Discover Your Unique Style With A Personal Stylist

Stitch Fix is the personal styling service for men & women that sends professionally-curated clothing to your door. Evolve your look with the help of our experts!

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How Stitch Fix works

Tell us your price range, style & size. You’ll pay just a $20 styling fee, which gets credited toward pieces you keep.

Get a Fix when you want. Try on pieces at home before you buy. Keep your favorites, send back the rest.

Free shipping, returns & exchanges—a prepaid return envelope is included. There are no hidden fees, ever.

Reasons To Try A Personal Stylist

Having your own personal stylist on demand—what’s not to like? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should try one from Stitch Fix.

1. Discover Your Personal Style

Over the last few years, my personal stylist has helped me find my style. I had no idea I even had it!


2. Have Fun Trying New Things

Having a stylist forces me to try something new. If I was left on my own, I’d buy the same pants & shirts


3. Expert Advice At A Great Value

Stitch Fix has breathed life back into my wardrobe, and brought my self esteem up in the process.


4. Save Time Shopping

When you hate shopping as much as I do, it’s awesome to have clothes just show up at your house.


About The Stitch Fix Stylists

We have a team of Stylists across the U.S. who are dedicated to helping you look your best—no matter your budget. With our extensive array of styles and brands at their fingertips, our Stylists can select pieces that meet any client’s needs.

Here’s how our Stylists learn about you & pick your pieces:

Great style starts with the perfect fit. We collect micro-data from our million+ clients and use exclusive technology to narrow down clothing options to fit your body.

Then, our style experts read your Style Profile and choose pieces that fit your size, as well as your taste and budget.

We ask for feedback on the items you received when you check out. This helps your Stylist get to know you even better over time.

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What Your Stylist Includes In A Fix

5 pieces of clothing shoes & accessories, chosen just for you.

A personal note written by your Stylist

Expert advice on how to wear and pair your new items.

A prepaid return envelope (shipping & returns are always free!)

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