How to Leave Feedback on Your Kid’s Fix

So your child’s Fix might just be on it’s way, or sitting in their lap....right. now. Before you open their Fix (quick, put your scissors down!), we thought we’d share some helpful tips on how to leave feedback on their Fix and why you should do it (hint: it helps your child’s Fixes get better over time!).

Stitch Fix Kid's outfit laydown featuring green pants and blue striped shirt on Stitch Fix delivery box, next to navy blue sneakers, navy blue tie-dye hoodie, pink and yellow t-shirts, silver boots, brown dress with rainbow print and light blue and light pink tie-dye leggings.

See our tips on leaving feedback on your child’s Fix!

How We Use Feedback on Your Kid’s Fix

Here at Stitch Fix, we’re all ears when it comes to feedback. When your child’s Fix is styled, their Stylists carefully reads through their Style Profile, your (or their) note to them and feedback from their last Fix. Every little note you leave for them helps them to get to know your child’s personal style, lifestyle and preferences. Sure, you can even tell them what their favorite food is!

Here’s where to leave Fix Feedback!

How to Leave Fix Feedback

1. Leave a Note in Your Style Profile

When you first sign up your child for Stitch Fix Kids, we leave a little room at the end of your child’s profile so you can tell us anything about them! Are they going straight from dance class to soccer practice every Tuesday? Are they headed to science camp this summer? Fill us in.

The Style Profile note looks like this and is on the last page of your child’s profile:

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR Child’s Style Profile Notes

  • Your kid’s daily routines
  • Their go-to outfit
  • What their closet needs right now
  • Where you like to shop for your child
  • Anything else you think we should know!

When to update your child’s Style Profile:

Every 3 months. We know that kids sprout up pretty fast, so be sure to give their Style Profile a little sprucing up too!

2.  Leave Your Child’s Stylist a Note

In addition to your child’s Style Profile, you can also leave your Stylist a note for every Fix they receive. Once you’ve scheduled your child’s next Fix, just head back to the homepage of your account and fill out a note for their Stylist. Here’s a peek at what your note to your Stylist looks like: 

How to Leave Kid's Fix Feedback


Think of this as the “order form” for your child’s next Fix! This is where you can let us know what your child needs a restock on, what they’ve been wanting in their closet or what you’re hoping to see!

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR Child’s Style Profile Notes

  • Anything that your child might need! New leggings? Jeans? A jacket? Tell us!
  • What worked (and didn’t) in their last Fix
  • New likes and dislikes
  • Anything else you think your child’s Stylist should know!


Before every Fix. You should update this when you schedule your child’s next Fix or before their Fix is about to be styled. 

3. Leave Feedback When You Check Out

When you check out your child’s Fix, this is the most important time to tell us what they did and didn’t love about their Fix. This is where you can get down with the details on everything that your child just received—so yes, it’s time to break out the scissors now and open up that Fix! 

Item Level Feedback goes here:

How to Leave Kid's Fix Feedback

Overall Feedback Goes Here:

How to Leave Kid's Fix Feedback


  • Fill out all of the selections for each item that your child receives! Were those leggings too pricey? Let us know! The more we know about your child’s preferences, the better we can nail their next Fix.
  • Comment on style! Does your son only wear dinosaurs, not trucks? Tell us here. Did your daughter love those polka dots? Tell us in the comments.
  • In your overall Fix feedback, tell us how your child liked this Fix. Sit down with them and get specific and tell us how we did! 

When to Update your Fix Feedback

After every Fix. Your Stylist will read through your shipment history to get a better idea of what you need in terms of fit, style & budget.

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