Balletcore: Fashion’s Prettiest (and Comfiest) New Trend

Scoot over cottagecore, cabincore and regencycore, and make room for the newest enchanting aesthetic in town. Embracing the elegant outfitting of the art form without the disciplined hours of practice, we welcome balletcore to the conversation. This fashion subgenre is emerging as a way to transform our wearable athleisure into dolled-up ensembles. Ladies, have you ever wanted to strike the perfect balance between comfortability and sophistication with your outfits? If so, balletcore understands the assignment. In order to achieve off-duty ballerina status, let’s further define balletcore and how to look en pointe in these styles.

What is Balletcore?

If you’re scouring the internet trying to find an answer to the question, “what is balletcore?”—you’ve come to the right place. Balletcore fashion draws from staple ballet attire including, but not limited to, bodysuits, wrap tops, tulle skirts and tights. It’s an escape into the ballet world with a focus on casual rehearsal looks, making it easy for all to enjoy. Keep it simple with soft fabrics and clean lines for an understated appeal. Or, lean into the hyper-feminine feel with lace, bows and pearl details. As we know, trends ebb and flow over decades—even centuries—and this one is no exception. Join us as we pirouette back in time to learn about the relationship between ballet and fashion. 

The History of Fashion and Ballet

There are elements of balletic attire that are inherently timeless. From tiered skirts and leggings to cashmere knits, it’s no surprise there’s a strong correlation between ballet and fashion. The list of French, English and Italian designers who have collaborated with ballet productions is long, and include Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood and Valentino, to name a few. 

Jumping from couture runways to the silver screen, ballet-inspired fashion persists. Who could forget Marilyn Monroe in the iconic photo titled, “Ballerina Sitting” by American photographer Milton H. Greene? In the image, Hollywood’s bombshell dons a voluminous tutu dress. Fast forward to the 2010 movie Black Swan,” which influenced a slew of ballet flat-obsessed fashionistas. Finally, we arrive at the current-day balletcore craze. We’re confident ballet fashion will continue to be a style muse for designers now and in the future.

The Core Colors of Balletcore

Choosing the right colors for your balletcore outfit is key to nailing the poster ballet look. The main hues stem from a soft color palette of blush, lilac, baby blue and dusty rose. Don’t forget your trusty neutrals to toss in the mix, such as cream, heathered grey and beige. For an all-white balletcore outfit, pair a porcelain white bodysuit with a matching miniskirt and shrug sweater. Slick your hair up into a bun, and you’re ready to sauté your way to the next showing of “The Nutcracker.” 

Do you prefer an edgier style? Queue the dark side of balletcore. Channel your inner Natalie Portman from the aforementioned “Black Swan.” The plot revolves around a version of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” Bring black swan vibes from the screen to the streets by borrowing from the biker short trend. Pair black biker shorts—or a leotard if you’re feeling adventurous—with an open-knit cardigan. Practice your smokey eye technique, and voilà, you’re a gothic ballerina in the making. 

Balletcore Closet Staples

Are you eager to jump on the balletcore bandwagon? Turn to your closet because you likely own an array of usable basics. Leggings and performance tanks? Check. From there, you may consider investing in a couple of trend-defining styles to bring your looks together. Take notes, because we’re here to dish on everything you need to know to go from beginner to balletcore star.

Bodysuits, Wrap Tops and Shrug Sweaters

If you’ve been searching for an opportunity to wear a bodysuit, now’s your chance. They’re a seamless option for achieving a pretty and polished balletcore get-up. In true ballerina fashion, layer with a shrug sweater that solely covers the arms. If you’re a long-torsoed lady, we understand bodysuits aren’t always the comfiest. Instead, opt for a chic wrap crop top to pair with high-rise bottoms. Have a date night on the books? Save your knitwear for a casual day and slip into a corset for a flirty vibe. Choose a long, flowy skirt, and you’re sure to plié your heart away in a head-turning outfit.  

Balletcore Bottoms: Skirts and Leggings Galore

A wrap skirt is arguably the most quintessential piece in a ballerina’s wardrobe. However, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of this classic. There are so many types of skirts that will help you achieve the balletcore look you’re after. Curtsy across town in a range of lengths from micro to midi and incorporate tiered silhouettes for added flair. 

Not a skirt gal? No worries. The beloved leggings that you wear for yoga or at home lounging will fit the bill. They’re ideal for layering under leotards and provide coverage on a chilly day. Bonus—when paired with a sports bra and cropped sweater, you can go from barre class to brunch with ease. 

Shoes and Accessories for the Ultimate Balletcore Aesthetic

Point your toes because it’s time to talk about balletcore footwear. Ballet flats are a no-brainer and will go with just about anything. They come in patent, knit, suede and satin finishes, so they’re easy to dress up or down. If you’re planning a picnic outfit and want a summery spin, reach for espadrille sandals. Extra points for a pair that tie up and around the ankle just like ballet shoes do. For our comfort-seeking queens, keep cozy in leg warmers or luxurious UGG boots.

Ready for the grand finale? To complement this refined aesthetic, adorn yourself in whimsical accessories like dainty pearl headbands and diamond stud earrings. If you can add a lace bow to your hair, even better. No matter what you decide to wear, remember to keep your shoulders back for that iconic ballerina posture. It’ll put a confident pep in your step.

Leap and twirl your way into the balletcore trend with a little help from an expert stylist. Take your style quiz and request a collection of ballet-inspired pieces. A personalized box will ship straight to your door. Try on everything in the comfort of your own home and only keep what you love. Remember, shipping and returns are always free. 

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