Women’s Masks: How to Make a Fashion Statement

It looks like masks might be here for the long haul, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety for style. Just like your favorite shade of lipstick or statement accessory, you can find stylish women’s masks that are perfect for showcasing your own personality and personal style—while keeping you protected. 

Read on to learn more about wearing and caring for your favorite face masks… 

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Women’s Mask 

At Stitch Fix, we’re experts at finding the best fit that makes you feel and look good with every outfit. This same mentality applies to women’s masks. Making sure your face mask is the perfect fit is key for safety. If it is too big or too small, it won’t protect you and it will be uncomfortable. 

To achieve the best fit, your face mask should cover your nose and mouth from the bridge of your nose to your chin. It should fit snugly across your face while allowing you to breathe and speak comfortably. Additionally, face masks with a filter pocket will offer extra protection for you and others. Be sure to change out your filter every week and wash or sanitize your hands before placing the newly cleaned mask on your face.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good face mask fit. Ill-fitting masks create the need for constant re-adjusting, meaning that you are touching your face more and increasing the chance of germ transmission. 

For more on best practices and how to safely wear a mask, please visit the Center for Disease Control website

Women’s Face Mask Features 

Finding the perfect mask is really a matter of trial and error since faces don’t fall into a one-size-fits-all category. That being said, you can find stylish women’s masks in many shapes. Consider whether you prefer a flat, pleated style mask or a mask that is more structured so it sits off your face. Seek out masks with a flexible wire in the nose bridge. Adjustable ear loops or bands that wrap around your head create a more personalized fit.

On the fabric front, Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends face masks made of two layers of thickly woven, cotton materials. The tighter the weave, the less likely droplets are to pass through your women’s mask. Cotton is your best fabric bet as it’s protective, yet breathable for day-to-day activities. 

For the gym, breathability in your women’s mask is key to keep you safe while you are sweating it out. Opt for thick stretch blends such as polyester and spandex similar to a scuba material. These performance fabrics will keep you protected while wicking moisture away in the heaviest of workouts. 

Washable fabrics are also important so you can toss your face-covering in the laundry at the end of the week or even the day after a tough gym session. If mask acne or “mask-ne” has been a problem, avoid extra breakouts on your face by swapping out your washable face mask often.

Stylist Tip: You can never have too much of a good thing, and this is especially true with face masks. Keeping a few masks on hand will keep you covered while your mask is in the wash while helping to keep your blemishes at bay.

Reach for Women’s Masks in Trendy Prints and Colors

Refresh your face cover collection for the spring by choosing masks that feature trending prints and colors. This spring’s color palette is influenced by nature, so don’t hesitate to select feminine women’s masks that feature bright sky blues, grassy greens and earthy browns and reds. Neutral tones rejuvenate this 2021 spring season with creamy almonds, toasted taupes and smoky blacks. Tuck away a face mask into your purse in one of these neutral colors to coordinate with virtually anything.

Your face mask is the perfect way to add a bold pop of print to your outfit. This season is all about trendy tie-dye and flourishing floral prints. Search for a women’s mask adorned in a tie-dye watercolor of your favorite colors. Give a ditsy floral pattern a try and you’ll be on-trend for the season. If feminine florals and throw-back tie-dyes don’t resonate with you, try abstract polka dots or carefree brush stroke prints instead.  

Women’s Face Mask Accessories

A good accessory elevates any look, and this includes your mask. Constantly misplacing your face covering? A handy mask necklace will keep your face covering right where you left it. Chain-link accessories are trending this spring. Opt for a gold chain-link mask necklace to add a little touch of shine to your look. We also love beaded women’s mask necklaces to add a pretty pop of color and texture to your outfit.

Get creative with your mask by choosing one with coordinating accessories. We are especially excited to see matching women’s masks and scrunchie combinations to give your ensemble an on-trend look. Elevate your style even more by matching your mask to your favorite bag or clutch. Go with a printed face cover and pick a purse that pulls color from your mask for a look that is stylishly seamless and intentional. 

Instead of tossing your face covering into your purse after taking it off, store a small pouch in your purse to keep your mask safe and sanitary. Make sure that your women’s mask is the only item kept in your pouch to ensure your face mask stays clean. Check to see that this pouch is also washable and toss it in the washing machine with your masks at least once a week. 

Stylist Tip: Seek out dress and shirt styles that feature built-in face masks to ensure you are covered at all times. These dresses and tops are so easy to wear. Try a tunic with a built-in mask with your favorite pair of leggings and sneakers for a trending, athleisure-inspired ensemble.

Behind the Brand: Featuring Women’s Masks by Mercado Global

We know that sustainability and social responsibility are important and we are proud to feature women’s masks by Mercado Global. These face covers made with gorgeous handwoven cotton and a soft linen lining ensure you look and feel your best while staying safe. Not only are these women’s masks reusable and washable, but when you buy a Mercado Global mask you are working toward a greater good. Mercado Global supports women in Latin American countries. They provide business education and leadership programs that empower women to support themselves and their families. Additionally, for every Mercado Global mask you purchase, the company donates one to an essential worker in need. 

Feel good knowing that you have fresh face masks arriving in your Fix, and that you are helping others in need. Like Mercado Global, for every 3 or 5 packs of Stitch Fix branded women’s masks sold, Stitch Fix donates the same amount to local communities in which we operate. Look for either of these brands when you browse through your Stitch Fix Extras. 

Ready to refresh your masks? Take your style quiz, schedule your Fix and head over to the extras tab before your Fix is styled. Choose your masks and they’ll be sent with your Fix. Remember, shipping and returns are always free.  

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