What is My Style: Mastering Your Personal Style Like a Pro

Ladies, have you ever asked yourself, “What is my style?” Don’t worry, we promise you aren’t the only ones pondering this question. Feeling the need to break out of a fashion rut? Does your Instagram feed have you itching to up your wardrobe game? Defining your personal style is a great place to start. Keep reading to learn about some of today’s types of fashion styles and discover which ones you’re ready to make your own.

What is My Style: The Free-Spirited Fashionista

Whimsy, nature and flowy. Do these three words describe your personal fashion? If this aesthetic is what you want to see when you open your closet, you might be a free-spirited fashionista. Your inner boho loves earthy tones like sage, terra cotta, gold and dusty lavender. Additionally, we know you wouldn’t say no to embroidered details here and there. Wide-leg jeans are your cup of tea—or kombucha—and fitting in with the crowd just isn’t your scene. If this sounds like you, try dipping your toes into the chill vibes of boho, 70s or Desert Daze aesthetics.

Breezy Boho Style

The next time you find yourself wondering, “What is my style?”—think back. Have you been double-tapping throwback pics of Zoe Kravitz’s festival looks or the Olsen twin’s Y2K era? If the answer is yes, give boho style a try. Boho or bohemian women’s fashion is all about laid-back silhouettes, natural fabrics and patterns inspired by nature and folk art. Envision billowy maxi dresses with crochet-trim necklines or brown leather boots adorned with fringe. If you’re cautious to dive headfirst into a land of flower crowns, there are ways to wade in first. A pair of espadrille wedges and a lace trim cami under a cardigan offer a dash of free-spirited flair. Now, let your creative side reign supreme.

Far-Out 70s Style

Welcome to a boogie wonderland. If you adore the Summer of Love influences in fashion and embrace your inner flower child, 70s style may be for you. If you haven’t already, say goodbye to skinny jeans and slip into a wide-leg or flared pair instead. This dramatic shape will put you right back into the 70s groove and match perfectly with fitted crop tops. When adding pops of color to your closet, give tie-dye a try and just say yes to paisley prints. Of course, it wouldn’t be the 70s without a dash of disco. Keep your look staying alive with a sequined bra top or off-the-shoulder pastel jumpsuit. Out of sight.

Desert Daze

If you gravitate toward earthy tones and festival-ready attire, but want a functional twist, check out the Desert Daze trend. This aesthetic shares boho’s fondness of fashion reflecting nature, but has more utilitarian details and desert-derived color palette. Imagine shades of gold and rust contrasted against cargo pants. You can still rock your favorite flowy frocks, too. Opt for midis instead of maxis for a more practical fit and keep the crafty crochet and lace touches to a minimum. If this free-wheeling fashion doesn’t solve your “What is my style” quandary, don’t sweat it. We’ve got more women’s aesthetics to fall in love with.

What is My Style: The Romantic Aesthetic

Do the words feminine, soft and dreamy describe your signature style? Then romantic fashion may make your heart skip a beat. Romantic style includes a pastel color palette blooming with shades of cream, blush and dusty lavender. This type of fashion style doesn’t hold back from delicate details like ruffles, lace and gathered sleeves. Is the idea of dressing like a Jane Austen protagonist on your bucket list? Consider adding a little romance to your true style with dresses and floaty blouses. Or, perhaps “Little House on the Prairie” is more your romantic vision. In that case, cottagecore is the fashion fantasy for you.

Daydream in Cottagecore

When wondering what is your style, do you find yourself dreaming of escaping to the countryside? Cottagecore might be for you. Made popular during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, this aesthetic embodies idyllic farm life. Picture yourself feeding chickens while wearing a ruffled-sleeve nap dress or, donning a micro-floral skirt and creamy-white cardigan to write the next great American novel. Go all-out with puffy sleeves, smocked bodices and luxuriously natural fibers like pima cotton, linen and silk. Not a fan of dresses? No worries. You can sub a maxi dress with airy wide-leg pants or utility shorts with a paper-bag waist. This rural dreamland is most at home in the warm months, but you don’t have to leave your escapism in the cold. When fall and winter roll in, transition into cottagecore’s cold-weather sister style: cabincore.

Cozy Cabincore Trend

When you wonder, “What is my style?” Do you think: rustic, cozy and relaxed? Then it’s time to bundle up in a mountain bungalow with cabincore aesthetic. This look is about getting back to nature in the sleepy, cold months of the year. Mainstays of the aesthetic are classic patterns like Fair Isle and plaids while textured fabrics take center stage. Snuggle up in ribbed knits, wooly cable knits and waffle-knit thermals. Can’t you just see yourself by a fireplace sipping homemade cider? Or, start small if you’re not ready to go full Walden. Incorporate this aesthetic into your seasonal wardrobe with staples like warm shackets, hiker boots and a teddy bear pullover. Hibernation mode: activated.

