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At Stitch Fix, our mission is to transform the way people find what they love. We combine technology with the personalized touch of an expert stylist to deliver a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. We like to call it our unique blend of art and science—and it works. At the center of the company is our highly skilled team of seasoned stylists. This remote stylist job is available in select areas of the U.S. and the U.K. These wardrobe problem-solvers play a significant role in crafting the stylish and personalized experience that is Stitch Fix’s secret sauce.

You may be familiar with our service, or may be considering applying for a stylist position. Ever wanted to get an inside look into what exactly a remote stylist job with Stitch Fix looks like? You’re in luck. We’re here to give you the 411 on all things styling-related. Our stylists bring the Stitch Fix magic to life by building strong relationships and trust for our clients. 

Stitch Fix stylists wearing different colors and prints.

What is a Stitch Fix Remote Stylist?

So, what exactly is a remote stylist job with Stitch Fix? It’s the opportunity to help clients confidently look and feel their best by sending them pieces using our online platform. This role combines aspects of a customer service job with sales associate knowledge to form a creative, yet data-driven outlet. Remote stylists at Stitch Fix are tech-savvy problem-solvers who are quick to find stylish solutions for our clients’ fashion conundrums. We proudly offer styling services to women, men and kids, as well as specialty focuses of maternity, plus and petite. Stylists will receive in-depth training that focuses on fit, style and body type for each business line.

“As a part-time stylist, I appreciate the flexibility and ability to be creative in the comfort of my own home. With another full-time job, being able to set my own hours between 6 am-10 pm Sunday-Saturday allows me to achieve a work-life balance.” — Tiffany S.

This remote position with Stitch Fix allows stylists to work from the comfort of their own space. From home to a local library or coffee shop, all that’s needed is a computer and reliable internet access. This WFH position activates self-starter skills and gives stylists the ability to build their own schedules within specified time blocks. We require stylists to plan out their calendar a week in advance, with flexible working hours and days. This unique work-from-home model offers autonomy while still supporting our business needs. Of course, we can’t forget to mention a few of the benefits and perks. This part-time remote stylist job offers competitive pay, paid sick time and yes—a healthy employee discount. 

A Day in the Life of a Stylist

You may be wondering what a day in the life of a Stitch Fix stylist looks like. Let’s pull back the curtain on this remote stylist job, shall we? After joining our styling field, stylists are assigned to a diverse team of creative and talented individuals within a specified region. While the position is remote, we are a virtual community with continuous support. From Zoom meetings to Stitch Fix Communities (our version of Employee Resource Groups), there are several opportunities to connect with leaders and teammates. These connections help infuse a personal feel into the role and create company-wide inclusion. 

“I feel fortunate to have the luxury of a remote job, but I also feel fortunate that a real community comes with it. I have quick access to my lead supervisor and the rest of my team on a daily basis in addition to regular opportunities to meet virtually and face-to-face. I am constantly reminded that I’m not alone at home.” — Heidi O.

Although this role is remote, stylists are never alone. Direct leaders are stylists’ biggest supporters—they are here to inspire and to help stylists grow. At Stitch Fix, our goal is to thoughtfully and efficiently provide our clients with Fixes. What’s a Fix? It’s a shipment of five styles selected for a client. These personalized Fixes fulfill their requests and demonstrate the art of listening. Helping our clients feel heard is what sets us apart from others. Leaders not only recognize and celebrate performance targets for styling teams, but also offer support and assistance when needed. Virtual check-ins, email communication and a stylist’s commitment to log-in every two days take the feeling of working in a silo out of remote work.

Remote Stylist Daily Tasks: An Inside Look

A typical day starts with reading through email messages and updates from leaders and the company. This dedicated weekly time is built in to support, educate and prepare for weekly responsibilities. Google Workspace is the main working hub for Stitch Fix stylists, utilizing company email through Gmail, as well as Google Docs and Google Calendar. 

After this, stylists spend the majority of their day inside our proprietary software system efficiently styling clients. Remember that secret sauce we spoke to earlier? This is where that magic begins. Our stylists rely heavily on their fashion knowledge, along with the help of our algorithm and client feedback. From here, 10 personalized pieces are selected for our clients to review before they ship. Through this process, our clients have the opportunity to pick up to five items, then our stylists handle the rest. Once the order is complete, our stylists write a personalized note to accompany the Fix. This gives stylists the opportunity to highlight strong writing skills, share their point of view and offer expert styling advice. Note writing is how stylists build relationships with clients, which brings us to our next topic: the stylist-client relationship.

Stitch Fix box featuring jeans, sweaters, a printed blouse and black loafers.

Cultivating the Stylist-Client Relationship

You may be wondering how stylists grow and maintain their list of clients. Clients are provided to our stylists through our software system at the time of styling. Stitch Fix never requires stylists to bring in new clients, nor is their pay tied to the number of repeat clients. At check-out, clients may choose a new stylist or continue their style journey with the same one. This is the beginning of a beautiful stylist and client relationship. Truly, this is one of the most rewarding parts of a remote stylist job with Stitch Fix. By retaining regular clients, stylists will be able to help them feel confident and put their best-dressed foot forward every day. Stylists help them add to or even rebuild their closet by fulfilling requests that reflect their current wants and needs. 

With every Fix we style, stylists have the opportunity to include a note to connect with clients on a more personal level. This comes to life through our clients requests, notes and feedback. At Stitch Fix, we use feedback to learn, grow and personalize our client’s experiences. Many of our tenured stylists have supported their long-time clients through some of life’s major milestones. From new jobs and wedding festivities to pregnancies—the Stitch Fix stylist experiences it all. Stitch Fix can quickly become a family affair, as many stylists have the delight of working with their clients’ partners and children. Have we piqued your interest yet? Let’s dive into how to become a Stitch Fix stylist.

“I feel so lucky that I’m able to not only enjoy the work that I do, but I get to create these special relationships with my clients unlike any I’ve had with other jobs. I get to learn about my clients through their hardships as well as joyous milestones and have even styled whole families which makes me feel like a fun part of their lives as well. It always makes me happy to see a long-time client request a Fix and I get excited to hear about what’s going on in their world and how their Fixes impact them!” — Eliana T.

Stitch Fix stylists wearing white tops and blue jeans.

How to Become a Stitch Fix Stylist

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the remote stylist job with Stitch Fix, you might be ready to apply. Get started by visiting our career website to see if we are currently hiring remote stylists in your region. We welcome candidates from various backgrounds and all levels of experience. Remember, this is ever-changing, so check back often to see if new opportunities are available. 

Once you apply, our team will be in touch with the next steps. This next step includes an online assessment. We provide opportunities to learn more about the remote stylist role and ask questions as you move along in the application process. Our best tip? Come prepared by doing your homework. Read up on both the background and future of Stitch Fix through information on our website and styling-specific career page

Are you ready to find a career that looks good on you? Check out life at Stitch Fix by following our Facebook and Instagram career pages. Or, learn more about us and our culture by visiting our company LinkedIn. We are eager to create a stylish future with you.

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