The Items that Stitch Fix Kids & Parents Love the Most

Wondering what’s in a kid’s Fix? Well, one thing’s for sure—just like your child, no two Fixes are alike. That’s why we asked parent staffers (with cute kids to boot) to share their favorite items that their children have received in a Fix. But then we thought we’d turn the mic over to the little ones to tell you why they love their Stitch Fix Kids too!

Keep reading to see our favorite kids and parent picks!

Super Soft Graphic Tees

Lincoln Loves: Odin & Ivy Graphic Tee
Why Lincoln loves it: “I like it because it has a Stick Bug like the Stick Bug Man in Du Iz Tak!”

Parent: Alexandra O., Styling Manager
Why Alexandra loves it: “I love it because it’s a graphic tee that is not specifically gendered for boys or girls.”

Lucy loves: Graphic Tee
Why Lucy loves it:I love it because I’m a climate change activist and I like Star Wars.”

Parent: Kathy H., Software Engineer
Why Kathy loves it:Our early Fixes were kind of hit and miss, the “girls” line doesn’t fit who Lucy is as a person. For our last Fix, we asked for clothes from the “boys” line, especially with environmental themes, and our stylist really nailed it. Lucy wears this shirt multiple times a week. I think right now, it’s the piece in her wardrobe that makes her feel the most her.”

Arjun loves: Sovereign Code Carson Graphic Tee
Why Arjun loves it: “I love it because it has a T-Rex, my favorite dinosaur. The dinosaur is raww-ing and eating popcorn, my other favorite things to do! I love showing my shirt to friends at school.”

Parent: Neha M., Product Marketing Director
Why Neha loves it: It’s a well-made shirt that he wears all the time and yet hasn’t shrunk or gotten destroyed. I love that he gets excited and feels like a super strong T-Rex every time he wears this shirt.”

Cayden loves: Brooklyn Cloth T-Shirt
Why Cayden loves it: “It’s so me!”

Parent: Carla F., VP of Stitch Fix Kids
Why Carla loves it: “The t-shirt is soft and he loves the color pink, which is hard to find in boys clothing. It’s very much his style!”

Adeline loves: Rumi & Ryder Graphic Tee
Why Adeline loves it: “I like kitty cats. ”

Parent: Laura J., Analytics Engineering Manager
Why Laura loves it:It’s quality material, stretchy and long enough to get some use out of it.  Also, it makes it easier to get my daughter dressed when she likes the clothes!”

Tutu Dresses

Mia Loves: Karlie Tutu Dress
Why Mia loves it: “I love to wear dresses and look like a princess.”

Parent: Jess L., Lead Designer
Why Jess loves it:It makes her happy to dress up and twirl in it. When she’s happy, I’m happy.”

Pullover Hoodie

Emerson loves: Skull & lightning bolt hoodie
Why Emerson loves it: “Skulls and lightning bolts! This is the best! Definitely keeping.”

Parent: Lila B., Tech Ops Program Manager
Why Lila loves it: “Usually, I have trouble finding edgy clothes for my little 5-year-old skater dude. He looks so rad in this and loves to show it off to his friends. A bonus is that I get to feel like a cool mom!”

Knit Tee Dress

Chloe & Hailey love: Knit Tee Dresses by Moon & Stars and Persaya
Why Chloe loves it: “I love it because it’s black and white and very comfortable.”
Why Hailey loves it: “It’s soft inside!”

Parent: Carol C., UX Designer
Why Carol loves it: “I love Hailey’s dress (right) because it has such a unique print combining classic and floral, the shoulder ties are cute, and it’s lasted a while too. I love Chloe’s (left) because it moves freely and the back detail is nice too. 

Button-Up Shirt

Rikhil Loves: Level10 Button-up Shirt
Why Rikhil loves it: “The design and the color, it’s pretty cool.”

Parent: Kumud K., Director, Enterprise Apps
Why Kumud loves it: “I like this shirt because he can wear it for formal and casual occasions, which means I don’t have to buy as many clothes for him.”

What’s you & your child’s favorite Stitch Fix Kids item? Post a picture on Instagram and tag us at @StitchFixKids

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