should.

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