The 10 Fall Essentials for 2018 That You Need Now

Fall: a fashion lover’s delight. When the weather gets cooler and leaves start to turn, we want a wardrobe that reflects all of our favorite things about the season. And in case you need a bit of inspiration for what types of things to ask for in your next fall Fix, we’ve put together a list of Fall must-haves.

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Fall Essentials

1. Classic White Button-Down

A white button-down can be the foundation of so many styles. Paired with denim and ballet flats for French-girl chic, a plaid blazer and loafers for a sweet take on borrowed-from-the-boys, or tucked into a pencil skirt and paired with heels to make workwear fun to wear. You’ll never stop finding ways to style it.   

2. Carryall Tote

Whether you are toting school books, a laptop or diapers and baggies of Cheerios, a roomy bag is a wardrobe staple most busy women can’t live without. And there is no reason it can’t be fashionable! We love a roomy tote with long handles, a handy crossbody, or even a backpack in canvas or leather.

3. Knit Dress

Ready to keep cozy and comfortable all day long? A knit dress is the 2nd most versatile fall style essential to have in your closet (a white button-down might be number one) for it’s dress up and dress down capabilities. A cozy knit dress with super-flattering stripe placement is a great place to start, but no matter what, have a flattering dress on hand. 

4. Fleece Hoodie

Sweats: not just for the gym anymore! You’ve probably noticed how fun and fashionable fleece has gotten lately, and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. We love a hoodie with a bit of extra flair, for layering over a tee and jeans, or under a puffy vest.

5. Layerable Leggings

No fall wardrobe is complete without leggings—whether you want them for at-home couch time, for extra warmth under a skirt, or to pair with a chunky sweater for mall cruising and pumpkin spice latte sipping, requesting leggings in your Fix is a no-brainer.

6. Jeans 

Denim and fall go together like apple pie and ice cream, and requesting denim in your Fix has never been easier. With a huge selection of fits, sizes, washes and styles, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you waiting on your doorstep. Your Stylist can’t wait to send you your new favorite jeans.

7. Plaid Button-Down

No fall wardrobe is complete without a touch of plaid, possibly the most classic autumn print out there—and it comes in so many color combinations and styles. We love a soft flannel shirt with jeans on the weekends or tucked into your favorite work pants for a little Monday-Friday style.

8. Cargo Jacket

A fashionable staple for a few seasons now, a jacket with military-style details is just what you need to turn a basic tee and jeans into effortless chic. Whether you get one in olive, khaki or a more trendy shade, this is a layering piece to throw on over almost anything to really raise the style bar. 

9. Ankle Booties

Almost nothing is as good as your favorite cropped denim and a cute pair of booties—it’s a look that just says “fall”. May we suggest adding a pop of color to your footwear collection with a pair of autumn-friendly blackberry, pumpkin or goldenrod booties? It could be exactly the pop of color your closet needs.

10. Chunky Knit Sweater

Did someone say cozy? Get your cozy on with a chunky-knit sweater in a warm fall shade or a goes-with-everything neutral. Whether you choose wool, cashmere or a breathable blend, a thick, luxe sweater will autumn-ize your jeans, pants, skirts and leggings. What are you waiting for?

Tune in to see our 10 fall essentials!

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Welcome, everybody! This is the first of many Stitch Fix style series. Today, we are going to be talking through the 10 fall essentials that you need in your closet to get you ready for everything from holidays, travel plans, and the drop in temperatures.
You always need a vest when you head into fall, and the reason why is that it can keep your core warm while also creating the perfect piece for layering. Throw it on over [00:00:30] a knit, a button-down, or even your favorite cozy sweater. Speaking of which, cozy sweaters are a fall essential for a couple reasons. They’re cozy, they’re warm, and they can go with anything. If you want an update, though, think about something like a lace detail. This adds a little bit of edge, it’s perfect with skinny jeans, or even to throw on with chic trousers or a midi skirt to work.
The third thing that you need in your closet is colored denim. I know that you guys have seen colored denim a few [00:01:00] seasons now, but it’s the perfect way to get out of the rut of wearing your basic dark-wash jeans, and adding a little bit of color to your wardrobe. Not only are they seasonally relevant, but they’re really perky, too. Number four is one of my personal favorites, the sweater-dress. When the weather gets really chilly, you can pair this with tights and an essential like this lightweight trench.
Number five are leggings. Leggings are something that we’ve been talking about for a while [00:01:30] now, considering the athleisure trend is so huge. But we love them in a really beautiful fall color like this burgundy, or something really fun for the gym with this laser cut detail here. Plaid is a seasonal must. Not only is it synonymous with the season, but you can do anything with this guy. You can pair this under the vest that we just spoke to, you can pair it with your colored denim, you can throw it on with leggings on the weekend, when you really just don’t know what to wear and you have to get out the door in a jiffy, and it’s just so [00:02:00] versatile.
Number seven, the cargo jacket. This is something that you will see on every single person in our Stitch Fix office, and there’s a reason why. Not only does it keep you really warm, it’s a great piece for layering over all of the heavy textures that we spoke through here, and it looks great with anything; jeans, a dress, knee-high boots, ankle booties, you name it. This is one of our staple pieces at Stitch Fix.
And, I saved the best for last; accessories. Coming [00:02:30] in at number eight, your ankle boots. We’re going to talk a lot about ankle boots in the future, and there’s a reason why for that, too. You have them in so many variations, from a stacked heel to a more western inspired bootie, to even the flat, super-comfy Chelsea boot. You can wear them with ankle jeans, skinny jeans, something cropped like what I’m wearing right now. The style variations are endless. Number nine is a cross-body bag. I love a cross-body bag for so many reasons. [00:03:00] It gets out of my way, and it keeps everything that I need in one little, tiny compact space. This looks really great with all the essentials that we just named here, and not only that, but try it in an embroidered texture like this for an update to a classic.
And finally, last but not least, we cannot forget our scarves. Textured scarves are something that we not only value for their warmth and softness, but also for their versatility. You can pair this with something super simple like a [00:03:30] T-shirt and a simple knit, or you can take it with you to work. Pair it with a button-down and a pencil skirt, you name it. It’ll keep you warm no matter what.
And that’s all ten. If you guys want to know more about 10 fall essentials, just head to Stitch Fix Style and get in touch with more information. Thank you.

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