What is My Style: Normcore

Let’s be honest. Some of you are Googling “What is my style” because dealing with different types of women’s fashion styles is just too overwhelming. The fuss of keeping up with trends or having to stand out from the crowd isn’t for you. So, why not blend in? Enter: normcore. This fashion movement is for those who want to have a go-to signature style that’s nondescript and low-key. Picture all neutral colors and non-figure-hugging silhouettes. It’s also perfect for those seeking gender-neutral clothing. Simple pieces like straight-cut khakis and dad jeans, solid-black turtlenecks and loafers are for everyone.

What is My Style: The Classic Style Criteria

Say the simplistic, clean line aspects of normcore speak to you, but you want something with a tad more oomph. “What’s my fashion style,” you ask? Classic. If we had to choose one person to embody classic style, we’d pick the queen of sophistication, Audrey Hepburn. Her signature looks like cigarette pants with a striped sweater or a little black dress are hallmarks of this style. Classic style eschews excess, but unlike normcore, this style welcomes a good pop of color and pattern. Don a classic polka-dot frock and add a cherry red belt. With this timeless aesthetic, you’ll never go out of style. 

The Preppy Edit

An off-shoot of classic style is preppy style. This aesthetic has a lot of the same earmarkers as classic style, but with a collegiate spin. To build a preppy look, start with basics. Throw on a pair of slim-cut jeans and flats, but mix up the look with a slouchy sweater vest. Add argyle to your pattern playbook and don’t resist a pleated mini when it comes your way. Experiment with more colors, like a tennis-court green and pastel pinks. When you aren’t feeling flats, update your shoe choice with a throwback. 60s inspired block-heels and crew socks get top marks in this aesthetic. Now, you’ve got extra prep in your step. (Sorry, we had to.)

Sophisticated Chic Style

Another anchor of classic style is chic style. This style refers to all things sleek and modern, often featuring one statement piece or detail that defines the look. For example, envision a pair of black trousers and a matching blazer worn shirtless. Or an all-white crepe jumpsuit with an oversized tangerine handbag. If you adore timeless pieces but aren’t afraid to be on the cutting edge, this is the style for you. Chic style is also used in conjunction with other style aesthetics. Like boho-chic or rocker-chic. These looks mix elements of the first aesthetic and pair it down to a less defined version with classic touches. Now you have a one-word answer to what is your style, chic. 

What is My Style: Dark Academia

Somewhere between the autumnal attitude of cabincore and the scholarly style of prep lives Dark Academia. This is the nostalgic look for you if your style icons include Rachel Weisz in The Mummy, Hermione Granger or Wednesday Addams. Basically, anything Winona Ryder wore in the 90s? Yep, Dark Academia. You can’t resist a moody color palette replete with chestnut browns and haunted blacks. Plaid skirts, Peter Pan collars and tweed shackets get straight As in your book. Oh, and you love an outfit that you can wear while reading Mary Shelley in a candlelight corner of the library. 

What is My Style: Edgy Style

Dream with us for a second. You’re navigating a sea of reporters and paparazzi after sitting front row at NY fashion week. You’re about to cab-hop to the next show when someone asks, “What’s your style?” Bold, defiant, cool. If these three words describe your sense of style, welcome to the wild side. Edgy style is all about blazing a trail and defying convention. You see a trend and turn it on its head. Edgy fashion gurus aren’t afraid to add a little rock-and-roll to their wardrobe or combine different types of fashion styles. Visualize leather pants and clothes with DIY details like clothespins, netting and rips. We’d tell you more ways to capture edgy style, but we bet you don’t like being told how to dress. We’ll leave the rest up to you.

What is My Style: Your Way

We’ve taken you through a rich sartorial road, but don’t forget, you don’t have to fit neatly into one type of fashion style. Maybe you are delighted by the ditsy florals of cottagecore but the punk flavorings of the edgy aesthetic. Or, you want to put a boho twist on a dark academia ensemble. Oscar De La Renta once said, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” We couldn’t agree more.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”- Oscar De La Renta

Now that you’ve discovered what your style is, our stylists are ready to help you take the next step on your style journey. Take your style quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist for pieces to match your new-found aesthetic. Relax and receive five items to try comfortably at home. Or, head over to Stitch Fix Freestyle™ to instantly buy pieces curated  just for you. Shipping and returns are always free.


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