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About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is the online personal styling service for men & women. Founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix was inspired by the opportunity to create a truly personalized shopping experience. Thanks to a brand-new retail model that blends technology with expert Stylists, it’s now effortless to find clothing tailored to your taste, needs & lifestyle. Find out how it works.

The Stitch Fix Stylists

Stitch Fix Stylists are trained in the art of style—they’re sharp, creative & naturally ooze chicness. Which means they’re our go-to resource for every fashion dilemma. Should we tuck this in? Do these prints go together? How do I expertly wear a belt? Can we really wear navy & black together? Is this still “a thing?” We literally never leave them alone. Which is why they make the best on-the-fly advice columnists. Ask a Stylist your pressing fashion questions & see for yourself.

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