Get a box of 8-12 handpicked items for the kids in your life—personalized to their style, size and your budget.

How Stitch Fix Kids Works

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    Introduce Us

    Tell us about your kids' personality, style, size and set your budget.

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    Receive a Fix®

    A Personal Stylist will send items to try-on from home (dance party suggested!).

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    Keep Your Favorites

    Only pay for what you like. You won’t be charged upfront for items.

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    Send Back The Rest

    Drop the free USPS return envelope into any mailbox—it couldn’t be easier.

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    Schedule on Your Terms

    Sign up for automatic deliveries or schedule on demand—no subscription required.

What's In A Fix?

8-12 pieces of clothing, shoes & accessories.
A Stylist note written especially to the kid.
A prepaid return envelope (shipping & returns are always free!)

Pricing FAQs

How Much Is The Service?

There’s only a $20 styling fee per box which gets credited toward anything you keep—no subscription required.

How Much Do The Items Cost?

Typically $10-$35 per item. Simply set your ideal budget for each clothing category in your kids’ Style Profile. As a bonus, you’ll get 25% off when you keep the entire box!

When Will I Be Charged?

There’s no upfront payment for items. Go to checkout online after you’ve had a chance to try everything on first.

Kids Clothing & Pricing

We carry an extensive selection of graphic tees, leggings, jeans and more across a range of price points—from sizes 2T-14.
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Budget-Friendly Pricing

Since kids grow fast and tend to wear out clothing quickly our items start at just $10.

One-Of-A-Kind Styles

We offer endless unique options you won’t see on every other kid on the playground.

Convenient, Easy & Fun

Say bye to the mall. We’ll send a personalized box to try on from the comfort of home.

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