What to Wear to Pride

Pride celebrations are quickly approaching, and we have just the right guide to help you decide what to wear to Pride. Before we choose our looks, let’s learn more about the history of Pride. In order to commemorate Pride, learning what’s behind the celebrations is far more important than what you wear to them. Pride is tied to a movement—let’s discover more about the celebration before we find your perfect pieces.

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The History of Pride 

The History of Pride begins with the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots were not the first time that LGBTQIA+ people fought back against ongoing police brutality. However, this moment created a worldwide catalyst for the Gay Rights Movement. Also referred to the Stonewall Uprising, on June 28, 1969, an illicit police raid commenced on the Stonewall Inn. This bar in New York City was a local safe haven for the LGBTQIA+ community. Leading the protest at Stonewall were many diverse and notable individuals, including Black transgender people and Gay men of color. Black transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson is credited with leading the riot that resulted in what we know today as Pride. The raid resulted in rioting and six days of protest. The brutal raids continued to be constant and targeted the LGBTQIA+ community, sparking Gay activism and awareness across the United States.

Following the Stonewall Riots, organizers continued to build on the activism by organizing a march. Starting from the Stonewall Inn and ending in Central Park, the march was a celebration of the anniversary of a pivotal moment for change. The march, later named Christopher Street Liberation Day, marked the first of many Pride parades. Over 50 years later, June is recognized as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. Throughout the month, there are international celebrations and remembrances to commemorate the legacy and continued fight of the movement. 

What to Wear to Pride: Bold Color and Print

When it comes to what to wear to Pride, there is no hue or print that is too bold or bright. From the rainbow colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag to patterns like stripes, add color and print to your Pride looks. Try wearing a retro floral skirt with a bandeau top and sneakers. Add a pop of color in a crossbody bag or backpack for a Pride-worthy look. Select your boldest solid-colored pieces and add a printed shoe and headband. Or, pick a light tee with a vivid print and wear it with your most loved distressed jeans.

What to Wear to Pride: Accessories for the Sun 

Pride parades and events are held in various places, many of which require accessories for fun in the sun. While the beautiful rays of sunshine are great for celebrating, protection from them is paramount. When thinking about what to wear to Pride, don’t forget to incorporate safeguarding pieces like hats and sunglasses. Performance pieces with UV protection and built-in moisture-wicking properties are other ways to beat the heat while showing your support. These features will help to keep you fresh and protected during your events. Ultimately, the best accessory to wear with anything from sundresses to shorts is one for the health of your skin. Don’t forget to apply SPF during all of your outdoor Pride activities. 

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What to Wear to Pride: Comfortable Shoes

Whether marching or dancing, comfy shoes are all important for your Pride outfits. One of the top trends of Summer 2021 are sporty sandals, and these are the perfect shoe for attending a parade. Try a vibrant pair of sneakers to create an athleisure look to wear to a rally for change. Rock a pair of colorful wedges and style them with a wide-leg pant, sleeveless blouse and relaxed blazer to a Pride film festival. Stylish shoes with supported footbeds are quintessential for all of your Pride events. 

What to Wear to Pride: Statement Tees

When planning what to wear to Pride, express who you are without saying a word by incorporating a statement tee. Among many things, Pride is about openness and solidarity that, in addition to voice, can be expressed in style. Find or create a statement tee that will speak for you all day long. From remembrance to celebrations of love, a graphic tee is an excellent way to celebrate the movement and moment. Look for statement pieces made from soft, breathable fabrics to keep you prepared for all of your Pride activities.   

What to Wear to Pride: Striking Shorts

Wondering what to wear to Pride for those warmer June days of LGBTQIA+ Month? Don’t be afraid to incorporate striking shorts into your Pride ensembles. A pair of vibrant bike shorts can be worn with almost anything for an instantly crisp and sporty vibe. Try them with a printed crop top and neon sneaker for a look that is as lively as you are. Printed linen shorts are an easy-breezy piece to keep you cool in the summer sun. Style them with a simple tank and a pair of Tevas for a fresh Pride look.   

What to Wear to Pride: Safety in Style

Undoubtedly, Pride will be celebrated differently this year. While some states and countries are having parades, others are not. In exchange for big gatherings, many are opting to observe Pride in smaller, socially distanced settings. While safety precautions may be leading the way on the types of Pride events, it doesn’t change what to wear to Pride. Finding masks that express your style is a fashionable way to stay safe while celebrating. From printed to statement, there are masks that are perfect for your Pride style while enhancing your safety.   

What Should Straight Allies Wear to Pride?

Straight allies are welcome to celebrate with the LGBTQIA+ community. They are invited to lift up the celebration, enjoy it and stand in solidarity and support. Allies can help to clear space for the LGBTQIA+ community to be themselves. With that knowledge in tow, here are some tips on what to wear to Pride for straight allies.   


What to wear to Pride is helpful, but it is secondary to what straight allies should always bring to LGBTQIA+ spaces—respect. Whether it be Pride or any other environment, straight allies should actively demonstrate respect toward members of the LGBTQIA+ community. While Pride celebrations are entertaining, they are mainly shared commemorations thrown in honor and remembrance. As an ally, always wear and embody respect and appreciation for the LGBTQIA+ culture and community. 

Statement of Support

Remember reading about statement tees when deciding what to wear to Pride? Straight allies can utilize them to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Wearing words or symbols of solidarity is a fantastic way to express your support. Remember that words without action are meaningless. To be a straight ally to those who identify as LGBTQIA+, show your support through both action and words. Not just during Pride month, but all year long.

Pronoun Pin

Gender pronouns describe people. Many different gender identities are part of the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. To show respect for those identities, it’s important to know and use the pronouns that people use to describe themselves. Pronouns like he, she or they directly refer to the gender identity of the people about whom you are talking. In addition, neoprounouns like ze and zir can be used as pronouns without expressing gender. Offering up your pronouns verbally or with a pin creates less assumption, increases environmental comfortability and celebrates identity. Ultimately, this helps to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive environment. Giving, learning and using correct pronouns is a foundational step in being a straight ally. While it may seem small, adding a pin to your pride look is an important step in supporting LGBTQIA+ people.

What to Wear to Pride: Above All, Be YOU

Now that you have this inspiration toolkit on what to wear to Pride, remember: above all, be YOU. Whether attending in solidarity or celebration of being unapologetically who you are, your style should reflect YOU in every way possible. Wear what is an expression of you that also pays homage to the history and space you are in.

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